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Indirect Cost Recoveries

The Indirect Cost is recovered from certain grants and contracts. Our University's Policy is to distribute those monies as follows:

Grant Initiator or Academic Area Various Accounts 17.50%
Office of the President 210000 10.00%
Office of the Provost & Academic Affairs 210020 7.50%
Office of Finance & Administration 210007 7.50%
Office of Institutional Advancement 210036 7.50%
Overhead from Grants & Contracts 100044 50.00%
  Total 100.00%

The Office of Budget, Payroll, Grants and Contracts will create a Departmental Requisition and route to Comptroller's. The Departmental Requisition will note the following:

Account name and project dates of Grant or Contract

Actual Calculation of Indirect Cost Earned

Account number and appropriate expense codes for the voucher are:

9610 Indirect Cost Federal
9615 Indirect Cost Federal Flow Through
9617 Indirect Cost Federal Flow Through-Non-TX State
9620 Indirect Cost State
9622 Indirect Cost State Flow Through
9623 Indirect Cost State Flow Through-Non-TX State
9625 Indirect Cost Local
9630 Indirect Cost Private
9635 Indirect Cost Foreign

Actual Accounts Indirect Cost Recoveries will be receipted as noted above.

The Comptroller's Office will approve the departmental requisition and will then route it to the Accounts Payable Department.

The Accounts Payable Department will create the check requested. The check will be sent to the Cashiers to receipt as per instructions stated on the requisition.

Cashiering Area will receipt and route the original copy of receipt to the Office of Budget, Payroll, Grants and Contracts. A copy of the receipt will be routed to Accounts Payable who will attach the copy to the requisition.


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