Comptroller's Office                       KL 162

Elena Martinez

Associate Comptroller
Hector Mejia

Senior Staff Accountant
Patricia Ornelas

Intermediate Staff Accountant
Sara Vallarta

Staff Accountant
Maria G. Gonzalez

         Accounting Services Department             KL 152 

Director of Accounting
Melisa Rangel

Staff Accountant (Reconciliations)
Maricela Valdez

Accounting Assistant
Rebecca Herrera

Blanca C. Gamez

Accounts Payable/Travel -         KL152

Senior Staff Accountant
Carlos Bella


Intermediate Staff Accountant (Accts Payable)
Queta Romanos

Staff Accountant (Travel)
Martha Laura Medina

Accounting Assistant (Accts Payable)
Flora H. Bocanegra

Accounting Assistant (Travel)
Erika Cantu

Accounting Assistant (Accts Payable)
Elsa Real

Bursar -            ZSC 137

Senior Staff Accountant/Bursar
Sofia C. Maldonado

Intermediate Staff Accountant (Accts Receivable)
Andria M. Hernandez

Staff Accountant (Cashiers)
Ma. Lourdes Mancha

Staff Accountant
Amy G. Sandoval

Julia Pena

Isabel Lopez

Accounting Assistant/Cashier
Rosa A. Santos

Card Services -            ZSC 131

Campus Card Manager
Aide Flores

Accounting Assistant
Vanessa L. Almaraz

Office of the Comptroller

Phone: (956)326-2378, Fax: (956)326-2159

5201 University Blvd. KL 162

Laredo, Texas 78041-1900

5201 University Boulevard, Laredo, TX 78041-1900 Work956.326.2100