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Revised 09/2004

All signatures on travel vouchers should be original. Copies will not be accepted.

All corrections on travel vouchers should be visible and initialed by the traveler. Corrections cannot be initialed by the secretary. An E-mail from the traveler authorizing the corrections can be attached to the travel voucher. (NO WHITEOUT OR BLACK OUTS)

Travel voucher must be complete, no fields should be left blank.

On page 2 of the travel voucher, departure dates, arrival dates, time, am or pm fields should always be completed.

The text description should contain the following information at all times: dates, location departing from, destination, mode of transportation (airline, rental car, personal car, bus, etc.) and the purpose of the trip.

A point-to-point breakdown of the mileage incurred, other than the mileage from city to city should be itemized at all times by date and specific point-to-point breakdown.

Taxi fares should be itemized on a daily basis specifying taxi destinations and amounts incurred. Parking expenses should also be itemized on the back side of the travel voucher.

When acronyms or abbreviations are used on the text of the voucher, the acronym or the abbreviation should be defined (preferably when it is first mentioned), and then it can be referred to as an acronym.

Reimbursement for per diem is based on an actual expense not to exceed the state allowances. Remaining balance not used from day one, cannot be carried forward to next day. For Out-of-State Meals & Lodging Rates, use federal rates found on TAMIU’S Comptroller’s web site. New Federal Rates change in October of every year so TAMIU’S internal web site will be updated as needed.

State taxes are not reimbursed. City and local taxes are reimbursed and should not be combined with the lodging amount. Taxes are reimbursed under incidental expenses. (Instate code 3025 and Out of state code 3125)

Alcoholic beverages, tips, gratuities service charges are non-reimbursable expenses and should not be included as part of the meal expense.

Membership fees are not reimbursed as part of a travel expense.

A travel or other expense incurred in a foreign currency must be converted to United States dollars. The exchange rate used for the conversion must be stated on the voucher.


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