33.99.01.L1 Hiring Rules for Non Faculty Positions


Last updated December 3, 1997

Supplements Systems Regulation 33.99.01



Texas A&M International University shall follow consistent hiring procedures that ensure equal employment opportunity for all applicants for budgeted positions, allow for uniform reporting procedures, and comply with System Policies and federal and state laws and regulations.



2.1 All Budgeted vacancies will be listed with the Office of Human Resources Employment Office.

2.2 All applicants for a vacant budgeted position must apply through the Office of Human Resources for referral to the hiring supervisor.

2.3 Offers of employment will be contingent upon (1) the hiring department's compliance with employment policies and procedures and all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and (2) the applicant's meeting at least the minimum qualifications for the vacant position. Applicants for vacant budgeted positions will not be processed onto the University payroll unless proper hiring procedures are followed.

2.4 Exceptions to this rule will be approved by the president.



3.1 The Office of Human Resources will develop, maintain, and issue detailed procedures instructions, and guidelines to departments for use in the hiring process.

3.2 The Office of Human Resources is responsible for:

(1) assisting departments in developing consistent, job-related selection procedures; listing vacancies; and identifying qualified applicants.

(2) recruiting, screening, and referring applicants.

(3) ensuring that Texas A&M International hiring practices meet the requirements of all federal and state laws and regulations.

(4) informing University personnel of proper hiring procedures through workshops handbooks, and other methods of communication.

(5) monitoring the hiring of University employees to ensure full support of the University Affirmative Action Plan.

3.3 University Departments are responsible for:

(1) preparing and using job descriptions throughout the hiring process.

(2) developing and following consistent, job-related selection procedures.

(3) following University hiring procedures, listing vacant positions with the Office of Human Resources, and ensuring all applicants are referred by the Office of Human Resources.

(4) hiring qualified applicants based on the parameters established in a comprehensive Notice of Vacancy.



Office of Human Resources

*For detailed procedures see TAMIU Employment Guide.


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