September 2004
  • Quote of the Month
    • "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." --John Ruskin

Congratulations to the 2004-2005 TAMIU Outstanding Employees!!!

Classified Staff of the Year: Gabriela Alonzo

Administrative Staff of the Year: Alberto Chavez Jr.

Faculty Scholar of the Year: Dr. Hamid R. Kusha

Teacher of the Year: Dr. Sushma Krishnamurthy

Distance Educator of the Year: Dr. Lem Railsback

Zaffarini Scholarship and Leadership Award: Dr. Ronald Anderson

The names of the Classified Staff and Administrative Staff of the Year were announced at the Outstanding Employee Award luncheon on Monday, August 16, 2004 in WHTC 111. The recipients of the Faculty Scholar, Teacher, Distance Educator of the Year Awards as well as the Zaffarini Scholarship and Leadership Award were announced at University Convocation on Thursday, September 2, 2004 in the FPAC Recital Hall.

TAMIU is proud of its Outstanding Employees of the year! For a brief description of their efforts, service, and/or accomplishments, see the section in this newsletter called That Extra (S)Mile!


TAMIU Employees Receive Service Awards

On August 16, 2004, annual service awards were given to the following University employees who reached 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years of service:

5 years of service: Richard Aguilar, Programmer; Gerardo Alva, Associate Director; Sidney E. Ascencio, Clerk I; Bertha A. Barba, Assistant Professor; Deborah L. Blackwell, Associate Professor; Kimberly A. Folse, Associate Professor; Liza M. Garcia, Physical Plant Assistant; Maria A. Garza, Police Records/Communications Coordinator; Guadalupe Garza Jr., Instructor; Belva J. Gonzalez, Assistant Professor; Hoonandara R. Goonatilake, Associate Professor; Terence P. Hannigan, Director of Student Counseling Services; Nancy D. Herschap, Instructor; Hayley Kazen, Instructor; John P. Kohl, Professor; Sweety Law, Associate Professor; C. Neal McReynolds, Assistant Professor; Maria de Jesus Mena, Assistant Professor; Diana A. Mendiola, Accounting Assistant (Comptroller); James A. Norris, Assistant Professor; Priscilla Pena, Admissions Assistant; Humberto Rangel, Building Maintenance Supervisor; Juan T. Rodriguez, Sitescape Maintenance Supervisor; Rafael E. Romo, Instructor; Claudio Salinas, Associate Professor; Farah Sharifi, Student Records Specialist; Rebecca Soto, Police Corporal; John W. Stabile, Associate Director of CTS; Maricela Valdez, Staff Accountant (Comptroller); Carlos Valle Jr., Visiting Instructor; Emilio Viera III, Associate Director (Rec Sports); Richard B. Wright, Associate Professor.

10 years of service: Susan S. Baker, Professor/Director of the School of Nursing; Rafael R. Bocanegra, Service Specialist II; Natalie C. Burkhalter, Associate Professor; Maria R. Elizondo, Staff Assistant; Marta E. Esparza, Executive Secretary to Provost/VPAA; Maria Isabel Gaona-Woods, Associate Director; Cecilia Garza, Associate Professor; Barbara B. Lunce, University Registrar; Fortunato Mireles, Associate Director of Media Services; Ricardo Ramirez, Programmer; Francisco Segovia, Programmer.

15 years of service: Willie Cargill, Professor; Faridoun Farrokh, Professor; Ray M. Keck, President; Michael Landeck, Professor; Linda C. Solano, Executive Secretary to Dean.

20 years of service: John P. Hastings, Catalog Librarian; David N. Roberts, Instructor; Maria R. Rosillo, Director of Admissions; Carmen Soto, Degree Audit Specialist; Edward N. Willman, Associate Professor.

25 years of service: Sylvia Olivares, Executive Secretary of Vice President.


Administrative Advisory Council (AAC) for FY 2004-2005


The Administrative Advisory Council (AAC) is proud to announce its Officers for the 2004-2005 fiscal year:

President Alejandro Martinez Jr. ext. 2131
Vice-President Laura Elizondo ext. 2225
Secretary Sandra Pena ext. 2361
Treasurer Adriana Blanco ext. 2724

The mission of the AAC is to act as advocate of the administrative staff of the University, examining and communicating matters that affect members, and formulating recommendations on such issues. Through monthly meetings, the AAC also serves as the means for administrative staff to remain abreast of all University administrative issues.

All administrative staff are encouraged to attend AAC meetings and take part in the group's activities. For more information and how you can participate, please contact one of the 2004-2005 AAC Officers listed above or visit the AAC website at www.tamiu.edu/aac.


Faculty Senate for FY 2004-2005

The Faculty Senate is an elected senate that represents all academic areas of Texas A&M International University and that is dedicated to the well-being of the University faculty and of the University in general. The Senate strives to identify issues and concerns that have an impact on the members of the University faculty. By working closely with University administration, the Faculty Senate maintains the Faculty Handbook, a document containing policies and governance information related to faculty.

The 2004-2005 Faculty Senate Officers are listed below. For more information about the Faculty Senate and its activities, please contact one of the Officers or visit the Faculty Senate website at www.tamiu.edu/senate.

  • President: Dr. Mohamed A. Ben-Ruwin, COAS
  • Vice-President: Dr. Sean M. Chadwell, COAS
  • Secretary: Dr. Terry Shepherd, COED
  • Parliamentarian: John Maxstadt, Killam Library

Construction Update
The construction of the Science Building is entering the 15th month of work. The tower roofing is in progress. The perimeter structural steel and overhang is nearing completion, while framing of the structural steel dome and pyramid is finished. The terrazzo flooring of the 3rd floor corridors and restrooms continues. And brickwork is completed.

Roofing on the Central Plant addition is nearly completed. On the north 1st and 2nd floors, the drywall is done and the finishes are being installed.

Buildings 1 and 4 of the student housing facilities and the clubhouse of the Residential Learning Center are now open. The remaining 2 buildings will be completed in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Finally, work is continuing on the master plan as well as the Kinesiology building.

Keep reading your HR News & Views for construction progress information.

Check Deductions on Your First Paycheck for FY 2004-2005

To make sure your deductions match your Annual Enrollment choices, it is important that you review the deductions reflected on the paystub of your first paycheck for FY 2004-2005. Payroll deductions for your new benefit elections will begin 9/17/04 if you are paid bi-weekly, and 10/1/04 if you are paid monthly.

If you have any questions about the deductions in your paycheck, please contact Jessica Palacios at ext. 2362.


Annual Enrollment Wrap-Up

Now that you've made your benefit enrollment decisions for the 2004–2005 fiscal year, here's a list of odds and ends for you to keep in mind as you transition into the new plan year:

  • BlueCross/BlueShield of Texas (BCBSTX) will issue ID cards to all new and current A&M Care health plan participants. The cards will include BCBSTX-assigned ID numbers and both office visit co-payment amounts.
  • EHS will issue new prescription drug cards only to new A&M Care health plan participants. The cards will include A&M System Universal Identification Numbers (UIN’s).
  • Mercy Health Plans will issue ID cards to new and current participants. The cards will include SSN’s.
  • Superior Vision will issue cards only to new participants. Cards will not include SSN’s nor UIN’s.
  • CIGNA will send ID cards only to new A&M Dental participants. Cards will not include SSN’s.
  • Regardless of whether you receive a new plan ID card, your plan will send you information about your coverage.
  • If you changed health or dental plans, you may want to wait until you receive your new ID card(s) before you schedule a routine checkup. This will ensure that your health or dental plan has your eligibility information and that you will receive benefits.
  • It is important that you keep your old plan ID card until you receive your new one.
  • Payroll deductions for your new benefit elections will begin 9/17/04, if you are paid bi-weekly, and 10/1/04, if you are paid monthly. Be sure to check your paystub to make sure your deductions match your Annual Enrollment choices.
  • If you enrolled in the Tax Saver Plan Health Care Spending Account program, you can begin using your new debit card as soon as you receive it. If you are enrolled in either Spending Account, you can receive your first reimbursement check after you mail in your first claim of the new plan year and after you have received your first paycheck reflecting your new benefit elections.
  • If you are billed directly for your premiums or pay them through bank draft, bank draft notices and bills for September will not be mailed until after 9/4/04, and payment will be due 9/15/04.
  • If you are an employee, you will receive a Total Compensation Statement in late October. This letter will summarize your total compensation package for the 2003-2004 fiscal year. Your total compensation includes your salary, insurance benefits, retirement plans, and other employment-related programs that are available to you as an A&M System employee.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Palacios, Associate Director, at ext. 2362.


Health Plans Help Smokers Kick the Habit

CIGNA recently reported that a whopping 23% of adults in the United States smoke, resulting in an annual loss of $157 billion due to smoking-related health costs and lost productivity at work. With so much money going up in smoke, it's no wonder that health plans are looking for ways to help people kick the habit. The following A&M System-offered health plans currently offer smoking-cessation programs:

A&M Care Plans: Beginning 9/1/04, Eckerd Health Services (EHS), the plans' prescription drug administrator, will provide limited coverage of smoking cessation products to A&M Care participants. Participants must receive authorization from EHS before participating in the program. EHS will follow medical guidelines to determine whether a participant qualifies for the program, and the products will have refill limits. To find out whether you qualify for the program, you or your doctor can call EHS at 1-866-935-5433.

CIGNA: Individuals enrolled in the CIGNA-administered A&M Dental or CIGNA Dental HMO can participate in CIGNA's QuitNet smoking cessation program. This program gives participants access to professional counselors, helps them develop a smoking cessation plan, and offers discounts on certain smoking-related medications. A lifetime membership into the program costs $65. For more information, contact QuitNet at 1-617-437-1500 or info@quitnet.com. Information is also available online at www.quitnet.com.

Mercy Health Plans does not offer such programs to their members at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Palacios, Associate Director, at ext. 2362.


Prescription Drug Information Website Available from the FDA
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a new web site that provides information about FDA-approved drugs. Drugs @ FDA, located at www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cder/drugsatfda/, is a searchable database that provides an overview of all approved prescription, over-the-counter, and discontinued drugs. Using this site, you can also find out whether therapeutic equivalents exist, including generic versions of brand-name drugs. You can use the site's search engine to find specific drugs, or you can browse through the site's alphabetized list. The site will eventually include information regarding recalls, warnings, and drug shortages.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Palacios, Associate Director, at ext. 2362.

Counseling Services Available to AD&D Beneficiaries

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) plan beneficiaries can receive grief, financial, and legal counseling when they suffer a loss. Through the AD&D plan's Beneficiary Assist program, which is administered by ComPsych, beneficiaries will receive:

  • Unlimited phone contact for one year to grief counselors as well as financial and legal advisors in the ComPsych networks.
  • Five face-to-face sessions with network counselors and/or advisors. The person may use all five sessions with one grief counselor, financial planner, or legal advisor, or he/she may split the five sessions among the three types of counselors/advisors.

ComPsych is the largest independently-owned provider of employee assistance programs, managed behavioral health, and work/life and crisis intervention services. ComPsych’s counselors and advisors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All counselors have at least a master’s degree in counseling, all attorneys are licensed in their states, and financial consultants are certified through the Institute of Certified Financial Planners (ICFP).

If you have questions about this program or need assistance, call Beneficiary Assist at 1-800-411-7239. A counselor will assess your needs and help you develop a plan to receive appropriate grief counseling, financial planning, and/or legal services. Counselors coordinate all services and maintain confidentiality of all information. Information about the program is also available online at groupbenefits.thehartford.com.


Welcome, New Employees!!
  Karen M. Trevino, Staff Assistant
University Registrar
KL 168 ext. 2254
  Edna L. Gonzalez, Staff Assistant
Institutional Effectiveness
KL 334 ext. 2322
  Laiq Ahmed K. Mohammed, Programmer
Enrollment Services
SC 126J ext. 2271
  Patricia N. Deliganis, Grant Resources Support Assistant
KL 260 ext. 2167
  Hector J. Noyola, Assistant Director of Sports Information
Athletics Department
KCB 107 ext. 2405
  Kristen Standage, First Year Success Program Coordinator
Associate VP for Academic Affairs (FYSP)
KL 316E ext. 2785
  Rodolfo Gonzalez, Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Language & Literature
KL 421B ext. 2610
  Joshua F. Stevenson, Assistant Professor
Department of Biology & Chemistry
CH 313E ext. 2590
  Andres E. Rivas, Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Accounting, Economics & Finance
WHTC 206E ext. 2484
  Boris Hellmann, Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Language & Literature
PH 216A ext. 2660
  Gilberto Salinas, Instructor
Department of Behavioral, Applied Sciences & Criminal Justice
KL 426A ext. 2656
  Claudia San Miguel, Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Behavioral, Applied Sciences & Criminal Justice
KL 435E ext. 2529
  Stephen M. Duffy, Assistant Professor
Department of Social Sciences
KL 415D ext. 2543
  Craig A. Bowe, Assistant Professor
Department of Biology & Chemistry
CH 302J ext. 2568
  Edith Ellen Barker, Associate Professor
Department of Language & Literature
KL 415B ext. 2473
  Eric A. Albrecht, Assistant Professor
Department of Biology & Chemistry
CH 302C ext. 2643
  Mazias De Oliveira, Assistant Professor
Department of Fine & Performing Arts
CFPA 233A ext. 2664
  Louise A. Autio, Associate Professor
Canseco School of Nursing
CH 312C ext. 2458
  San Juanita G. Hachar, Assistant Professor
Department of Special Populations
KL 321A ext. 2437
  Cristine C. McMartin, ILI Teacher
International Programs (ILI)
PH 302J ext. 2726
  David L. Beck, Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Biology & Chemistry
CH 302G ext. 2587

Aida C. Garza KL 315E ext. 2135
FROM: Special Program Aid, PASE (SSSGP-Career Services)    
TO: Academic Coordinator, PASE (SSSGP)    
Helen Lisa Gardner-Flores PH 302D ext. 2722
FROM: Director of Student Activities, Student Activities    
TO: ILI Teacher, International Programs (ILI)    
Nicole M. Romanos SC 125C ext. 2237
FROM: Staff Assistant, Student Health Services    
TO: Office Coordinator, Student Health Services    
Gerardo Garza H 200 ext. 2325
FROM: Electrician I, Physical Plant    
TO: Electrician II, Physical Plant    
Veronica E. Garcia SC 126A ext. 2268
FROM: Staff Assistant, EMSR    
TO: New Student Information Specialist, EMSR    
Carmen G. Soto KL 168 ext. 2205
FROM: Degree Audit Assistant, University Registrar    
TO: Degree Audit Specialist, University Registrar    
Farah Sharifi KL 168 ext. 2253
FROM: Student Records Assistant, University Registrar    
TO: Student Records Specialist, University Registrar    
Octavio Bernal H 200 ext. 2325
FROM: Service Worker, Physcial Plant    
TO: Locksmith, Physical Plant    
Adelaida Moreno KL 002 ext. 2100
FROM: Police Officer, University Police Department    
TO: Police Corporal, University Police Department    
Martha Trevino SC 126 ext. 2770
FROM: Staff Assistant, Enrollment Services    
TO: New Student Information Specialist, EMSR    
Mary F. Sosa KL 318 ext. 2134
FROM: Office Coordinator, PASE (CASA)    
TO: Staff Assistant, PASE    
Sandra V. Peña PH 314F ext. 2361
FROM: Associate Director, Office of Human Resources    
TO: Director of Human Resources, Office of Human Resources    
Jessica Palacios PH 314B ext. 2362
FROM: HR Benefits Manager, Office of Human Resources    
TO: Associate Director, Office of Human Resources    
Roxana Peña KL 168 ext. 2252
FROM: Student Employee, University Registrar    
TO: Staff Assistant, University Registrar    

  Mayra E. Blanco, Half-Time CDC Coordinator
Department of Special Populations (Child Development Center)
  Lilia E. Gomez-Luna, Staff Assistant
Student Activities
  Luis Gonzalez, Staff Assistant
College of Education (Reading Research Cener)
  Maritza Bautista, Staff Assistant
  Paola G. Chavez, Staff Assistant
  San Juana V. Martinez, Staff Assistant
Department of Biology & Chemistry
  Rebecca Soto, Police Corporal
Unversity Police Department
  Joe A. Valdez, Media Production Specialist
Educational Technology & Outreach
  Guadalupe M. Navarro, Nurse (LVN)
Student Health Services
  Gustavo Salazar II, Counselor
  Armando Alvarado, Associate Director
  Gladys R. Zepeda, Director of Student Center
Student Center
  Barbara B. Lunce, University Registrar
University Registrar
  Stephen E. Lunce, Professor
Department of MIS & Decision Science
  Patricia E. Sandoval, ILI Teacher
International Programs (ILI)
  Carolyn McCreight, Associate Professor
Department of Professional Programs
  Karen S. Linstrum, Instructor
Department of Professional Programs
  En-Bing Lin, Professor/Chair
Department of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  Edward N. Willman, Associate Professor
Department of MIS & Decision Science
  David G. Ratliff, Reference/Access Services Librarian
Killam Library

Your Responsibilities When Requesting Leave

Employees and their supervisors are responsible for assuring that a leave request is submitted via LeaveTraq prior to taking leave or immediately upon returning from leave.

A leave request must be submitted when requesting any type of absence from work: vacation, sick leave, overtime compensatory time (OCT), straight compensatory time (SCT), funeral leave, jury duty, military duty, leave without pay, family/medical leave, and parental leave.

For certain types of leave, additional documentation must accompany the leave request form as follows:

  • Sick Leave - When the period of absence is in excess of 3 continuous working days, a physician's statement indicating the cause and nature of illness and expected date of recovery is required.
  • Jury Duty - A Certificate of Service from the court specifying the date(s) and time(s) served is required.
  • Military Duty - Orders documenting the time period requested is required.
  • Family/Medical Leave - A Medical Certification Form (available from the Office of Human Resources) completed by the treating physician is required.
  • Parental Leave - A Physician's Statement (available from the Office of Human Resources) completed by the treating physician is required.
If you have any questions regarding leave, contact Xochitl Kladis at ext. 2364.

Retiring From The A&M System


Below are general guidelines to follow in preparation for retirement from The A&M System. Preparation should begin at least 1 year before retiring. For assistance with retirement from The A&M System, please contact Jessica Palacios (ext. 2362) in the TAMIU HR Office.


Contact the Office of Human Resources to:

  • Verify if you meet retirement eligibility requirements.
  • Complete System-required TRS forms.
  • Discuss changes in your group insurance coverages.
  • Complete appropriate group insurance continuation forms.
  ...and to make sure TRS has:
  • Birth records for you and your primary beneficiary.
  • Verification and/or purchase of any withdrawn, unreported, military, or out-of-state service for retirement credit.
  • A completed Request for Estimate of Retirement Benefits Form.
  • A completed Authorization to TRS for Records Disclosure.


  Contact the Office of Human Resources to:
  • Verify if you meet retirement eligibility requirements.
  • Complete System-required ORP forms.
  • Discuss changes in your group insurance coverages.
  • Complete appropriate group insurance continuation forms.
  ...and contact your ORP vendor representative to:
  • Discuss your retirement options. (You may need to provide an original or certified copy of your and your primary beneficiary’s birth certificates.)
  Contact your TDA vendor representative to:
  • Discuss your retirement settlement options.
  Contact your local Social Security Office to:
  • Apply for Social Security (and Medicare, if applicable) benefits. (You may need to provide W-2 tax forms for the 2 years before retirement, an estimate of earnings for the year of retirement, and a record of date of birth.)

Notify HR Immediately of Separations of Employment

Immediately upon first knowledge of a separation of employment, please notify the HR Office. Appropriate forms must be generated without delay in order to best facilitate the exiting employee's clearance process (insurance, leave, timecard, keys, ID, etc.). Call us at ext. 2365 if you have questions regarding separations of employment.

If the separation is from student employment, immediately contact the Office of Career Services at ext. 2260.


Workers' Compensation

An employee of The Texas A&M University System who suffers an accidental injury or occupational disease, as a direct result of and in the course and scope of employment, should immediately notify his/her supervisor and complete the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission's Form TWCC-1 called "Employer's First Report of Injury or Illness."  The form is accessible from the HR website under FORMS. The supervisor, in turn, must notify the HR Office immediately and ensure Form TWCC-1 is completed and submitted promptly. Failure to report the injury within 30 days of the occurrence (or the manifestation of an occupational disease) may result in the denial of a claim.

If you have any questions concerning Workers' Compensation, please contact Xochitl Kladis at ext. 2363.


Getting to Know U!

Stanley Pearson II


Stanley Pearson II is the new Associate Director in the Office of Student Activities. He is from Chicago, and recently started teaching at a local dance studio called "Ztylz & Co." He teaches salsa, merengue, bachata, and also does hip-hop choreography. In his younger years, he danced for the Milwaukee Bucks as well.

TAMIU, we want to get to know you! Tell us an interesting fact about yourself, and we will feature it along with a photo in this section of the newsletter. Submit your information to Xochitl Kladis via email or at ext. 2364.

Mug O' The Month
Tonie Garza is the Police Records/Communications Coordinator in the University Police Department. She joined TAMIU in August 1999.

She received a prize for being the first to identify the TAMIU employee in the "Who is This?" section of the previous issue of the HR News & Views.

Tonie Resendez

Who is This?  
Who Is This?

The first person to email the HR Office and correctly identify this TAMIU employee by name and title will win a prize!

The identity of the employee who appeared in the last issue of HR News & Views can be found in "The Answer Corner" section of this newsletter!

The Answer Corner
The following are frequently-asked questions received in the Office of Human Resources. To ask us questions, use the "Ask HR" button on this newsletter.


Who was the baby in the "Who is This?" section of the last issue of "HR News & Views"?


That was Alberto Daniel Martinez, System Specialist I in CTS. TAMIU employees who wish to submit their picture for the "Who is This?" section may contact the HR Office via email or at ext. 2365.

I am a non-faculty employee and am thinking about taking on a second job outside of TAMIU. As long as it doesn't interfere with my regular job at TAMIU, can I do that?

Yes, you can have a second job as long as you comply with System policy, get supervisor approval, and do it outside the work hours of your regular job. If you are going to take on a second job, you must complete and submit to the HR Office an “External Employment and Consulting Application and Approval” form which is available from the HR webpage at http://www.tamiu.edu/adminis/ohr/. A new form must be completed at the beginning of each fiscal year. For more information about external employment, see System Policy 31.05 External Employment and Expert Witness and System Regulation 31.05.02 External Employment. If you have any questions about external employment, please contact the HR Office at ext. 2365.
What is the smoking policy for our campus?


TAMIU is a smoke-free campus. Please refer to University Rule 34.05.99.L1 Smoke-Free Policy. All TAMIU Rules can be accessed via the HR website at http://www.tamiu.edu/adminis/ohr/ by clicking on SYSTEM POLICIES & UNIVERSITY RULES, then choosing “Texas A&M International University Rules.” If you have any questions about System Polices and/or University Rules, please contact the HR Office at ext. 2365.

That Extra (S)Mile!
This section describes the deeds of TAMIU employees who have been observed going the "extra mile" for our University.

Here are brief descriptions of the efforts, service, and/or accomplishments of the 2004-2005 TAMIU Outstanding Employees. Thank you for your dedication to the University!

Gabriela Alonzo, System Specialist II, CTS
“…she shows what it’s like to be a good, honest, hard-working individual; she is very quiet and non-assuming; she works very hard and always wears a smile; she never complains nor boasts about the job she does; she truly exemplifies the spirit of an honest and hard-working TAMIU employee who loves her work…”

Alberto Chavez Jr., ID System Administrator, Student Center
“…everyone always says ‘Albert is such a great guy!’; he is helpful, courteous, and cheerful; he has the utmost respect toward his peers and is well-liked among the University community; he is innovative and comes up with solutions; his approach to a challenge is “can do” and no detail is ignored…”

Dr. Hamid R. Kusha, Associate Professor, Department of Behavioral, Applied Sciences & CJ
"A faculty member of TAMIU since 1998, Dr. Kusha has also held teaching positions at Minot State University; Maryville University of St. Louis; Texas Christian University and Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. He was also a graduate instructor at University of Kentucky in Lexington. His areas of research include comparative criminal justice systems, the sociology of law, international terrorism, and penology. Among his publications are The Sacred Law of Islam: A Case Study of Women's Treatment in the Islamic Republic of Iran's Criminal Justice System (Ashgate, 2002)."

Dr. Sushma Krishnamurthy, Assosicate Professor, Department of Biology & Chemistry
"A TAMIU faculty member since 1995, Dr. Krishnamurthy's research interests include water quality and heavy metal pollution. She is a member of the Texas Academy of Science and Beta Kappa Chi National Scientific Honor Society. A sponsor of the University's Biology Club, she was named "Outstanding Sponsor" by the Student Government Association in 1999. In 1999, she also served as local host and committee chair for the Texas Academy of Science Conference at TAMIU, which attracted over 400 scientists from Texas and Mexico."

Dr. Lem Railsback, Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction
"Dr. Railsback has demonstrated enormous creativity, interest, and energy in developing online courses, has taught at least one online course each semester since the inception of the program, has stimulated interest in online course development among his colleagues, and has donated materials and equipment to advance TAMIU’s distance education program.”

Dr. Ronald Anderson, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction
“Dr. Anderson holds a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from Stanford University. Before joining the faculty of TAMIU in 1997, he spent 20 years studying the Asheninka language and culture of the Amazon region of central Peru. His work helped to preserve the language and narrative traditions of this indigenous people. At TAMIU, he has demonstrated substantial leadership and service by giving tirelessly of his time and energy to help aspiring teachers pass the requisite certification exams.”

If you know of any employee performing in such a way that deserves mention in this column, send their name and details of their deeds to the HR Office via email.

Phone: 956.326.2365
Fax: 956.326.2359
Location: Killam Library 320