October 2006
  • Quote of the Month:
    “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” - Anatole France

Congratulations to the 2006-2007 TAMIU Outstanding Employees!!!

Classified Staff of the Year: Jacqueline H. Arguindegui

Administrative Staff of the Year: Alejandro A. Martinez

Faculty Scholar of the Year: Dr. Hoonandara R. Goonatilake

Teacher of the Year: Dr. Sean M. Chadwell

Distance Educator of the Year: Dr. Dean J. Champion

Zaffarini Scholarship and Leadership Award: Dr. J. Michael Patrick

The names of the Classified Staff and Administrative Staff of the Year were announced at the Outstanding Employee Award luncheon on Friday, August 18, 2006 in the Student Center Ballroom. The recipients of the Faculty Scholar, Teacher, Distance Educator of the Year Awards as well as the Zaffarini Scholarship and Leadership Award were announced at University Convocation on Thursday, August 24, 2006 in the Fine and Performing Arts Center.

TAMIU is proud of its Outstanding Employees of the year!


TAMIU Employees Receive Service Awards

On August 18, 2006, annual service awards were given to the following University employees who reached 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years of service:

5 years of service: Dana H. Crabtree, Instructor; Michael Daniel, Instructor; Patricia N. Deliganis, Buyer; Angie Escamilla, Staff Assistant; Martha E. Fraire, Associate Registrar; Rita R. Hernandez, Outreach and Retention Specialist; Bernardo Hernandez Jr, Staff Assistant; Diana Linn, Instructor; Elizabeth Lopez, Financial Aid Counselor; Patricia G. McBain, Director of Alumni Relations; Efrain D. Sanchez, Project Director; Isabel Solis, Staff Assistant; Dr. Terutake Abe, Assistant Professor; Julie E. Barrera, Executive Secretary to President; Maria I. Cantu, Service Specialist I; Odilia C. Cantu, Degree Audit Assistant; Dr. Steven P. Garippa, Visiting Assistant Professor; Gerardo Garza, Electrician II; Martha E. Guajardo, Staff Assistant; Archibald Laud-Hammond, Assistant Professor; Dr. Qingwen Ni, Associate Professor; Dr. Horacio G. Palacios, Assistant Professor; Maria J. Peña, Accounting Assistant; Dr. Trace N. Pirtle, Associate Professor/Director School Counseling; Dr. Fernando G. Quintana, Associate Professor; Maria M. Ramirez, Associate VP for Student Success; Pablo Reyes-Sariñana, Service Specialist II; Dr. William W. Riggs, Assistant Professor/Interim Chair; Maria E. Rodriguez, Program Coordinator; Victor M. Rosas, Service Worker; Dr. Bonnie A. Rudolph, Associate Professor; Eugene Ruiz, Electrician II; Beatriz A. Salinas, Project Director; Sandra G. Sanchez, Library Assistant I; Taryn Shehab, Staff Assistant; Dr. Gilberto D. Soto, Associate Professor; Dr. Christy S. Teranishi, Assistant Professor; Dr. Kenneth J. Tobin, Assistant Professor; Maria L. Valle, Director of SSSGP; Dr. Jacques C. Verville, Associate Professor; Alexander Villagran, Receiving Clerk.

10 years of service: Norma S. Ramirez, Clerk II; Dr. Jeffrey M. Brown, Associate Professor/Director of GSR; Yolanda Cantu, Staff Assistant; Ruben Costilla, Network Specialist II; Georgina D. Gonzalez, Director of Recruitment and School Relations; Patricia G. Lopez, Executive Secretary to Dean; Ofelia Y. Maldonado, Staff Accountant; Anna Salinas-Dodd, Admissions Coordinator; Maria I. Vela-Mendoza, Staff Assistant; Rosa A. Dickinson, Director of Admissions

15 years of service: James H. Neumann, Library Assistant I; Dr. Juan H. Hinojosa, Professor; Dr. Jeffrey Cass, Professor/Associate Provost; Juan J. Vega, Building Maintenance Technician

20 years of service: Dr. Jerry D.Thompson, Regents Professor; Norma G. Maciel, Office Coordinator; Dr. France G. Rhodes, Associate Professor; Dr. Miroslava Vargas, Associate Professor

25 years of service: Dr. David Roberts, Instructor; Elizabeth N. Martinez, Associate VP for Administration

30 years of service: Juanita Soliz, Special Assistant to President


Reminder to all TAMIU Employees About Ethics Policy

Each employee is responsible for ensuring that s/he complies with all ethical standards of The Texas A&M University System (TAMUS). To ensure that you are aware of and understand these standards, please review System Policy 07.01 "Ethics Policy, TAMUS Employees" which is available online at http://sago.tamu.edu/policy/07-01.pdf.

In addition to reviewing the ethics policy, you may also review the online training module entitled "Ethics" which is accessible via HRConnect under the TRAINING tab. You can access HRConnect from Single Sign On.

Lastly, additional information about ethics is also available from the System Office of General Counsel at http://www.tamus.edu/offices/legal/help/ethics/

If you have questions regarding the ethics policy, please contact the HR Office at ext. 2365.


Reminder to all TAMIU Employees About Drug/Alcohol Abuse and HIV/AIDS in the Workplace

Texas A&M International University is committed to ensuring the safety and health of its employees and students. System policies prohibit the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession, or use of illicit drugs or alcohol on System property and/or while on official duty. In addition, workplace guidelines are available to protect the rights of HIV-infected individuals. To ensure that you are aware of and understand the policies in place regarding drug/alcohol abuse and HIV/AIDS in the workplace, please review the following System Policies and Regulations:

In addition to reviewing the policies and regulations, you may also review the following educational materials:

Lastly, additional information is also available at the following websites:

If you have questions regarding the policy on drug/alcohol abuse and HIV/AIDS in the workplace, please contact the HR Office at ext. 2365.


Faculty Senate for FY 2006-2007

The Faculty Senate is an elected senate that represents all academic areas of Texas A&M International University and that is dedicated to the well-being of the University faculty and of the University in general. The Senate strives to identify issues and concerns that have an impact on the members of the University faculty. By working closely with University administration, the Faculty Senate maintains the Faculty Handbook, a document containing policies and governance information related to faculty.

The 2006-2007 Faculty Senate Officers are listed below. For more information about the Faculty Senate and its activities, please contact one of the Officers.

  • President: Dr. Thomas Mitchell, COAS
  • Vice-President: Mr. John Maxstadt, Killam Library
  • Secretary: Dr. Frances Rhodes, COAS
  • Parliamentarian: Dr. Deborah Blackwell, COAS
  • At-Large: Dr. Randel Brown, COED
  • At-Large: Dr.Sushma Krishnamurthy, COAS

Other Faculty Senate members:

  • Ms. Vivian Garcia, Canseco School of Nursing
  • Dr. Friedrich Gechter, COAS
  • Dr. Juan H. Hinojosa, COAS
  • Dr. Jaclyn Jeffrey, COAS
  • Dr. Lem Railsback, COED
  • Dr. Christy Teranishi, COAS
  • Dr. Rolando Peña Sanchez, COBA
  • Dr. Ken Tobin, COAS

Annual Enrollment Wrap-Up

Now that you've made your benefit enrollment decisions for the 2006–2007 plan year, here are some important tips as you transition into the new plan year:

Plan ID Cards

  • BlueCross/BlueShield of Texas (BCBSTX) will issue ID cards only to new A&M Care participants.
  • PharmaCare will issue prescription drug ID cards to new and current A&M Care health plan participants.
  • Mercy will issue ID cards only to new participants.
  • The Graduate Student Health Plan will issue ID cards to new and current participants.
  • All vision and dental plan participants will receive new ID cards.
  • You should keep your old plan ID card until you receive your new one.
  • Regardless of whether you receive a new ID card, your plan will send you information about your coverage.
  • If you changed health or dental plans, you may want to wait until you receive your new ID card(s) before you schedule a routine checkup. This will ensure that your health or dental plan has your eligibility information and that you will receive benefits.

Dental HMO Network General Dentist

If you enrolled in the dental HMO (DeltaCare USA), you will be assigned a dentist, and it may be a different dentist than you had under CIGNA. If you wish to change dentists, contact Delta Dental at 1-800-422-4234. To find a network dentist in Texas, refer to the directory online . For available dentists in other areas, go to www.deltadentalins.com or refer to the plan's provider directory, available in the HR Office. Once you select your new dentist, you will receive a new ID card.

Dental HMO Orthodontia Benefits

If you enrolled in the dental HMO (DeltaCare USA) and are currently receiving orthodontic treatment under either of the current CIGNA dental plans, you can continue using your orthodontist if banding has occurred. You must complete a Continuous Orthodontic Coverage Form, available online. You will receive the same benefits you would have received under CIGNA. If banding has not occurred, you must switch to a DeltaCare USA orthodontist. In this case, you will receive DeltaCare USA benefits.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Beginning August 29, 2006:

  • You can no longer use your Health Care Spending Account debit card.
  • Any claims you have from this year that you have not submitted to Tax Saver Plan should be sent to PayFlex instead.

With either type of spending account, you can receive your first reimbursement check after you mail in your first claim of the new plan year and after you have received your first paycheck reflecting your new benefit elections and contributions.

Payroll Deductions

Payroll deductions for your new benefit elections will begin September 15 if you are paid biweekly and October 2 if you are paid monthly. Be sure to check your pay stub to make sure your deductions match your Annual Enrollment choices.

Total Compensation Statements

If you are an employee, you will receive a Total Compensation Statement in late fall. This letter will summarize your total compensation package for the 2006-2007 fiscal year. Your total compensation includes your salary, insurance benefits, retirement plans, and other employment-related programs that are available to you as an A&M System employee.

If you have any questions, please contact Gracy Buentello , HR Benefits Manager, at ext. 2363.


Welcome, New Employees!!
  Wendy S. McManus, Coach (Women's Volleyball)
Athletics Department
KCB 107B ext. 2894
  Jessica Palacios, Associate Director of HR
Human Resources
KL 321C ext. 2362
  Curtis Condie, Coach (Men's Basketball)
Athletics Department
CH 203 ext. 2903
  Daryl P. Vincent, Coach (Women's Basketball)
Athletics Department
CH 203C ext. 2904
  Yuri De La Rosa, Office Coordinator
Financial Aid
KL 158 ext. 2225
  Maria E. Hernandez, Assistant Program Manager
WHTC 222D ext. 2846
  Karla P. Zarate, Admissions Assistant
KL 155 ext. 2204
  Valeria Mata, Accounting Assistant (Cashier)
Business Office
KL 152A ext. 2144
  San Juana H. Guzman, Admissions Assistant
International Language Institute
PH 302 ext. 2136
  Dr. Farouk I. Heiba, Visiting Professor
Division of International Business & Technology Studies
WHTC 217C ext. 2502
  Dr. Tongdan Jin, Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
LBVSC 325 ext. 2582
  Dr. Fethi Belkhouche, Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
LBVSC 379A ext. 3048
  Dr. Eugenio Jaramillo , Assistant Professor
Department of Biology & Chemistry
LBVSC 307 ext. 2568
  Dr. Richard O. Jacobson, Instructor
Department of Biology & Chemistry
LBVSC 305 ext. 2597

Angelo Piccirillo, Business/Economic Development Coordinator

LDF 722-0563
  Isabel L. Salazar, Training Coordinator (Business Development)
WHTC 223B ext. 2550
  Maria G. Rangel, Business Advisor (Business Development)
TX Workforce Center 794-6566
  Norma L. Rodriguez, Business Advisor (Business Development)
LDF 722-0563
  Tina Rodriguez, Business Advisor (Business Development)
Rio Bravo ext. 2820
  Araceli E. Lozano, Assistant Director (Business Development)
WHTC 223C ext. 2551
  Adriana R. Covarrubias, Staff Assistant
LDF 722-0563
  Dr. Famil T. Guseynov, Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Biology & Chemistry
LBVSC 385D ext. 2643
  Marcus Antonius H. Ynalvez, Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Behavioral, Applied Sciences & CJ
CH 312D

ext. 2621

  Dr. Kyung-Shin Park, Assistant Professor
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
KL 419A ext. 2685
  Dr. Phu D. Hoang, Assistant Professor
Department of Professional Programs
KL 426A ext. 2333
  Dr. Alfredo Ramirez Jr., Assistant Professor/Interim Chair
Department of Professional Programs
KL 434B ext. 3141
  Dr. Arsen M. Djatej, Assistant Professor
Division of International Banking & Finance Studies
WHTC 218D ext. 2513
  Dr. Irma Chavez-Robinson, Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Language & Literature
PH 312D ext. 2648
  Jon M. Hinkel, Assistant Director of Sports Marketing
Athletics Department
KCB 107 ext. 2891
  Dr. Anil Signh, Visiting Professor
Division of International Banking & Finance Studies
WHTC 217B ext. 2504

Rosa I. Rocha, Media Services Coordinator

BFC 115 ext. 2311
  Dr. Mariko Morita, Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Fine & Performing Arts
CFPA 209C ext. 3042
  Rebecca Garza, Degree Audit Assistant
University Registrar
KL 168 ext. 2247
  Deborah Scaggs, Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Language & Literature
PH 216A ext. 3303
  Catherine S. Cornelius, ILI Instructor
International Language Institute
PH 302C ext. 2715
  Deborah Watson, Instructor
BFC 202 ext. 2725
  Dr. Balaji Janamanchi, Assistant Professor
Division of International Business & Technology Studies
PH 304C ext. 2537
  Samuel G. Oliveros, Nursing Lab Supervisor
Canseco School of Nursing
CH 111C ext. 2457
  Jessica Hinojosa, Outreach & Retention Specialist
Special Programs (CAMP)
SC 233 ext 2706
  Claudia M. Cordoba, Police Dispatcher
University Police Department
KL 005 ext. 2100
  Selina Y. Lozano, Staff Assistant
KL 255 ext. 2318

Rafael E. Romo KCB 107D ext. 2890
FROM: Instructor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction    
TO: Interim Director of Athletics, Athletics Department    
Arnoldo M. Cadena KL 005 ext. 2100
FROM: Police Dispatcher, University Police Department    
TO: Campus Security Assistant, Univeristy Police Department    
Jaime Peryam KL 427A ext. 2927
FROM: Student Transfer Specialist, Admissions    
TO: AT3P Recruiter, COED (AT3P)    
Mario A. Peña KL 322 ext. 2336
FROM: Director of Web Services, VPAA    
TO: Director of Web and Student Information Services, OIT    
H. Lisa Gardner Flores PH 312E ext. 2642
FROM: Adjunct Faculty, Department of Language & Literature    
TO: Visiting Instructor, Department of Language & Literature    
Diana Linn KL 435G ext. 2677
FROM: Instructor, Department of Teacher Preparation    
TO: Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Preparation    
Sofia C. Maldonado KL 169 ext. 2156
FROM: Staff Accountant (Comptroller's Office)    
TO: Senior Staff Accountant (Comptroller's Office)    
Melanie E. Martinez KL 157F ext. 2225
FROM: Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid    
TO: Student Records Specialist, Financial Aid    
Dr. Steven P. Garippa KL 419H ext. 2697
FROM: Director of Athletics, Athletics Department    
TO: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Preparation    
Marta L. Medina KL 169 ext. 2817
FROM: Accounting Assistant (Accounts Payable), Business Office    
TO: Staff Accountant (Accounts Payable), Business Office    
Juan F. Sanchez Jr. LBVSC 313 ext. 2528
FROM: Adjunct Faculty, Department of Social Sciences    
TO: Instructor, Department of Social Sciences    
Dr. Leonel Prieto PH 313L ext. 2580
FROM: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Marketing & International Business    
TO: Assistant Professor, Division of International Business & Technology Studies    
Linda Flores CH 315G ext. 2577
FROM: Adjunct Faculty, Canseco School of Nursing    
TO: Assistant Professor, Canseco School of Nursing    
Martha S. Trevino SC 233 ext. 2707
FROM: Outreach and Retention Specialist, Special Programs (CAMP)    
TO: Academic Coordinator, Special Programs (CAMP)    
Patricia N. Deliganis KL 432 ext. 2435
FROM: Buyer, Purchasing and Support Services    
TO: Staff Assistant, COED    

  Karla R. Esquivel, Financial Aid Assistant
Financial Aid
  John W. Stabile, Associate Director of Academic Technology
  Lluvia L. Rodriguez, Associate Director
COED (Project RIO)
  Ana A. Peralta, Nursing Lab Supervisor
Canseco School of Nursing
  Maritza Arriaga, Associate Director of HR
Human Resources
  Alma L. Lerma, Office Coordinator
Financial Aid
  Annette Benavides, Staff Accountant (Housing)
Housing and Residence Life
  Maria F. Feurtado, Staff Assistant
Department of Special Populations
  Dr. Don P. Schulte, Associate Professor
Department of Professional Programs
  Todd R. Farmer, Instructor
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  Dr. John J. Winfrey, Assistant Professor/Director Planetarium
  Dr. William A. Newman, Distinguished Professor
Department of MIS/DS
  Maria G. Salazar, Senior Staff Accountant
Business Office
  Yuri De La Rosa, Office Coordinator
Financial Aid
  Dr. Doris J. Rosenow, Associate Professor
Canseco School of Nursing
  Blanca I. Olivares, Staff Assistant


The Importance of Reporting a Leave of Absence

There are various leave benefits available to employees, and the HR Office wants to ensure these benefits are afforded to employees in the event of need.

To facilitate these leave benefits, an employee must report their leave of absence (sick leave, vacation, etc.) to their supervisor and the HR Office immediately. Furthermore, it is especially crucial to immediately report a leave of absence that is to be extensive.

Leave of absence issues may be complex, and all cases differ. The HR Office will assist in verifying the employee's leave balances, determining if additional documentation is necessary to support the leave of absence request, and determining if the employee is eligible for any other type of available leave (i.e., Family/Medical Leave, Parental Leave, Emergency Leave, Sick Leave Pool).

If you have any questions about or need assistance with leave of absence issues, please contact Xochitl Kladis at ext. 2364.


Your Responsibilities When Requesting Leave

Employees and their supervisors are responsible for assuring that a leave request is submitted via LeaveTraq prior to taking leave or immediately upon returning from leave.

A leave request must be submitted when requesting any type of absence from work,: vacation, sick leave, overtime compensatory time (OCT), straight compensatory time (SCT), funeral leave, jury duty, military duty, leave without pay, family/medical leave, and parental leave.

For certain types of leave, additional documentation must accompany the leave request form as follows:

  • Sick Leave - When the period of absence is in excess of 3 continuous working days, a physician's statement indicating the cause and nature of illness and expected date of recovery is required.
  • Jury Duty - A Certificate of Service from the court specifying the date(s) and time(s) served is required.
  • Military Duty - Orders documenting the time period requested is required.
  • Family/Medical Leave - A Medical Certification Form (available from the HR Office) completed by the treating physician is required.
  • Parental Leave - A Physician's Statement (available from the HR Office) completed by the treating physician is required.

If you have any questions regarding leave, contact Xochitl Kladis at ext. 2364.


Retiring From The A&M System

Below are general guidelines to follow in preparation for retirement from The A&M System. Preparation should begin at least 1 year before retiring.


Contact the HR Office to:

  • Verify if you meet retirement eligibility requirements.
  • Complete System-required TRS forms.
  • Discuss changes in your group insurance coverages.
  • Complete appropriate group insurance continuation forms (if eligible).

...and to make sure TRS has:

  • Birth records for you and your primary beneficiary.
  • Verification and/or purchase of any withdrawn, unreported, military, or out-of-state service for retirement credit.
  • A completed Request for Estimate of Retirement Benefits Form.
  • A completed Authorization to TRS for Records Disclosure.


Contact the HR Office to:

  • Verify if you meet retirement eligibility requirements.
  • Complete System-required ORP forms.
  • Discuss changes in your group insurance coverages.
  • Complete appropriate group insurance continuation forms (if eligible).

...and contact your ORP vendor representative to:

  • Discuss your retirement options. (You may need to provide an original or certified copy of your primary beneficiary's birth certificates.)


  • Contact your TDA vendor representative to:
  • Discuss your retirement settlement options.


Contact your local Social Security Office to:

  • Apply for Social Security (and Medicare, if applicable) benefits. (You may need to provide W-2 tax forms for the 2 years before retirement, an estimate of earnings for the year of retirement, and a record of date of birth.)

Notify HR Immediately of Separations of Employment

Immediately upon first knowledge of a separation of employment, please notify the HR Office. Appropriate forms must be generated without delay in order to best facilitate the exiting employee's clearance process (insurance, leave, timecard, keys, ID, etc.). Call us at ext. 2365 if you have questions regarding separations of employment.

If the separation is from student employment, immediately contact the Office of Career Services at ext. 2260.


Unraveling the Mysteries of Overtime

The deadline for an important project is approaching, so you work a bit late one night. Does that mean you get compensated with extra time off (compensatory time)? It depends. Whether you are compensated depends on your job and how you are compensated is determined by state and federal law.

Under federal law, each job must be designated as "exempt" or "non-exempt" from federal overtime. Only those jobs designated as "non-exempt" are eligible for the 2 types of compensatory time, Overtime Compensatory Time (OCT) and Straight Compensatory Time (SCT). Your supervisor, the HR Office, or the latest Pay Plan can tell you if your position is "exempt" or "non-exempt."

OVERTIME COMPENSATORY TIME (OCT): Only jobs classified as "non-exempt" are eligible for OCT. OCT is release time (time off) that is earned from hours that are physically worked over 40 in a workweek. (For TAMIU, a workweek is Thursday through the following Wednesday.) As required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), those excess hours physically worked over 40 must be calculated at time and a half (multiplied by 1.5). EXAMPLE: If you physically work 44 hours in a workweek, 4 hours are the excess over 40 and are calculated at time and a half (4 X 1.5 = 6). So, you accrue 6 hours of OCT.

In some cases, however, if you work more than 8 hours in one day, your supervisor may require you to work fewer hours another day in the same workweek in order to avoid the accumulation of OCT.

Employees may accumulate up to 240 hours of OCT, however, those in a public safety, emergency response, or seasonal job may accumulate up to 480 hours.

You keep your rights to your accumulated OCT until you use the time or are paid for it. When you leave employment, you will be paid for any remaining OCT, or, with your supervisor's approval, you may remain on the payroll to use it up.

STRAIGHT COMPENSATORY TIME (SCT): In some cases, "non-exempt" employees may be eligible for SCT. If the number of hours physically worked in a workweek are 40 or less, but the combined worked time and time off (i.e., vacation, sick leave, holiday, etc.) in the workweek total more than 40, you will receive SCT for the hours that exceeded 40 in that workweek. Furthermore, those SCT hours are not calculated at time and a half (in other words, for each hour of time in excess of 40, you will receive exactly one hour of SCT). EXAMPLE: If you physically work only 36 hours and are off for 8 hours of sick leave in a workweek, so that the combined worked time and time off total 44, then the excess over 40 are 4 hours. These 4 hours are accrued as SCT.

State law prohibits payment for SCT upon end of employment. However, under A&M System policy, you may remain on the payroll to use up your SCT.

USING OCT AND SCT: A "non-exempt" employee must always have permission from his/her supervisor before working overtime. And as is the case with all other requests for time off, an employee must have the supervisor's permission before using any accrued OCT and/or SCT.

If you should have any questions or need more information about OCT and/or SCT, please contact Xochitl Kladis by e-mail or at ext. 2364.



SCT (State Compensatory Time): System Regulation 31.01.09 Overtime states that SCT must be taken within the 12-month period following the workweek in which it was earned and that it may not be carried forward past the end of the 12-month period.

LeaveTraq, our automated leave system, monitors the expiration of SCT and "clears out" any SCT not used by the expiration date. Therefore, to avoid losing SCT, employees are reminded to take their SCT within 12 months from which it was earned. It is recommended that employees regularly log onto LeaveTraq to check the expiration status of their SCT.


OCT (Overtime Compensatory Time): System Regulation 31.01.09 Overtime states that, when practical, OCT should be taken within the 12-month period following the workweek in which it was earned. Supervisors may require employees to take OCT and may require employees to use OCT before using vacation leave.

Should you have any questions about your SCT and/or OCT balances, please contact Xochitl Kladis via email or at ext. 2364.


What is Expected of You When You Are Expecting

The coming of a baby calls for many preparations...even at work. If you or your spouse are expecting a baby, below is a checklist of matters (leave, benefits, and other) which must be promptly addressed in the HR Office. (For leave assistance, contact Xochitl Kladis at ext. 2364, and for benefits assistance, contact Gracy Buentello at ext. 2363.)


  • At least 30 days prior to your leave, notify HR and visit with them to discuss your leave options (Family/Medical Leave, Parental Leave) and to review your available leave balances (sick leave, vacation, OCT, SCT.)
  • A written request for Family/Medical Leave or Parental Leave must be submitted. Also, a "Medical Certification Form" must be completed by your doctor and submitted to HR within 15 days of the request for leave. This form is available at the HR website under FORMS. Re-certification may be required.
  • During your leave, all appropriate leave requests must be submitted via LeaveTraq and timecards must be submitted to HR (if applicable).
  • A newborn must be enrolled for insurance coverage within 60 days of the child’s birth. An employee who already has "employee/family" or "employee/child(ren)" coverage may add a newborn after the 60-day limit because the premium does not change; however, the newborn should be added as soon as possible to ensure accurate records.
  • If you are on paid leave (Family/Medical Leave, Parental Leave), your share of the premiums will continue to be deducted from your pay.
  • If you exhaust your available leave while on Family/Medical Leave, you will need to pay any monthly premiums that are normally deducted from your pay. You will be billed each month while on leave without pay, and the premiums must be paid within 30 days of the due date shown on the bill or coverage will end.
  • If you are on Parental Leave without pay, you are not eligible to receive the state contribution for basic life and medical benefits, but you may continue coverage by paying the full monthly premium. You will be billed each month, and the premiums must be paid within 30 days of the due date shown on the bill or coverage will end.
  • You are expected to check-in with your supervisor every 2 weeks during your leave to inform him/her of your status and expected date of return to work.
  • A written doctor’s release is required upon your return to work.


TAMIU's Early Return to Work Program

TAMIU has implemented a program called the Early Return to Work Program, which is designed to help employees who have suffered serious injuries/ illnesses ease themselves back into work. This program returns such employees to their pre-injury/illness jobs or to different temporary jobs as soon as they are physically able. The program was originally developed by the Human Resource Department at Texas A&M University in College Station and is now offered System-wide.

TAMIU values its workforce and the daily contributions they make towards the success of the University. For employees who have been away from their jobs due to injuries/illnesses, the Early Return to Work Program will help them remain active and productive, earn full or partial wages, retain their insurance benefits, and receive support from co-workers and friends.

If you have any questions regarding the Early Return to Work Program, please contact Xochitl Kladis at 2364.


Cheer! Check Out the HR Website!

The TAMIU HR website contains helpful information that employees can use everyday! Take a look at what's conveniently available to you online at our site. Bookmark the site and visit us often!

  • Single Sign On (gives you access to HRConnect and LeaveTraq)
  • Benefits (latest news on health plans, retirement issues, legislation affecting your benefits, etc.)
  • HR Newsletters
  • Forms (the most frequently-used HR forms available online)
  • Employee Directory
  • Training (info about Staff Enrichment Day and other planned staff development programs)
  • Employment (link to TAMIUWorks and useful resources for hiring supervisors)
  • Leave
  • System Policy Manual and TAMIU Rules
  • Holiday Schedule
  • Pay Plan


TAMIU Employment Opportunities

For a listing of current TAMIU job vacancies, including full text vacancy announcements, visit TAMIUWorks at https://employment.tamiu.edu. TAMIUWorks allows you to view job vacancies as well as apply for them online.

For employment assistance, contact Angie Garcia, HR Employment Assistant, at employment@tamiu.edu or ext. 2360. The HR Employment Office is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.


Workers' Compensation

An employee of The Texas A&M University System who suffers an accidental injury or occupational disease, as a direct result of and in the course and scope of employment, should immediately notify his/her supervisor and complete the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission's Form TWCC-1 called "Employer's First Report of Injury or Illness."  The form is accessible from the HR website under FORMS. The supervisor, in turn, must notify the HR Office immediately and ensure Form TWCC-1 is completed and submitted promptly. Failure to report the injury within 30 days of the occurrence (or the manifestation of an occupational disease) may result in the denial of a claim.

If you have any questions concerning Workers' Compensation, please contact Xochitl Kladis at ext. 2364.


Advertising and Hiring Procedures
for Non-Faculty Vacancies

Below is a step-by-step outline of the advertising and hiring procedures for non-faculty vacancies. If you need assistance at any time during this process, please call the Employment Office at ext. 2360.

Step 1-- Hiring supervisor submits an online requisition via TAMIUWorks. Also, if the job description for the vacant position has changed, an updated Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) must be submitted to HR.

NOTE: If you are requesting to change/reclassify the vacant position, indicate so on the TAMIUWorks requisition (give justification and explain funding needs). If the request is outside of what is budgeted and requires a fund transfer, complete a Budget/Fund Transfer Form, obtain appropriate signatures, and submit it to HR.

Step 2-- HR prepares a Job Vacancy Notice (JVN) and posts it online at TAMIUWorks; online at HigherEdJobs.com; with the Texas Workforce Commission; with The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (if administrative); and with various agencies.

NOTE: To advertise your JVN as a full ad in the local newspaper, in another newspaper, or in a pertinent journal/publication, work with the Purchasing Department to get pricing, generate a requisition, and have the ad placed. Please work with HR to develop the actual ad. HR will then provide the ad to the Purchasing Department.

NOTE: To post a vacancy on a pertinent, free Internet advertising site, ensure you use the exact wording (copy and paste) from the JVN developed by the HR Office and that the announcement carries the statement “TAMIU is an Equal Opportunity Employer” at the end.

Step 3-- Via TAMIUWorks, HR receives and reviews online applications, then forwards to the hiring supervisor the applications of those who meet the minimum qualifications advertised. The hiring supervisor can review the qualified applications by logging on to TAMIUWorks as a supervisor.

Step 4-- The hiring supervisor reviews all applications, then schedules and conducts interview(s) with applicant(s). On TAMIUWorks, the hiring supervisor records the status of each application, and, if applicable, indicates the reason(s) for not selecting an interviewed applicant(s).

NOTE: Resource materials containing tips for conducting interviews and conducting reference checks are available online from the HR Employment webpage under “Resources for Hiring Supervisors.” Additionally, the System online training course called "Conducting Effective Interviews" is available from HRConnect under the TRAINING tab. You can access HRConnect via Single Sign On.

Step 5-- When a selection is made, the hiring supervisor submits to HR a Personnel/Budget Action Form (PBAF) for the selected applicant.

NOTE: If the hiring action is outside of what is budgeted and requires a fund transfer, complete a Budget/Fund Transfer Form, obtain appropriate signatures, and submit with the PBAF.

Step 6-- HR makes the offer of employment to the individual selected, schedules the start date, and notifies the hiring supervisor when the new hire can be expected to report for work.


  • All HR forms must be typed (PDQ, PBAF).
  • HR forms are available online from the HR website under FORMS.
  • Hiring supervisors must ensure HR forms are routed through appropriate approval channels before submitting to HR.

2006-2007 Pay Plan is Online

The TAMIU Pay Plan is available online! It can be accessed from the HR website.

The Pay Plan is the basic reference document for wages/salaries, titles, title codes, and FLSA exemption status of all classified staff, as well as for titles, title codes, and FLSA exemption of all non-classified staff. The website offers listings by job title (alphabetical order) and by title code (numerical order). Also available from this website is the University Pay Scale which lists the wage/salary ranges (min-mid-max) of each pay grade.

Should you have questions regarding compensation, please contact Sandra V. Pena via email or at ext. 2361.


Inform HR Early if Immigration Services Are Needed

The HR Office provides immigration services and must be informed at least 6 months prior to the start of employment of any incoming international employee who is in need of the proper employment visa. Employment is contingent upon receipt of the appropriate visa, and the process to obtain certain visas can be lengthy. Please let us know if you have anyone needing assistance.

Also, if an international employee is to have a change in title, salary, or job responsibilities, HR must be informed in advance because an amendment petition may need to be filed.

Finally, please be reminded that ALL immigration requests, forms, petitions, documents, etc. must be routed through the HR Office, and that the President, Dr. Ray M Keck III, is the University's authorized endorser of immigration forms.

Should you need assistance or have questions regarding immigration issues, please contact Araceli Elizondo (ext. 2365).


Getting to Know U!


Dr. Jesse Aros is the Director of Student Counseling Services. Interestingly, Dr. Aros is involved in a foundation that promotes indigenous and Mestizo education and pro-social programming by Mestizo and indigenous professionals and associations. He just recently came off a taskforce of best practices in working with immigrant families and individuals as co-chair of the American Counseling Association. Dr. Aros is also currently on a diversity education advisory group for the American Psychological Association. Along with that, Dr. Aros has been president and treasurer of the Guam Psychological Association. He has thirty publications, grants, and donations brokering experience in U.S. institutions in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Dr. Jesse Aros is a father of five and, in his spare time, he enjoys reading, meditating, and praying. Some of his hobbies include lifting weights, boxing and cooking.


TAMIU, we want to get to know you! Tell us an interesting fact about yourself, and we will feature it along with a photo in this section of the newsletter. Submit your information to Xochitl Kladis via email or at ext. 2364.

Who is This?  

The first person to email the HR Office and correctly identify this TAMIU employee by name and title will win a prize!


The Answer Corner
The following are frequently-asked questions received in the HR Office. To ask us questions, use the "Ask HR" button on this newsletter.
How can I get my insurance cards?

Employees can obtain duplicate or replacement copies of their insurance cards by calling their insurance provider or by submitting a request online through their provider website. A list of toll-free phone numbers and website links can be found at the A&M System Health Plan Provider Web Sites and Customer Service Telephone Numbers. If you have additional questions regarding your benefits plans, you may contact Jessica Palacios, Associate Director of HR, at ext. 2362 or Gracy Buentello, HR Benefits Manager, at ext. 2363.

I am an international employee and my visa status is going to change. Is there anything I need to do with the HR Office?

If your visa status changes or is going to change, you need to notify the HR Office immediately to update your personnel file and to review your tax withholding, as a change in visa status may affect your tax withholding rate. If you have any questions related to international employees, you may contact Araceli Elizondo, HR Assistant, at ext. 2365.

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