November 2006
  • Quote of the Month
    • "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."  ~ John F. Kennedy

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

University Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

The University will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on:

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

REMINDER: The 2006-2007 TAMIU Holiday Schedule can be accessed at http://www.tamiu.edu/adminis/ohr/holiday.shtml.


2006-2007 TAMIU State Employee Charitable Campaign a Success!

This year's TAMIU State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) was the most successful campaign ever!  For their diligent work on this campaign, thank you to the SECC campus coordinators, Mary Trevino (Associate VPAA) and Pat Martinez (Executive Secretary).  Through the SECC, employee donations will help various charity organizations in Laredo and the surrounding area.  Good going, TAMIU!  Just look at your impressive statistics this year!

  • The total contribution was $39,257.  This is a 16.7% increase over last year's total contribution of $34,644.
  • Participation increased from 268 employees to 325 employees.
  • 34 offices posted 100% participation.

Employees Reminded To Update Emergency Contact Info

Employees are reminded to review and update their emergency contact information annually to ensure the University or emergency personnel can notify family members, in case of an emergency .  To review and/or update your emergency contact info, log on Single Sign On, go into HRConnect, choose Personal Data, and then select “Edit/Update My Emergency Contact Information.” Once the information has been changed, click on “Update My Record.” If you have any questions, please contact the HR Office at ext. 2365


Total Compensation Statements Will Be Available in November

In November, Total Compensation Statements for the 2006-2007 fiscal year will be distributed electronically to all employees. Employees will be notified by email when their statement is available on HRConnect. This statement, which employees receive every Fall, not only shows how much the A&M System gives you in the form of a paycheck, but it shows how much both you and the A&M System contribute toward your insurance benefits, retirement plans, and other employment-related programs.

If you have questions about your Total Compensation Statement, or if the information on your statement is incorrect, contact Jessica Palacios, Associate Director of HR, at ext. 2362 or Gracy Buentello, HR Benefits Manager, at ext. 2363.


Loans and Hardship Withdrawals Are Not Allowed Under ORP
Texas state law prohibits distributions, including loans and hardship withdrawals, under the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) until a participant retires, dies, reaches age 70½, or terminates employment with all Texas public institutions of higher education. The Tax-Deferred Account (TDA) program and the Texa$aver Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP) do allow loans and hardship withdrawals regardless of the participant's employment status. However, not all TDA vendors offer loans.

For additional information regarding your ORP, TDA, or DCP account, please contact Jessica Palacios, Associate Director of HR, at ext. 2362.

Check Provider Status Before Your Appointment

It is a good practice to confirm that your health, dental, or vision provider is in your plan's network before you go to your next appointment.

Even if you're an established patient, you should check your provider's status since providers can leave networks during the plan year. Discovering after your appointment that the provider is not in your plan's network may mean you will owe more than just a network co-payment.  

To check your provider's status, you can contact the provider and ask if s/he is still in your plan's network or go to the plan's web site and review the provider list. Toll-free telephone numbers and web addresses are on the back of most plan ID cards and on the System Human Resources web site. For your convenience, the information is also listed below.

BlueCross Blue Shield of Texas (A&M Care Plans)
Texas Network: (866) 295-1212
Outside Texas Network (800) 810-2583

Mercy Health Plan
(800) 617-3433 or (956) 723-7667

Graduate Student Health Plan
(800) 452-5772

Delta Dental (A&M Dental PPO)
(800) 336-8264

DeltaCare USA (Dental HMO)
In Texas
All other areas
(800) 422-4234

Spectera (Vision)
(800) 638-3120

In addition, if you know of a vision care provider who is not currently on the network list, you can nominate that individual by completing the vision nomination form. And, you can contact Delta Dental to nominate a dentist. As for health plans, most do not take nominations for providers.

If you cannot find the information you need, contact Jessica Palacios, Associate Director of HR, ext. 2362 or Gracy Buentello, HR Benefits Manager, ext. 2363 for assistance.


Employment After TRS Retirement

Thinking about working after retirement? If so, you need to be aware of some rules that apply if you are in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) and plan to work for a Texas public education institution.

If you're a TRS retiree or a TRS-eligible employee considering retirement and would like to work for the A&M System or any Texas public education institution as a working retiree, you'll need to meet the requirements listed below. These requirements apply to all service, disability, normal-age, and early-age TRS retirees who retired on or after January 1, 2001. TRS retirees who retired before January 1, 2001, are permitted to return to work without employment restrictions or reduction in TRS benefits.

For employment-after-retirement purposes, the definition of a “school year” is a 12-month period beginning September 1 and ending August 31 of the next calendar year.

Required Break in Service: TRS requires that you wait a full calendar month from your retirement date or end of your contract period, whichever is later, before returning to work in any position for any Texas public education institution. This includes volunteering to perform services that are normally provided by an employee.

For example, if your retirement date is May 31, you may not return to work until July 1. If your retirement date is May 31 but your contract requires you to work until June 15, you may not return to work until August 1.

If you return to work or volunteer service before the end of your required break in service, your retirement will be revoked and you'll be required to repay TRS for all your benefits and reapply for retirement.

One-Half Time Exception: If you return to work after the required break in service but during the same school year in which you retired, the percent effort you can work during the remainder of the current school year is limited to 50 percent or less. The percent effort is measured in clock hours and must not exceed more than half the number of full-time working hours in the month or 92 clock hours, whichever is less.

Since the number of working days each month varies, the maximum hours you can work each month will vary as well. You will forfeit your annuity for any month in which you work more than 50 percent effort.

Six-Month Exception: If you return to work after the required break in service and in a school year other than the one in which you retired, you may use the one-half time exception or the six-month exception for returning to work.

The six-month exception allows you to work up to 100 percent effort in any position for as long as six months during the school year. You cannot use the six-month exception in the same school year that your retirement occurred. You will forfeit your TRS annuity for any month after the sixth month that you work.

Additional Exceptions: Additional exceptions also apply to TRS retirees and they include:

  • Acute Shortage Area Exception (classroom teachers),
  • Principal or Assistant Principal Exception, and
  • Faculty of Professional Nursing Program Exception.

For more information about these exceptions, refer to the TRS handbook or contact TRS.

Employment Through a “Third-Party Entity”: For purposes of employment after retirement, a third-party entity is an entity retained by a Texas public education institution to provide personnel to the institution to perform duties or provide services that employees of the institution would otherwise perform or provide. Employment by a third-party entity is considered employment by a Texas public education institution and subject to the employment-after-retirement requirements unless you:

  • were first employed by the third-party entity on or before May 24, 2003, or
  • do not perform duties or provide services on behalf of or for the benefit of a Texas public education institution.

Employment as an Independent Contractor: If you are a TRS member who is employed with a Texas public education institution as an independent contractor, you are not subject to the TRS laws and rules regarding employment after retirement. Therefore, if you are an independent contractor, your employment is not reported to TRS and your monthly annuity is not affected.

If you want to return to work as an independent contractor, you should carefully consider whether the work arrangement meets all legal tests for this status. The characterization of your relationship with the Texas public education institution as an independent contractor may be affected by laws such as those governing federal income tax and Social Security as well as TRS laws.

TRS recommends that you seek legal advice from your attorney as necessary to determine if you are an independent contractor. If your employment arrangement does not meet the legal tests for an independent contractor, you are regarded as an employee of the Texas public education institution rather than an independent contractor.

Negotiation For Return to Employment: Your employment does not terminate for TRS purposes if, at the time of retirement, you have a contract, agreement, or promise for future employment with a Texas public education institution. Arranging for future employment before retirement is permissible only when the following two conditions are met:

  • you are eligible to take normal-age retirement, and
  • the post-retirement employment qualifies under one of the exceptions to loss of monthly benefits.

Specifically, if you meet the requirements for normal-age retirement, you may have a contract for employment during the school year in which you retire only if the employment is half-time or as a bus driver. If an agreement is for employment after the school year in which retirement occurs, a normal-age retiree may also have an agreement for full-time employment that does not exceed six months.

Employment after retirement that does not meet TRS exceptions can cause you to forfeit your monthly annuity, have your retirement revoked, and be required to repay benefits to TRS. Being educated about TRS rules for employment after retirement before accepting any position as a retiree can save you time and money in the future.

For additional information regarding your retirement program, contact Jessica Palacios, Associate Director of HR, at ext. 2362 or Gracy Buentello, HR Benefits Manager, at ext. 2363.

This article is part of an ongoing series of articles regarding retirement. The information provided is from Employment After Retirement (Excerpts from December 2005 TRS Benefits Handbook). For additional information, please visit the TRS website.


It's Not Too Late To Get Your Flu Shot!

If you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, you still can! The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases reports that influenza (flu) vaccine is readily available this year.

Most family and internal medicine physicians have supplies of vaccine. When you go to your A&M System health plan provider for your flu shot, you should pay only your normal office visit co-payment. Many grocery stores also offer flu shots.

Plenty of shots are available, but maybe you're still not sure if you really need to be protected from the flu. If that's the case, consider this…

A survey recently released by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases found that only 48% of the 1,014 adults surveyed plan to get vaccinated against the flu. Why so few? Forty-six percent thought the flu vaccination could cause the flu and 43% don't think the flu is serious enough to be vaccinated against.

But facts tell a different story. The flu vaccine is made from dead flu virus, hence it cannot cause the flu, and the nose spray vaccination now available is made from such a weakened virus that it is rare that someone would contract the disease. In addition, the flu is responsible for 36,000 deaths annually in America and for 200,000 hospitalizations.

If you're still undecided if the flu shot is right for you, ask your health care provider. Remember, the shot may mean the difference between staying healthy or being miserably sick.


Flexible Spending Account Processes Have Changed
With the change in Flexible Spending Account administrators (from TaxSaver to PayFlex), participants will experience some differences in how processes are handled.
  • How the Grace Period Works Under PayFlex:  PayFlex honors the Flexible Spending Account grace period, but they administer it differently than TaxSaver did. To help participants understand how the grace period now works under PayFlex, the online document “Understanding the Flexible Spending Account Grace Period” is available.
  • Payments Processed More Frequently With PayFlex:  One change that is advantageous to employees is that they can receive payments more frequently.  PayFlex pays Flexible Spending Account claims on Mondays and Thursdays each week.  This is the same schedule that TaxSaver used; however, TaxSaver allowed only two reimbursements per individual per month--PayFlex has no limit.
  • Employees Who Did Not Re-Enroll This Year:  Another change affects only employees who were enrolled in the TaxSaver plan last year and did not re-enroll this year.  For this group, any claims filed after August 30 will be paid by check, even if the employee had requested direct deposit.

If you have questions about your Flexible Spending Account, you may contact Jessica Palacios at ext. 2362 or Gracy Buentello at ext. 2363.


Guidelines Regarding ORP/TDA Vendor Solicitations
Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and Tax-Deferred Account (TDA) vendor representatives are allowed to make sales presentations regarding ORP or TDA investment products to individual employees on A&M System premises only at the employee's request (subject to the approval of the employee's supervisor). Vendor representatives may not make unrequested visits or telephone calls nor send unrequested mailings or e-mail messages to A&M System employees at their campus offices.

If a vendor representative violates these solicitation rules, please contact Jessica Palacios, Associate Director of HR, at ext. 2362.

Welcome, New Employees!!
  Anne R. Frey, ILI Instructor
International Programs (ILI)
PH 302 ext. 2136
  Daniel R. Johnson, Instructor (Military Science)
SC 128H ext. 3009
  Oholibama Granados, 3/4-Time Outreach & Retention Specialist
Special Programs (Gear-Up)
SC 118 ext. 2768
  Eric B. Garcia Martinez, Software Applications Developer
KL 322 ext. 2021
  Firely V. Vincent, Office Coordinator
Financial Aid
KL 158 ext. 2225
  Maria G. Gonzalez, Accounting Assistant (Accounts Payable)
Business Office
KL 169 ext. 2157
  Idania Y. Dominguez, Financial Aid Counselor
Financial Aid
KL 158C ext. 2228
  Monica S. Gonzalez, Staff Assistant
Kl 155 ext. 2200

Gerardo A. Perez LBVSC 312D ext. 2606
FROM: Associate Director, COAS (Planetarium)    
TO: Director of the Planetarium, COAS (Planetarium)    
Elizabeth Martinez KL 328B ext. 2335
FROM: Associate Director, Institutional Research    
TO: Director of Institutional Research, Institutional Research    
Anabel G. Rodriguez KCB 107 ext. 3000
FROM: Staff Assistant, Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction    
TO: Office Coordinator, Athletics Department    
Dr. Randel D. Brown KL 435B ext. 2679
FROM: Associate Professor, Dept. of Teacher Preparation    
TO: Associate Professor, Dept. of Professional Programs    
Dr. Nathan E. Gonyea CH 313F ext. 2662
FROM: Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of BAS & CJ    
TO: Assistant Professor, Dept. of BAS & CJ    
Maria I. Mendoza-Vela KCB 114 ext. 2272
FROM: Staff Assistant, Associate VP for Student Affairs    
TO: Office Coordinator, Recreational Sports    
Angela M. Moran PH 312F ext. 3047
FROM: Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Language & Literature    
TO: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Language & Literature    
Taryn Shehab BFC 208 ext. 2886
FROM: Staff Assistant, Associate VPAA (FYSP)    
TO: Staff Assistant, PASE (FYSP)    
Dr. Jaclyn L. Jeffrey LBVSC 319 ext. 2630
FROM: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Social Sciences    
TO: Associate Professor, Dept. of Social Sciences    
Dr. James A. Norris LBVSC 324G ext. 2607
FROM: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Social Sciences    
TO: Associate Professor, Dept. of Social Sciences    
Dr. Rolando Pena-Sanchez PH 313G ext. 2519
FROM: Assistant Professor, Division of IBTS    
TO: Associate Professor, Division of IBTS    
Richard P. Perez WHTC 222F ext. 2840
FROM: Program Manager, TCBEED    
TO: Business/Economic Development Coordinator, TCBEED    
Laura C. Jimenez LBVSC 385E ext. 2668
FROM: Staff Assistant, COAS (Planetarium)    
TO: Associate Director, COAS (Planetarium)    

  Laura A. Hinojosa, 3/4-Time Counseling Intern
Student Counseling Services
  Juan M. Gonzalez, Service Specialist I
  Ruben Costilla, Network Specialist II
  Martha E. Fraire, Associate Registrar
University Registrar
  Valeria M. Mata, Accounting Assistant (Cashier)
Business Office

Combining Holidays with Other Leave

When holidays fall in the work schedule, many employees like to take an extra day or more off to have a longer break or to prepare for holiday guests. In most cases, this is not a problem, but it can result in a loss of holiday pay when done incorrectly.

To be paid for a holiday, an employee must work or be in a paid leave status on the last workday before the holiday. For the Christmas/New Year break, employees are paid for the December holidays only if they are in a paid status the day before the break begins. Also, employees must be in a paid status on the first workday in January to be paid for the January portion of the break.

This means that employees who use vacation to extend a holiday or who are ill and on paid sick leave immediately before a holiday will be paid for the holiday. However, employees who take leave without pay for any reason immediately before the holiday (or immediately after the New Year holiday) will not be paid for the holiday.

Budgeted employees are eligible for holiday pay if they work 20 or more hours a week for at least four and a half months. Student workers and employees paid on wages are not eligible for holiday pay.

If you have questions about holidays, review System Policy 31.04 (Holidays) and System Regulation 31.04.01 (System Holidays), which can be accessed at http://sago.tamu.edu/policy/tocmain.htm. If you have additional questions regarding holidays and/or leave, please contact Xochitl Kladis, HR Assistant, at ext. 2364.


Updating Your HR Files...Beneficiary Designations


Significant events such as marriage, divorce, death of a beneficiary, and the birth of a child, should prompt employees to review their beneficiary designations.

If you are enrolled in any of the following: Basic Life Insurance, Alternate Basic Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, the Teacher Retirement System; and you experience a significant event, you should immediately notify the HR Office to review and make any necessary changes to your beneficiary designations.

If you are enrolled in the Optional Retirement Program, and you experience a significant event, you should contact your respective vendor to review and make any necessary changes to your beneficiary designations.

Please contact Jessica Palacios at ext. 2362 or Gracy Buentello at ext. 2363 if you have any questions or need assistance.


Fraud Notification

When A&M System employees have information about dishonest, unethical, or criminal activities that might affect any A&M System member, it is their responsibility to report that information to the A&M System Internal Audit Department. These activities include, but are not limited to, theft, corruption, misuse of System vehicles and/or equipment, and conflicts of interest. Examples of reportable activities are:

  • Taking university property home and using it for personal use
  • Stealing or borrowing money
  • Driving a university vehicle to run personal errands
  • Using a university credit card to buy personal items

To report dishonest, unethical, or criminal activities, contact the System Internal Audit Department at 1-800-501-3850, 1-979-458-7115, or visit their website at www.tamus.edu/offices/iaudit. Information can also be mailed to the Texas A&M University System Internal Audit Department, 1200 TAMU, College Station , TX 77843-1200 . All reports are anonymous.


Nepotism Policy
At this time, supervisors are reminded about the System Policy on nepotism, which prohibits an employee from hiring or supervising a relative. For example, employees may want to hire their children as help during a school break. However, while their children may be employed in positions on campus, they may not be hired or supervised (directly or indirectly) by their parents.

The System Policy on nepotism can be found on the web at http://sago.tamu.edu/policy/33-03.htm. If you have any questions about nepotism, please contact the HR Office at ext. 2365.

University Sick Leave Pool

The University Sick Leave Pool was established to alleviate hardship caused to an employee and the employee's family if a catastrophic illness or injury forces the employee to exhaust all leave time earned by the employee and lose compensation. At that time, an employee may request to draw time from the University Sick Leave Pool in order to remain in pay status.

Employees may contribute to the University Sick Leave Pool at any time. Anyone wishing to contribute, or if you have questions about the University Sick Leave Pool, please contact Xochitl Kladis at ext. 2364.


Family/Medical Leave: Usage and Obligations

If you have at least 12 months of state service and have worked for the state at least 1,250 hours in the past 12 months, you are entitled to 12 weeks of Family/Medical Leave per fiscal year. If you request leave (whether sick leave, annual leave, or other paid or unpaid leave) due to one of the following reasons, the leave will count toward your Family/Medical Leave entitlement for the fiscal year:

  • Birth of a child
  • Placement in your home of a child for adoption or state-certified foster care
  • Your serious health condition (illness, injury, or pregnancy)
  • To care for your spouse, child, or parent who has a serious health condition
If you are applying for sick leave for one of these reasons, you must use all available paid leave before taking unpaid leave. Additionally, you must have your treating physician complete a Medical Certification Form (available from the HR Office) and submit it with your leave request.

While you are on paid leave, your benefit coverages will continue, and any premiums you normally pay for will be deducted from your pay. If you go on unpaid leave for one of the reasons stated above, the State will continue to pay its contribution toward your health coverage; however, you must continue to pay your share of premiums. Failure to do so may end some or all of your benefits coverages. You will receive a bill for your share of the premiums each month while you are on leave, and the bill must be paid within 30 days.

It is your responsibility to check in with your supervisor every 2 weeks while on leave to inform him/her of your status and expected date of return. It is also your responsibility to inform the HR Office if you would like to add a dependent to your coverage. This must be done within 60 days of the birth, adoption, etc. of the dependent.

If you take leave for one of the reasons stated above, you will be reinstated to your job or a similar job when you return from leave, unless you would not otherwise have been employed at that time.

If you have any questions about Family/Medical Leave, please contact Xochitl Kladis in the HR Office at ext. 2364.

Employees Must Obtain Approval to Engage in External Employment and Consulting
System Regulation 31.05.02 - External Employment states that if a System employee plans to engage in outside/external employment in addition to working in his/her primary University position, the employee must obtain approval for such employment using the “External Employment and Consulting Application and Approval Form.” This form is available online from the HR website at http://www.tamiu.edu/adminis/ohr/ under FORMS. Approvals must be obtained from supervisor(s) and the appropriate VP, then the form must be routed to the HR Office for proper filing.

The regulation mentioned above also governs all external employment by faculty members that is not directly related to their professional discipline. (NOTE: Faculty engaged in consulting is covered by System Regulation 31.05.01 - Faculty Consulting, External Employment and Conflicts of Interest).

If you have any questions regarding outside/external employment, please contact the HR Office at ext. 2365.

Reminder About Bringing Children to the Workplace

It is the responsibility of University supervisors to ensure that work is accomplished in an environment in which employee health/safety is respected and there is minimal disruption to the workflow and work activities. System Policy 24.01 Risk Management, Section 2, states that “it is the objective of The Texas A&M University System to manage, control, and where appropriate reduce or eliminate risk, to the end that its employees, students and visitors are protected from hazards, its financial condition is not seriously jeopardized, and its material and natural resources conserved to the maximum extent possible and practicable.”

The workplace is not an appropriate place for children on a regular, ongoing basis for the following primary reasons:

  • Children in the workplace create a potential liability for the department and the University.
  • Children in the workplace disrupt the workplace both for the employee with the child and for others in the work unit.
  • Children in the workplace create an atmosphere that many feel is unprofessional both to employees and visitors.

A plan for managing emergency child care services is recommended for parents/guardians in order to avoid bringing dependents into the workplace. If there are no other alternatives, the employee should get approval from their supervisor prior to bringing the child to the workplace. However, the child should not be in the workplace longer than 1-2 hours.

Special occasions that are employer-sanctioned (i.e., "Take Your Kids to Work Day”) should be coordinated with and approved by the employee's supervisor. The employee's schedule for that day should take into consideration the child's presence in order to eliminate unnecessary hazards.

When considering such requests, the supervisor should contact the HR Office at ext. 2365 with any questions or concerns.


Online Training Available for Employees

The System Human Resources Office has developed online training programs for employees. The training programs currently available are:

  • Conducting Effective Interviews
  • Creating A Discrimination-Free Workplace (also available in Spanish)
  • Ethics (also available in Spanish)
  • Introduction to Management for A&M System Supervisors
  • Information Security Awareness
  • Managing Employee Performance
  • Positive Management of Performance Problems
  • Sexual Harrassment: What Supervisors Need To Know
  • Supervisory Problem-Solving Capstone
  • Time Off Issues for Employees
  • Time Off Issues for Supervisors

To access the training programs, simply log on to Single Sign On, choose HRConnect, click on the TRAINING tab, and follow the directions.

If you need assistance with the online training modules, please call the HR Office at ext. 2365.


Getting to Know U!

Andres Rivas


 Daryl Vincent is the new Coach for the TAMIU women's basketball team. He has 14 years experience in coaching. Coach Vincent was born in France but, in his youth, moved to New Orleans where his parents are originally from. He lived there for 20 years. He then went to California where he met his wife, Firely, and later moved to Kingsville.

Coach Vincent likes to collect sports cards, but his biggest collection is videos of boxing matches. He is an avid boxing fan and has a library of over 1,000 fights on tape and DVD. His hobbies include playing video games and surfing the net. Coach Vincent is a father of three boys ages 19, 17, and 5. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family like going to the movies or bowling.

Coach Vincent, although has not been living here long, says he enjoys the friendly and welcoming people of Laredo. He is excited about coaching for the women's basketball team and is looking forward to the upcoming season. Coach Vincent particularly is excited about watching the team progress and seeing them in session. He is also eager to help build TAMIU into a successful NCAA Division II program.

TAMIU, we want to get to know you! Tell us an interesting fact about yourself, and we will feature it along with a photo in this section of the newsletter. Submit your information to Xochitl Kladis via email or at ext. 2364.

Mug O' The Month
Janet Salinas is a Staff Assistant in the Department of Purchasing and Support Services (Copy Center). She joined TAMIU in August 1993.

She received a prize for being the first to identify the TAMIU employee in the "Who is This?" section of the previous issue of the HR News & Views.

Virginia Vincent

Who is This?  

The first person to email the HR Office and correctly identify this TAMIU employee by name and title will win a prize!

The identity of the employee who appeared in the last issue of HR News & Views can be found in "The Answer Corner" section of this newsletter!

The Answer Corner
The following are frequently-asked questions received in the HR Office. To ask us questions, use the "Ask HR" button on this newsletter.


Who was the baby in the "Who is This?" section of the last issue of "HR News & View"?


That was Melissa Compean, Staff Assistant in Student Health Services. TAMIU employees who wish to submit their picture for the "Who is This?" section may contact the HR Office via email or at ext. 2365.


Why have I not received my pay check deposit on my TAMIU debit card?


If you choose to use the TAMIU debit card (OneAccount) to direct deposit your paycheck, and if it is your first deposit into the account, you must wait up to 2 business days to have access to funds. To avoid this delay, just make a small deposit to your account prior to receiving your first paycheck.

That Extra (S)Mile!
This section describes the deeds of TAMIU employees who have been observed going the "extra mile" for our University.

Thank you to Xochitl Kladis (HR Assistant) for helping me with LeaveTraq. You have helped me so many other times, too. Thank you for alleviating the stress that comes with trying to navigate the unknown. The work all of you folks in the Office of Human Resources do is so important to all of us here, but we do not thank you nearly enough. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Kudos go out to the TAMIU employees for their help with the Alumni Association's Ford AutMus Fest which took place in October.  Thank you to Dr. Keck for his continued support of the Alumni Association.  A big thank you goes out to the Physical Plant Department, for all their assistance in preparing the grounds for the event and for the quick clean-up after!  Thank you to Minita Ramirez, Associate VP for Student Success, and her team for their assistance during the event.  Thank you to Candy Hein, VP for Institutional Advancement, and her team for all their assistance on the event.  Thank you to all the administrators, faculty, staff, and students who volunteered their time to help out at the event.  As a result of everyone's efforts, the event was a success!

If you know of any employee performing in such a way that deserves mention in this column, send their name and details of their deeds to the HR Office via email.

Phone: 956.326.2365
Fax: 956.326.2359
Location: Killam Library 320