Role of Post Award Process

Role of Post Award Process

Role of the Post-Award Administration

The role of the Post-Award Administration is to assist the Principal Investigator (PI) with the financial reporting requirements of grants and contracts.

The following procedures are in place to assist with this process and insure proper reporting of expenditures and compliance with all federal and state laws regarding the handling of grant funds.

All requisitions pertaining to a grant will route through the Office of Budget/Payroll/Grants & Contracts for review and approval. Grant expenditures utilizing the University Pro-Card will be reviewed by the Office of Budget/Payroll/Grants & Contracts prior to submission for payment.

BPGC will create a budget worksheet for each grant based on the approved budget.  Once the month is closed, BPGC will update the budget worksheets with the previous month’s expenditures.  Thereafter, the budget reports will be forwarded to the respective PI via e-mail.  The reports provide the appropriate PI with the following information: budget amount, expenses by budget category, total expenses by month, total expenses for the current budget period, and the available balance for each budget category.  The budget report allows the PI to monitor their grant expenditures accordingly.

The Office of Budget/Payroll/Grants & Contracts is responsible for requesting reimbursement from the awarding agency for expenses incurred on grant accounts.  The particular method of reimbursement is stated on the grant contract; however, reimbursement for grant expenses is done by utilizing one of the following methods:  advance, invoice or drawdown.  Any expenditures disallowed by the granting agency or BPGC will be charged to an alternate account provided by the PI.  Therefore, it is important that each PI manage their account accordingly in order to ensure the proper expenditures of funds.

Service Contracts and Independent Contracts generated to pay grant funds to TAMIU employees and third parties must be submitted to the Office of Budget/Payroll/Grants & Contracts for review. Approved documents will be submitted to Payroll or Purchasing for processing.

Upon termination of the grant or contract, final technical and progress reports must be submitted to the grantor by the PI with a copy to the Office of Budget/Payroll/Grants & Contracts.  BPGC is responsible for submitting final financial reports to the grant agency.  Records must be kept available in accordance with System records retention schedule, for review by the authorized personnel of the granting agency.