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Central Receiving Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to cannibalize an inventoried item that does not work before sending it to Surplus?

No. Broken inventoried items can still be taken to Surplus.  You only fill out the "Issue/Transfer Request" Form to remove it from your inventory. Dowload Form

Before I send out a computer to Surplus, do I need to contact OIT?

Yes.  It is recommended that a work order be place with OIT to remove any information that is in the computer that will be move to Surplus.  Afterward, you will need to complete an "Issue / Transfer Request" Form to properly remove it from your inventory.   Download Form

Do I contact FACIL to move any items to Surplus or other departments?

Yes. After filling out the "Issue / Transfer Request" Form. Follow the instructions indicated on page# 2 of the Issue / Transfer Form.  Download Form

Do I contact the Physical Plant Department if I need items moved within my department?

Yes. You will not need to complete an "Issue / Transfer Request" Form for this; therefore you will need to contact the Physical Plant Department for any changes within a department. However, if the equipment has a tag on it, you will need to call the Property Management Office to update the location of the item.

What if I'm just transferring non-inventoried items to Surplus; do I still need to complete an Issue Transfer Request Form?

No. When transferring non-inventoried items to Surplus you will only need to call the Physical Plant Department to create a work order for you.  The service crew will not move any items without a work order requested by the Physical Plant Department.

When am I no longer responsible for inventoried items I transferred via the Issue / Transfer Request Form?

You are responsible for the equipment until the Physical Plant service crew removes it from your department and transfers are posted by the Property Inventory Department.

What happens if an inventory item is moved out of the department without submitting an "Issue / Transfer Request" Form?

The inventory item will appear on your Annual Inventory Listing and must be accounted for while doing the annual property inventory verification of your department.

What must be inventoried?

Definitely all items over $5,000 with a useful life of at least one-year must be inventoried because it is a capital purchase. In addition, TAMIU must inventory certain controlled assets. These are specific items costing less than $5,000 but which are highly susceptible to theft or misuse. A list of controlled assets is given under Class Codes -- Controlled Property. Both capital purchases and controlled items must be inventoried. View Fixed Assets Object Codes Chart

When will my item be tagged?

Your item will be tagged at the Receiving Department as soon as it is check and verified with the Purchase Order and posted into FAMIS by the Receiving Clerk.

How long should I hold equipment that is not in use?

If it is an item that is not used frequently, but is being used, it can be kept. But, if it is an item that has not been used within a year, then you should consider sending it to Surplus.

Can equipment be brought back from the Surplus Department?

Yes. If at any point any equipment that is at Surplus needs to be brought back into service an "Issue / Transfer Request" Form must be completed. Download Form

Are computers sold at the auctions?

No. The state requires all our computers and computer equipment to be sent to the Texas Correctional Industries (TCI). View TCI website 

How am I notified that my merchandise purchased through a Purchase Order, Procurement Card or that an Overnight package has arrived at the Receiving Department?

You will be notified by Email from the Receiving Department.  It will be email to the person of who order the merchandise and carbon copy to their secretary or assistant.  


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