Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

The following is a list of the Texas A&M International University Endowed Scholarships. For more information on contributing to an existing scholarship or setting up an endowed scholarship in your name or in the name of a person of your choice, please contact, Candy Hein, Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

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4-G Investments, Ltd. Endowed Presidents Scholarship

Eduardo Garza and his family established in 2000 a $25,000 endowment for students pursuing degrees in Business and international Trade. Mr. Garza empathizes with today's students and strongly feels that by contributing to the betterment of their education, he and his family are contributing to the betterment of this community.


API Endowment

The Border Chapter API was organized and chartered in 1983 by local oil field service companies and a local independent operator. A primary reason for organizing was to foster a spirit of economic cooperation among those directly engaged in the petroleum industry by promoting a free exchange of ideas among members. In 1993, the Border Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute helped to assure the higher education dreams of TAMIU students through a gift in the amount of $30,000.

Arguindegui Oil Company Endowed Scholarship

Peter Jr., and Carlos Arguindegui, owners of Arguindegui Oil Company established a $25,000 endowment for business majors. The local business celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2002. Both brothers are proud A&M former students who believe that by supporting the local scholarship needs at TAMIU, they support the greater Texas A&M University System as a whole. Between them, the brothers have four adult children who have graduated from or attended A&M, and understand the costs of higher education.


Benavides Family Endowment

This scholarship was created in 1986 by the Benavides Family in honor of Anita G. Benavides. Anita Garcia Benavides was a descendent of the founder of Laredo, Don Tomas Sanchez. Eleven descendants of Don Tomas have been mayor of Laredo, and many of them served in other capacities, including representatives in Austin, and Sheriffs and Judges in Webb County. In 1995, C. Y. Benavides, Jr. established the endowment to assist students furthering their studies at Texas A&M International University and continues to make donations that have seen it grow to $50,000 account.

Joe Brand Memorial Scholarship

Joe Brand opened his first store in Laredo in 1935 and has been identified across the country as a high fashion trend-setter for decades. By his mid-career he played a pivotal role in making Laredo a merchandizing Mecca by providing the latest fashions in famous brand names to which people travel long distances to shop. In 1995, Mrs. Josephine Brand established an endowment of $50,000 in her late husband’s name.

Bob Bullock Endowment

Bob Bullock, a native of Hillsboro, Texas died at the age of 69 after a career in state government spanning more than four decades that begin in 1956. He served as Member of the Texas State House of Representatives; Secretary of the State of Texas, Texas State Comptroller and Lieutenant Governor of Texas. Upon his retirement from public office in 1998, he established a $25,000 scholarship fund and gave the Killam Library copies of his papers, speeches and press releases during his tenure as Secretary of State. He was very instrumental in acquiring legislation to establish Texas A&M International University as a four year institution.


The Canseco Memorial Nursing Scholarship

A gift of $25,000 was given in 1998 by the Canseco Foundation in memory of Dr. F. M. Canseco. The family also made a multi-million dollar gift to TAMIU in 1995, the first of its kind in the history of the University, and this gift served as a catalyst to subsequent gifts that helped the state’s newest four-year university move forward. Dr. Canseco practiced medicine as a general practitioner and surgeon for over 56 years in Laredo where he and his wife Consuelo raised eight children: Consuelo, Francisco, Guillermo, Patricia, Cecilia, Carlos, Margarita, and Jorge. Dr. Canseco was a caring health provider who was a firm believer in the importance of a solid and diverse education.

The Coca-Cola Foundation Scholarship Fund

In 1996 a gift of $25,000 was given by The Coca-Cola Foundation to establish an endowment that would secure financial support for the Coca-Cola Education Scholars, junior and senior level students pursuing degrees in education. The Coca-Cola Foundation is the philanthropic arm of The Coca-Cola Company that serves as the worlds most recognized trademarks and one of the largest nonalcoholic beverage companies.

Commerce Bank – Graduate Scholarship Endowment

In 1998, NBC of Laredo established a $25,000 endowment to support scholarships for graduate students attending the College of Business Administration. In 2001, Commerce Bank acquired all NBC’s assets and liabilities and therefore became the Commerce Bank Scholarship Endowment.

Dr. Henry Cuellar Endowed Scholarship

In 1998, real estate and affordable housing developer Bill Skeen surprised State Representative Henry Cuellar with an endowed scholarship in his name in celebration of having completed his doctoral degree. Cuellar, who is a TAMIU alumnus with masters in international trade, served seven terms as state representative, was former Secretary of State and is now a Congressional candidate.


Luz Maria Davila Endowed Scholarship

Family and friends of Luz Maria Davila established a memorial scholarship in her name in 1997. She had been a Spanish teacher at Martin High School for over 13 years and Assistant Principal at Ryan Elementary for a year. At the time of her death, she lacked three hours towards her doctorate in Spanish Literature from Arizona State University. This scholarship is designated for students who have graduated from Martin High School.


Ike and Doris Epstein Endowed Nursing Scholarship

In 1998, Ike and Doris Epstein established an endowed scholarship in the amount of $50,000 for nursing students. Mr. and Mrs. Epstein are owners of Dr. Ike’s and Globetrotter Travel in Laredo and have been lifelong supporters of civic organizations.


Ford Motor Company Endowment

Robert Talton, former plant manager of Ford in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, was instrumental in 1995 in securing the support of the Ford Motor Company for a $25,000 endowed scholarship. Preference was to be given to a Mexican Nationals studying in the College of Business Administration and the Graduate School of International Trade and Business Administration.

Albert and Yolanda Friedman Endowment

Yolanda and Albert Friedman established an endowed general scholarship in 1995. They were among Laredo’s leading downtown business merchants. The Friedman’s owned and operated Lucille’s Shop, a popular clothing store for children. She devoted more than 40 years to local volunteer services and founded the non-profit organization, Cancer Patient Services of Laredo, to help victims of cancer and their families. They were married for 49 years and had three children: Roselynne, Laurence and Adrienne.


Emilia Rodriguez Garcia Endowed Scholarship

Lifelong Laredo resident, Emilia Rodriguez Garcia was one of the first in her family to attend college, graduated from Incarnate Word College in San Antonio in 1945, and returned to teach math at Martin High School. She later was one of the founding teachers at Lamar Jr. High where she worked until her retirement in 1982. The widow of Eduardo Garcia and mother of five sons, Emilia has dedicated her life as an advocate for family values, spiritual awareness, and higher education. Her legacy through this endowment will encourage young Laredoans to pursue careers as educators.

Graduate Business Fellowship

In 1997 an endowment fund was established through a federal grant by Dr. Khosrow Fatemi, Dean of COBA and the College of Business Administration Advisory Board to secure the educational future of graduate business.

Great Lakes Chemical Endowment

In 1995 Anzon, Inc. in Laredo, prior to being purchased by Great Lakes, established an endowment of $35,000 designated for students seeking degrees in math and science. Today, Great Lakes Chemical Corporation develops and delivers specialty chemical solutions throughout the world.

Adela Guerra Memorial Endowment

This endowment was established in 1997 for students seeking a career in education. Adela Guerra, born in New York City and raised in Mexico City, was an accomplished dancer who contributed her time and talents toward worthy causes throughout her life. A staunch believer in the liberating force of education, she and her husband, Manuel Guerra, a Foreign Service officer, traveled and lived overseas for almost 30 years. She taught children in places as diverse as Liberia, Italy and Columbia, and through her love of children and education, made a difference during her life.


N. D. and Felicia M. Hachar Nursing Scholarship

A gift of $50,000 was given in 1998 to support needy students seeking a career in nursing. This gift has help fill a critical need for highly trained nurses on the border. This endowed scholarship was established in memory of N.D. and Felicia M. Hachar.

Daniel B. Hastings Endowment

The Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. Endowment was established in 1997 by Gloria Montemayor Hastings and Daniel Benjamin Hastings, Jr. The endowment was established in memory of the Jovita Perez the company's Founder and Daniel B. Hastings, Sr. who jointly opened the business in 1939. The Hastings are committed to higher education, TAMIU, and more specifically, to deserving graduate students wishing to further their education with degrees from the College of Business Administration. Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. has been providing service to the international community for over 71 years, and Daniel B. Hastings, Jr., a third general U.S. Customs Broker, has been leading the way at its President and Owner for the past 38 years. The company continues with its fourth generation customs brokers with offices at the five principal Ports of Entry on the Texas-Mexico border: El Paso, Eagle Pass, Laredo (Corporate Headquarters), McAllen, and Brownsville.

Minnie Dora Haynes Endowment

In 1995, J. J. and Minnie Dora Bunn Haynes established an endowed scholarship on behalf of their only daughter, Minnie Dora. Born and raised in Laredo, Minnie graduated from SMU in 2002 with a major in political science and received her master's at The University of Texas in San Antonio in political science and communications in 2004. Mr. and Mrs. Haynes were alumni of the former Texas A&I University at Laredo and strong supporters of the name change to Texas A&M International University and its establishment as a four-year institution.

H-E-B Graduate Business Fellowship

Since 1971, Charles Butt has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of H-E-B, one of the largest independently owned companies in the nation with stores in Texas and Northern Mexico. H-E-B began in 1905 as a small family store in Kerrville, Texas. H-E-B donates to charitable causes, among them education, health care, social services, recreation and the arts. They established a scholarship fund in 1997 for the amount of $50,000. This gift will be used to provide scholarships to graduate students pursuing a degree from the College of Business Administration.


Lacey Cigarroa Keck Memorial Scholarship

Lacey Cigarroa Keck, a 2006 graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, was also a student at Texas A&M International University. While at TAMIU, Lacey was especially inspired and lifted by the teaching of Dr. Deborah Blackwell. From her earliest years, Lacey aspired to become teacher. At the time of her death, she had completed her first year of kindergarten teaching. Lacey had a passion for early childhood education and for her community, believing that a solid beginning makes possible subsequent years of academic success. Her family and friends established this endowment in Lacey’s honor for the benefit of a student planning a career in teaching.

O. W. Killam Oil and Gas Endowed Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Racliffe Killam established a $110,000 endowment to be recorded as the O. W. Killam Scholarship Fund. O. W. Killam, ushered in the South oil boom of the 1920’s. In 1921, together with Colon Schott, Killam started development work in Webb County. He also founded Mirando City that same year and established the Texpapa Pipeline Company and later the Misko Refineries. This gift is for students expressing a desire to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry.


The Laredo Daybreak Rotary Endowment

The Laredo Daybreak Rotary Club, founded in 1984, made history in 1996 when they presented TAMIU with the largest endowed scholarship the University had ever received of $100,000. The funds were established from monies raised through their annual raffle.

Laredo Licensed U. S. Custom Brokers Association Endowed Scholarship

The objective of this non-profit association is to further the business and interests of Licensed U.S. Customs Brokers. They encourage the maintenance of professionalism within their industry and reasonable and equitable administration of import and export laws and regulations. In 2001, the association, under the presidency of Guadalupe R. Canales, established an endowment for undergraduate students majoring in business with a preference given to students in International Trade.

Laredo Manufacturers Association Endowment

The Laredo Manufacturers Association serves a diverse area of industrial, logistical and service growth in South Texas and Northern Mexico with emphasis on industrial attraction, job creation and the enhancement and expansion of existing business. One of the goals of the LMA is the improvement of local technical and educational programs. A $50,000 gift was established in 1999 to help deserving students attending TAMIU.

The Laredo Rotary Club Endowed Scholarship

The Laredo Rotary Club, made up of business leaders from different vocations, fosters fellowship and goodwill within its membership and the community. In 2001, under the direction of then President George Royle Wright an endowed scholarship for undergraduate students in the amount of $30,000 was established. This money was then matched through a Title V grant.

The Laredo Rotary Club STEM-RRG Endowed Scholarship

The Laredo Rotary Club, made up of business leaders from different vocations, fosters fellowship and goodwill within its membership and the community. In 2010, under the direction of then President Jim Williams an endowed scholarship for undergraduate students to succeed and complete science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) degrees in the amount of $63,000 was established. This money was then matched through a U. S. Department of Education grant focused on STEM -- Recruitment, Retention and Graduation.

Oscar M. Laurel Endowment

The Oscar M. Laurel Family has established a $1,000,000 Scholarship Endowment in his name to primarily benefit students who are the first generation in their immediate family to attend college. Mr. Laurel was a renowned lawyer and public servant who served as a member of the Texas Legislature, District Attorney for the 49th Judicial District, and Executive Director of the Texas Good Neighbor Commission. He also was a Charter Member of the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington, D.C. by appointment of President Lyndon B. Johnson. It is his tenure as National President of League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) in the 1950’s that the family specifically commemorates with this Endowment. His widow, Elsa G. Laurel, explained: “Oscar always felt access to a good education was the key to success and advancement and so the focus of his tenure as LULAC President was to travel the country to organize local scholarship programs and promote the benefits of a formal education.” Recipients will be known as “Oscar M. Laurel Scholars” and receive full tuition and fees at Texas A&M International University.

Dr. Ruby South Lowry Scholarship Endowment

Named one of the five “Women of the Year” in 1995 by Laredo Morning Times, Dr. Lowry set historical standards for care in Laredo. Lowry was one of the first women admitted to Rice University, graduating in 1919 with a bachelor’s degree, receiving her medical degree in 1928 from the University of Texas at Galveston.  Lowry was also the school doctor for the Laredo Independent School District, and delivered more than 20,000 babies by the time she retired at 88. This scholarship endowment will provide students seeking a degree in pre-med or pre-veterinarian careers who meet federal guidelines, graduated from a High School with no less than a 95 average, maintain a 3.5 GPA, and have an acceptance into the Early Medical School Acceptance or Joint Admission Program. The scholarship is funded by Dr. Lowry’s grandson, local banker and rancher Albert T. Lowry and his wife Diana S. Lowry, hoping for students to be inspired by his grandmothers example.



Max Mandel Memorial/The Laredo Rotary Club Endowment

The Laredo Rotary Club and Gary Jacobs established a memorial scholarship for Max Mandel who had been a lifetime Rotarian and Jacob’s father-in-law. These monies were matched by the University with a Title V grant. Mr. Mandel provided the leadership in the early efforts to secure community support for a four-year institution in Laredo and financial support for the University Foundation. A graduate of the University of Texas Law School, he moved to Laredo in 1930 and went into banking, helping to lay the foundation for the Laredo National Bank to be one of the state’s major financial centers.

Miles Group Endowment

A gift of $40,000 was given in 1995 by the Miles Group and Herman Miles Trucking Graduate Business Fellowship. This scholarship was created to secure financial support for graduate students pursuing degrees from the College of Business Administration.


The Brian and Sandra O’Brien Endowed Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was established in November of 2000 by Brian and Sandra O’Brien and Tony Sanchez, Jr. to assist students from Eagle Pass and Maverick County attending TAMIU. Sanchez and O’Brien were partners in the Sanchez-O’Brien Oil and Gas Company for over 25 years.

Herman B. & Lilla May O’Keefe Endowment

Mrs. Lasker O’Keefe Hereford established a $10,000 scholarship fund in 1998 in her parents’ name, Herman B. and Lilla May Beaman O’Keefe. Mr. O’Keefe came to Laredo around 1920 after World War I, met and married his wife. They became landowners and growers of onions and tomatoes on the Nopalosa Farm.


Pan American Express, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

Pan American Express is a full service transportation company offering truck and trailer service between Canada, Mexico and the United States. The company, then under the ownership of Arturo Volpe, established an endowment for the son or daughter of a Pan American Express, Inc. employee or to a qualifying student pursuing a business degree in transportation and logistics.

Jim Parish Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Mr. Bill Green, Publisher of The Laredo Morning Times, established the Jim Parish Memorial Scholarship for students majoring in communications. Parish, who spent 37 years as a general assignment reporter, served as a liaison to the different business and civic organizations and reported on their activities. His personal touch in many of his notebook accounts endeared his byline to hundreds of readers. He died in 1998 at the age of 76.


Roberto A. Ramirez Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Minnie Ramirez and her three children, Carmen, Minita, and Roberto established a scholarship in her husband’s and father’s name that was matched by Title V. Minnie and Roberto A. Ramirez are the proud owners of Carmin’s Flower and Gift Shop which began as a dream in 1964 in San Ignacio, Texas. The two of them worked long and hard hours but together they knew they could conquer anything.

Sandra Richard Memorial Scholarship Endowment

In 1997, a $100,000 endowment was established in memory of Dr. Sandra Richard for students in International Trade and College of Business. Dr. Richard began her career at Texas A&M International University in 1980 where she served as an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Division of Business Administration. At the time of her death, she was developing the University’s first doctoral program in International Trade, and it was fitting that this endowed scholarship be named in her honor.


Sames Scholars

- View the 2007 scholarship recipients -

In the spring of 2002, Hank and Elizabeth Sames established the Sames Scholars Program at Texas A&M International University. Their thinking was expansive, unclouded, inspiring. Laredoans have to band together to improve our community," they explained, “Unless we do a better job of educating our people, Laredo will never grow and develop as we would hope. We want to create a program to help ensure that students who might not otherwise make it to college in fact finish high school and continue their studies.” When the program reaches full capacity, 48 students will each year receive tuition and fees for their college education, a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Hank Sames.

Carroll E. Summers, III Memorial Scholarship

An endowment in the memory of Carroll E. Summers, III was established by his parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Summers, Jr. and Mr. Ernest M. and Mrs. Lilia Longoria Bruni and Mrs. Carroll E. Summers, Sr. in 1997. To date, there is over $80,000 in the endowment. Preference is given to students pursuing a career in a health-related field.


TAMIU Alumni Association/The Laredo Rotary Club Endowed Scholarship

In 2002, the Alumni Association made an initial gift of $13,000 which was matched with a gift of $12,500 from the Laredo Rotary Club to establish an endowment. The University then matched the entire amount with monies from the Title V grant. The TAMIU Alumni Association promotes and preserves a close relationship between the alumni, the community, and the University by supporting the mission of the University, and seeking funds in support of educational programs.

Aldo Tatangelo Endowment Scholarship

The Aldo Tatangelo Endowed Scholarship in Public Administration for $25,000 was established in 2000. Tatangelo served as Laredo’s mayor from 1978 to 1990. Although a successful businessman, originally from Rhode Island, he moved with equal ease from boardrooms to barrios and earned the respect and admiration of Laredoans.

TSI Graduate Business Fellowship

In 1997, Transportation Services, Inc. gave a $40,000 scholarship for graduate students attending Texas A&M International University pursuing a degree from the College of Business Administration.


The Union Pacific Foundation Endowment

The Union Pacific Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Union Pacific Corporation and Union Pacific Railroad. Union Pacific Corporation is one of America's leading transportation companies and Union Pacific Railroad is the largest railroad in North America. The Foundation is not endowed, but is funded each year from operating profit of Union Pacific Corporation. A gift of $20,000 was given in 1994 to establish the Union Pacific Endowed Scholarship. The endowment will be used to proved scholarships to graduate students in International Logistics and undergraduate students in Transportation and Logistics.

Uni-Trade Forwarding, L.C. Endowment

Texas A&M International University students pursuing degrees in business and international trade have a corporate partner that promises to help them realize their higher education dreams. Uni-Trade Forwarding, L.C., a local freight forwarding agency serving Laredo for over 14 years established the Uni-Trade Forwarding, L.C. Endowed President's Scholarship Fund in 2000. Eduardo Garza, who serves as founder and chairman of the Board, is an avid supporter of the Texas A&M International University.


Wells Fargo Endowed President’s Scholarship

In 1998 this endowed scholarship was given to Texas A&M International University by Wells Fargo, formerly, Norwest Bank. A gift totaling $25,000 was established as the Texas A&M International University President’s Scholarship endowed Fund. The endowment was established to assist a student pursuing a major in economics and/or finance. Wells Fargo is a diversified financial services company providing banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance from 5,900+ stores, the internet and other distribution channels across North America and elsewhere internationally. Wells Fargo has $397 billion in assets and 143,000 team members. Wells Fargo is one of the United States' top-40 largest private employers and ranked fifth in assets and fourth in market value of their stock.

Women’s City Club Endowed Nursing Scholarship

In 2001 the Women’s City Club of Laredo established an endowed fund to promote scholarships in nursing. This is a non-profit organization, founded in 1949, that supports and works with existing programs that improve community life.

George Royle and Nancy K. Wright/Laredo Rotary Club Endowed Scholarship

George Royle and Nancy Wright are the proud parents of seven children, all of who have obtained baccalaureate degrees. He is a native Laredoan who graduated from Martin High School and the former Texas A&I in Kingsville and has been an insurance agent and real estate broker for 43 years. His wife, Nancy, is originally from Zanesville, Ohio and has lived in Laredo for 43 years where she has taught for 25 years. She received her bachelors and masters degrees from Laredo State University. Royle served as president of Laredo Rotary Club for 2001-2002 and was honored as one of four chosen from 31,000 Rotary clubs as the Most Distinguished Club Presidents.


Renato Zapata/IGNC Endowed Scholarship

The Renato Zapata/IGNC scholarship was established in his honor by his children Renato Zapata, Jr., Javier A. Zapata, M.D. and Mariangela Zapata Holliday and the International Good Neighbor Council. As one of the founders of the IGNC, he encouraged a broad understanding and warm relations between Mexico and the United States. Throughout his lifetime he was dedicated to working with many other local organizations to promote Laredo. In 1944 he founded the Renato Zapata Y Cia. which is one of today's leading freight forwarders in Laredo, Texas, and was involved in the operations until his death in 1959.

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