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Early Registration

A period of early registration is scheduled each semester for the following semester(s).  During that time a currently enrolled student is responsible for making an appointment with the assigned faculty advisor to discuss the degree plan, determining the courses to be taken during the next semester, and completing the registration form.

Fees may be paid at any time during early registration or on the official registration day.  However, a student is not officially enrolled until all fees have been paid.

Course Registration

The only way to become a member of a class is to officially register for it or by adding a course after registration is completed.  In any case, the instructor receives the student's name from the Office of the University Registrar.

Adding a Course

To add a course to a schedule after initial registration, an add form is obtained in the Office of the University Registrar.  A student should obtain permission from their assigned faculty advisor to add the course.  The faculty advisor must sign the add form.

Auditing a Course

Any person may audit a course except for individual instruction courses.  Auditors do not have the privilege of submitting papers, taking part in class discussions, or participating in laboratory or field work.  Auditors pay tuition and fees according to the published semester credit hour fee schedule.


Regular Registration

Students who are officially admitted to the University may register for courses.  Prior to each academic semester and for each summer session, a registration period is held.  Dates of these registration periods and the dates of other transactions that affect student course schedules are printed in the Schedule of Classes.

Freshman Registration

To assist freshmen who are entering the University in that fall semester, special freshmen registrations are held in conjunction with freshman orientation.  Only freshmen who attend orientation are permitted to meet with an advisor, be advised and register at this time.  Dates for freshman orientation are provided for entering freshmen in advance of the scheduled orientation days.  Individuals who desire financial aid assistance should have contacted the Office of Financial Aid to complete paper work several months in advance of Freshman Orientation in order that their aid may be processed in a timely manner.  (Contact the  Office of Financial Aid for details regarding financial aid.)

Pre-Registration for Current Students

Students who are currently enrolled (students who have attended the University within the last two semesters) are permitted to register in advance during the prior semester provided they are in good standing with the University.  Dates of pre-registration are listed in the semester calendar of the Schedule of Classes and are otherwise advertised on campus via posters and signs.  Students are encouraged to become knowledgeable of the rules governing preregistration, consult their advisor prior to preregistration and understand the arrangements for payment of tuition and fees.  Students receiving financial aid are encouraged to consult with the Office of Financial Aid prior to the preregistration period to permit proper handling of their financial aid (Contact the  Office of Financial Aid for details regarding financial aid.)  Currently enrolled students may forego the preregistration period and register during the general registration days held prior to the commencement of classes.



Transfer Students and Students Re-Enrolling after One or more year's Absence

Students who are transferring to the University or who are re-enrolling in the University after one year or more absence are permitted to register for classes during the registration days just prior to the commencement of classes if they have been admitted or readmitted.  This registration period is provided to enable a student to complete the registration process including consulting advisors, signing up for classes and paying tuition and fees.  Students who are seeking financial aid and who have not completed this process several months in advance of this registration will inevitably be delayed in receiving funds from federal grants and secured and unsecured loans. (Contact the Office of Financial Aid for details regarding financial aid.)  Dates of registration are listed in the semester calendar of the Schedule of Classes.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

All students shall be subject to the provisions of the  Texas Success Initiative (Texas Education Code, Section 51.307).

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