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Dissinger Insurance Services, LLC
Laura ‘95, ‘10 and Ramiro Elizondo
Dr. Neela A. Emanuel
Embassy Suites
Gloria G. Flores ‘85
Ofelia M. ‘09 and José C. Fonseca
Mary C. and Robert N. Freeman, II
Frisco RoughRiders
Isabel ‘00 and Jerry S. Woods
Juan G. García, Jr. ’05, ’07
Rebecca L. García ‘10
Hilario M. Garza
San Juana ‘94, ‘98 and Isidro Garza
Jane and Dr. Timothy Goles
Dr. Belva J. González
Verónica González and Héctor M. Chapa ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Green
Dr. Cathy Guerra
Josie Guerra
Henry E. Gutiérrez, II ‘96
Leonor ’77, ’89 and Jesús Gutiérrez, Jr.
Mónica Gutiérrez ’95
Rita M. ‘97, ‘06 and Dr. Milton Haber
Liza M. ‘04 and Dr. Roberto R. Heredia
HermanT. Hereford
Maria Elena ‘82 and Ramiro Hernández
María and Óscar Hernández
Mariana ‘93, ‘03 and Alberto M. Herran
Conchita and John F. Hickey
Mónica H. ‘02, ‘09 and Raul Holguin, Jr. ‘00
Hungry Howie’s Pizza
J&K Logistics
Shelley Jones ‘89
Diana and Federico Juárez, III ‘92, ‘08
María A. ‘87 and Dr. José R. Juárez
Ceci and John H. Keck
Laredo Bucks
Laredo Hunt Club
Daniel A. Lathey
Dr. Christopher N. Lawrence
Elva Leyendecker
Dr. Diana Linn ‘94 and Máximo Contreras
Juanita R. ‘77 and Dr. Juan R. Lira ‘75
Clara Lockridge ‘72, ‘75
Graciela López ‘74, ‘82
M & MAir Cargo and Delivery Service
Elizabeth N. ‘80, ‘01 and Mario E. Martínez
Martínez Pharmacy
Karla E. ‘08 and Roberto C. Martínez ‘06, ‘09
Beatrice and Rodolfo R. Martínez
Verónica G. Martínez ‘96, ‘98
Adriana andWilliam H. McKendrick, III
Medina Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Nnenna and Okezi N. Wachuku ‘83
Ana and Héctor M. Mejía
Jessie M. Mena
Rolando J. Menchaca ‘73
Drs. Linda M. ‘77, ‘82 andThomas R. Mitchell
Adalia and Fernando R. Montemayor, Sr.
Cathey E. and James E. Moore
Israel Morales ‘00
Naviotex, Inc.
Drs. Lola O. ‘99 and James A. Norris
Northwest Atrium
Brenda and Larry A. Norton
Salvador Ochoa, III ‘88
Adriana R. Ortiz
Jessica Palacios ‘03
Sandra E. and Mario A. Peña ‘00
Pentegra Retirement Services
Linda J. and Alfredo G. Pérez ‘89, ‘09
Dr. BerniceY. and Gerardo A. Pérez ‘08
San Juanita Pérez ‘04, ‘08
Pink Box Pastries
Dr. Minita Ramírez ‘83
Romeo R. Ramírez
Belinda andTommy Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Reaves
Remodeling Repairs and Installations
David L. Reuthinger, Jr. ‘04
Reyesitos Day Care Center
Denise and Óscar E. Reyna
RM Personnel, Inc
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Miguel Rosas
Elizabeth ‘05, ‘11 and Efraín G. Ruiz
Janet K. and Juan A. Salinas ‘72
Diana and Arnulfo Santos, Jr. ‘76
Olga A. ‘99 and Daniel Sarmiento ‘00
Reva and Dr. Steve Sears
Calixto Seca, Jr. ‘88
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Pamela and Dale Short
Juanita M. Soliz ‘99
Soto Academy of Music, LLC
South-Wen, Inc.
Staff Connection
Studio 55
Sultanasw of the Zahara Caravan # 64
Prashant Tallapally ‘07
Texas Rangers Baseball Club
Ernestina G. ‘77 and PedroTreviño
Union Pacific Corporation
United Day School
Claudia J. Uribe ‘02
Dr. Miroslava ‘75, ‘80 and JuanVargas ‘72
Vega’s Commercial Cleaning
Petra and Antonio ZaragozaVela
Víctor G. Villarreal ‘99
Dr. Judith A. Warner
Dr. Carol F. and Ronald J. Waters
Virginia D. Watkins ‘11 and Dr. Michael M.
Krimhild and Rodney M. Webb
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Cassandra L. Wheeler and Leebrian E. Gaskins
Wintergarden Abstract and Guaranty Co, Inc
Drs. Suzette Bishop and RichardWright
LinYang ‘98
Drs. Ruby and MarcusYnalvez
Dr. Maya Guerra and Fernando F. Zúñiga, III
TAMIU has SYSTEM for Future Scientists
As the United States moves toward economic recovery, one of the
primary forces driving that recovery will be the increased availability of
talented engineers and scientists.
A new federally funded TAMIU Program, SYSTEM (Serving Youth in
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), targets reaching 6500
Hispanic and low income local and area high school and community college
students to increase the number of highly competent and well-qualified
engineers and scientists.
The US Department of Education, Title III Hispanic Serving Institutions,
provided funding totaling $4,349,955 to help encourage these students to
earn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) degrees.
A $250,000 allotment is available for student scholarships if matched
by individuals in the community in an effort for the program to accomplish
its goals.
SYSTEM is directed by Dr. DanMott,TAMIUCollege ofArts andSciences
associate dean, chair and associate professor.