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Laura ‘95, ‘10 and Ramiro Elizondo
Embassy Suites
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Leiza ‘07, ‘08 and Robert Evans
Ernst D. Feisner
Linda Fisch
Ofelia ‘90 and José C. Fonseca
Mónica ‘96, ‘03 and José F. Flores, Jr.
Rebecca and Christopher D. Foster
Four Karat Diamond Enterprises, Inc.
Anne and Paul Frey
Martee and Jan F. Fuerst, PhD
Juan García, Jr. ‘05, ‘07
Norma and Galo García
Verónica and Robert García
Aaron Garza
Berta M. Garza
Denisse Garza ‘12, ‘14
Laura Garza-Góngora, DNP FNP-C ‘01 and
Arturo Garza-Góngora, MD
Joan H. Gates
Viola and Reynaldo Godines, MD
Ana M. González ‘08
Robert González
Sandra and Roel González
Carmen and Osvaldo L. Gotera
Lisa A. and Jeffrey A. Greenough
Judy A. Griffin
Rita M. ‘97, ‘06 and Milton Haber, MD
Hair Sensations
Annabelle Hall
Hector Hall
Muhammad Z. Hasan, PhD
H-E-B Grocery Co. # 3
María Elena ‘82 and Ramiro Hernández
Rosario and Juan H. Hernández
Sara A. Hernández
Marina ‘08 and Rogelio Hinojosa
Anita and Michael L. Hughes
Inter Global Solutions Group
Debra and Joel Jacobs
Jett Bowl North
María G. Jiménez ‘77
Victoria and Robert Jozwiak
Diana and Federico Juárez, III ‘92, ‘08
José R. Juárez, PhD
Sara and Paul Jurena
Ceci and John H. Keck
Namwon Kim, PhD
La Posada Hotel
Nancy Lafrenz
Nathan J. Lafrenz
Laredo Country Club
Laredo Main Street
Laredo Pizza Factory LCC
Daniel A. Lathey
Mark Lecuona
Maynard Leese
Mirasol and Trevor C. Liddle
Jennifer ‘81, ‘02 and Luis Lidsky
Graciela and Kevin D. Lindberg, PhD
Nerissa S. Lindsey
Beverly and Roger Litman
Beatrice and Eulalio López
Jennifer and Sergio López
Melissa E. López ‘09
Patsy and Frank López
Alejandro A. Martínez, Jr. ‘89
Elena M. Martínez ‘93
Karla ‘08 and Roberto Martínez ‘06, ‘09
Leticia Martínez
María and Manuel Martínez
Michelle and Giancarlo V. Martínez
Naiély Martínez ‘08, ‘13 and Carlos Saldaña
Rosa and Mercurio Martínez, Jr.
Velma ‘72, ‘77 and The
Honorable Óscar Martínez
Verónica Martínez ‘96, ‘98
Jean Matey
Rita Matey
Judy S. Mayers
James P. McGrath
June F. and Joseph McNulty
Anna and Víctor J. Medina
Ana and Héctor M. Mejía
Sherry and Edwin Miller
María ‘88, ‘04 and Sergio Moreno
Morrison True Value
Linda and Daniel J. Mott, PhD
Felipe A. Muñoz ‘06, ‘12
Marcos Muñoz
María Teresa and Faraón Muñoz
Norma and Orlando D. Navarro ‘94
Jane and Kenneth Nelson
Noni’s Skin Care Clinic
Lola Norris, PhD ‘99 and James A. Norris, PhD
Brenda and Larry A. Norton
Ana Ochoa
Hortense Offerle
Olsham Lumber Company
Jessica Palacios ‘03
Papa John’s Pizza
Lisa and John S. Paul
Diana and Mario A. Peña
Mario A. Peña ‘00
Sandra Peña
Amanda Pérez
Linda and Alfredo G. Pérez ‘89, ‘09
San Juanita Pérez ‘04, ‘08
Joanna and Keith Perkins
Pilar Muñoa
Audrey and Larry Plotkin
Pollos del Sur of Laredo
Polly Adams, Inc.
Porras Nance Engineering Co.
María Eugenia ‘99, ‘01 and Robert Porter
Valissa and Chad A. Porter
R&M Refrigeration Co., Inc.
Adriana and Ed Ramírez, Jr.
María I. Ramírez
Mauro Ramírez
Melisa R. ‘95, ‘08 and Marcelino Rangel, III ‘96
David L. Reuthinger, Jr. ‘04
Ronald F. Rohde
Jimmy R. Rivera
Rosalía and Salvador Rosas
Margarita R. Rubio
Rebeca and Eduardo Salido
Evelyn Selig
Juanita M. Solíz ‘99
South Texas Shooting Complex, Inc.
South-Wen, Inc.
Marty C. Speer ‘89
Studio 55 Day Spa & Salon
Sultanas of the Zahara Caravan
Mary and Gordon Taggart
Charles Taylor
Texas Department of Public Safety
Texas Trucking Company, Inc.
Rise Tiller
Titan Electric Company
Angeline and Brendan Townsend
Martha ‘77, ‘05 and Ervey Treviño
Patricia E. Uribe, PhD ‘91
Petra and Antonio Vela ‘99
Olga and Jorge Verduzco
Glenda C. Walker, PhD and Roland Lavigne
Patricia and John P. Watkins
Virginia D. Watkins ‘11 and Michael Grayson, PhD
Krimhild and Rodney Webb
Wells Fargo Foundation
Janice S. Whalen
Cassandra Wheeler and Brian Gaskins, PhD ‘13
Ivonne ‘08 and Jimmy Wise
Anne ‘96 and Jonathan Witherspoon ‘96
Isabel ‘00 and Jerry Woods
Ruby Ynálvez, PhD and Marcus Ynálvez, PhD
ANNUAL G I V I NG 20 1 3 - 1 4
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By joining the “Stampede,”you make a promise that no Dustdevil will face the uncertainties and financial
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The Great TAMIU Stampede enables those touched by TAMIU to join forces as a united body with one
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The Great TAMIU Stampede of Giving allows you to blaze a path to success for future generations. Join
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