2016 Annual Report - page 15

TAMIU “Voces” Celebrates,
Honors Hispanic Heritage
From the sharing of a traditional
and playing of
to an exploration of music in Central and South America, a
dramatic presentation on the life of Bernardo de Gálvez, and a
dinner featuring famed México chef Pati Jinich,Voces: Hispanic
Heritage Month was observed at TAMIU.
For the first time,TAMIU expanded on-campus activities
under the Celebration theme of “Voces,” providing the
community opportunities to engage in the month-long
celebration, said TAMIU vice president for Institutional
Advancement, Rosanne Palacios.
“We realized that our campus observation offers
remarkable opportunities for insight and engagement, and
wanted to share it.We all know that there is community in
diversity and our ‘Voces’ Celebration certainly underscored
this. Events were free of charge, open to the public, and an
online calendar and active social media campaign provided
opportunities to learn more,” she observed.
“Voces” Celebration highlights included a Chicana Portrait
Series by Raquel Valle-Senties, a Borderlands History Lecture,
live Sharkey Corrigan Organ accompaniment of El
, student film presentations, lectures on Spanish great
Cervantes, and a student roundtable on Hispanic Contributions
to Invention.
The “Voces” Celebration will now become an annual
observation at TAMIU.
Acclaimed PBS
chef and star Pati
Jinich peers into the
oven as she readies
a special KLRN
hosted lecture and
dinner as part of the
University’s “Voces:
Hispanic Heritage
Month.” Laredo artist
and writer Raquel
Valle-Senties pauses
before her portrait
of Dr. Norma E.
Cantú, just one
of her multi-part
Chicana Portrait
Series, on extended
display in the Sue
and Radcliffe Killam
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