2016 Annual Report - page 17

TAMIU MPA Alumni Association Members Serve
the Community with Donations, Fundraisers
TAMIU Master of Public Administration (MPA) Alumni
Association members are pooling their knowledge, experience
and resources together to serve and engage the community.
This year, MPA Alumni Association members worked in
their respective agencies to promote MPA education and
training as a means of increasing awareness of and improving
public service values and professional standards, said Dr.
Peter Haruna,TAMIU professor of Public Administration
and Government and director of the Public Administration
Working with the TAMIU Office of Student Conduct and
Community Engagement this past summer, the MPA Alumni
Association appealed for and collected several boxes of school
supplies that they donated to Lincoln-Juarez Elementary in Rio
“MPA alumni are keen about advancing public interest and
the common good by demonstrating service above self,” Dr.
Haruna said.
Haruna said Association members plan to establish an
MPA Scholarship Fund to be used to support future students
who wish to advance their education and training in public
administration and public service.
“They also plan to organize periodic leadership and
management performance-enhancing workshops for public
service and non-profit career professionals,” Haruna said.
Most recently,TAMIU’s Online Master of Public
Administration degree program was recognized as one of
the most affordable online MPA programs in the nation by an
online reviewer, College Values Online (collegevaluesonline.
and the possibilities it makes real. We especially enjoy
visiting with Alumni who ‘re-Discover’TAMIU, bringing
their children, and grandchildren,” Dr. Arenaz said.
Discover TAMIU features five different experience
pathways that help travelers Go Beyond: from classroom
to boardroom and from laboratory to the skies above.
The experiences are mapped across campus and a
published guide helps participants navigate their journey
of discovery.
Discover TAMIU 2017 is scheduled Saturday, April 1,
2017. Admission, as always, is free of charge and open to
The University has a dedicated web site with
event information and large groups can make booking
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