2016 Annual Report - page 19

TAMIU’s “Reading the Globe” Program is among the
most visible ways the University shows how students can “Go
Beyond.”To date, Reading the Globe participants have visited
over 10 countries.
A Common Reading Program started in
2008 and spearheaded by University College,
it engages the University and community in
a shared academic, intellectual activity. First
Year University Seminar students focus on
a book providing an immersive opportunity
for discourse and social awareness on a local
and global scale.TAMIU faculty and staff also
participate in the Common Read, fostering
and strengthening the growth of an intellectual
community in and around TAMIU supportive of students’
academic development.
After application, competitive essay and interview, a group
of students is selected for a study-travel opportunity related
to the Common Read setting.This year, 15 students will travel
to China and South Korea, part of the backdrop for this year’s
book selection,
In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to
by author and human rights activist Yeonmi Park.
Students selected for the 2016 Program
include: Luis Daniel Arriaga, Ramses Betancourt,
Yahaira Franco, Breanna Garza, Cassandra
Guardiola, Joshua Herrera, Kevin Montiel, Luis
Mota, Nelly Salazar, Angelica Ramírez, Aileen
Rendon, Alejandra Ramírez Ulloa, Natalia
Villarreal, EmilyWalker and JesseWard.
Each year, feedback from Reading the
Globe students is phenomenal and they lead a
Fall Convocation Program, sharing their travel
experience with incoming freshmen, encouraging
them to also “Go Beyond.”
For more about Reading the Globe, including students’
perspectives from their trips to Bosnia, India,Turkey and more,
Reading the Globe Students Bound
for South Korea, China this Spring
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