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Hundreds of students with dreams of becoming successful
entrepreneurs walk the halls of TAMIU’s A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of
Business every day, rushing from class to class, backpacks in tow.
Whether their entrepreneurial dreams and goals materialize often
hinges on multiple factors: determination, innovation, passion for their
work, and the ability to never stop believing in themselves. These factors
are encouraged and fueled in every Sanchez School class, research
opportunity and team undertaking.
Taking a look at some recent graduates, it seems that for many, the
Sanchez School has served as a business incubator, a transformative
environment that nurtures graduates to succeed, help create jobs and
new business opportunities, and better the business landscape here and
Sanchez School of Business Dean Steve Sears said the School is
proud of the graduates and their success.
“As Dean, it is very satisfying to see our graduates enjoying the
success of owning and operating their own business,” Dr. Sears said, “As
a graduate from a business school, I previously owned two businesses,
both in the retail industry, and having your own business is putting your
education into practice and a great sense of pride comes from this
He continued, “I believe that students in our School of Business
receive an excellent education and acquire tools to be successful in
the business world in many fields. The faculty join me in congratulating
these entrepreneurs on their success and wish them the best in their
Three graduates who have parlayed that Sanchez experience into
entrepreneurial success that now drives Laredo’s economy are Sandra
Mendiola Alaniz (’89), ArnulfoVázquez (’09) and Jorge Nazarín (’09.)
Each holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the
Sanchez School and operates their businesses in Laredo.They all share
entrepreneurial traits including hard work and perseverance... however,
what makes them exceptional is their passion for what they do and
desire to make a positive impact on others’ lives.
These are their stories.
TAMIU Sanchez School of Business
Sees the Future...and it’s Online
Sometimes, the future is just a click away. That’s
certainly the case for anyone wishing to pursue an
MBA degree at TAMIU’s A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of
Business…it’s all fully online.
Now, all four MBA concentrations are
accessible to students online, all the time, anywhere.
Concentrations include the MBA in International
Banking and Finance, International Business (English
and Spanish), International Trade and Logistics, and
Management.The International Trade and Logistics
component is a new program option that started
this Fall.
Dr. Steve Sears, Dean of the Sanchez School
of Business, said this online expansion offers busy
students flexibility to manage their degree progress
on their own schedule and terms.
He also noted the School’s jumpstart program
can further speed access to the School’s MBA
“For students with non-business backgrounds,
our three online, Pass-Fail Prep Modules provide
students with a low-cost, easy access to enroll in
any of the School’s MBA degree options,” Dr. Sears
The Princeton Review
has ranked the School
of Business third in the nation for “Greatest
Opportunity for Minority Students,” and named it
to the Best Business Schools West listing among the
nation’s 295 most outstanding business schools.
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