2016 Annual Report - page 27

Arnulfo Vázquez, ’09,
owner, El Quinto Sol
Vegetarian Restaurant
ArnulfoVázquez is the
owner of the first vegetarian
restaurant in Laredo along with
his father, ArnulfoVázquez, Sr.
Founded by his father 25 years
ago in Nuevo Laredo, El Quinto
Sol now employs more than 100
people between five restaurant
locations in Laredo and Nuevo
Laredo.Vázquez said he is proud
of the fact that El Quinto Sol is
a border pioneer when it comes
to offering vegetarian cuisine.
“What’s innovative about
El Quinto Sol is that we serve
vegetarian cuisine with an
authentic Mexican flavor,”
Vázquez said.
Last year, El Quinto Sol’s signature dish, vegetarian Tacos Al Pastor, which Vázquez invented, was recognized by
Texas Monthly Magazine
as one of the 120 Best Tacos You Must Try BeforeYou Die. El Quinto Sol believes in helping its
customers enjoy a healthy life through vegetarian dishes,Vázquez said.
“El Quinto Sol is open for everybody.You don’t need to necessarily be a vegetarian in order to enjoy a good flavor,” he
said, “The secret of El Quinto Sol is to make our food with lots of love.”
Vázquez said attending TAMIU provided him the appropriate foundation to become a successful business owner.
“I am completely convinced that having attended the Sanchez School of Business gave me the foundation and
preparation necessary to develop a business and be in the big league, which is the United States,” he said, “Building a
business is just like building a home.You have to have a strong foundation and I am grateful for the teachings that TAMIU
gave me.”
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