2016 Annual Report - page 31

Jorge O. Brusa, PhD
Anna Buentello ‘11
Cheryl Butler
Cesar A. Caballero ‘12
Lilia P.‘95 and Carlos P. Cantu
Cavazos & Associates Architects
Nancy H. Ceaser
Cecilia ‘05,‘09 andAlberto Chavez, Jr.‘01,‘08
Elsa A.‘09 and Juan Cisneros, III ‘01
Cathy Colunga
Janet M. and Billy F. Cowart, PhD
Crane Engineering Corp.
Malynda Dalton
Nancy and Javier de Anda
MonikaV. Diaz
Dillard’s Department Store
Lorraine M. Dinkel
Melissa J.‘05 and Adrian Dominguez
Wendy Donnell, PhD and
Robert Donnell
Bianca F. Duenas
El Capataz
Laura ‘95,‘10 and Ramiro Elizondo
Angie Escamilla
Leiza ‘07,‘08 and Robert Evans
EyeMedVison Care
Ernst Feisner
Marie and Douglas M. Ferrier
Anne and Paul Frey
Blanca Gamez
Nora Gaona
Juan Garcia, Jr.‘05,‘07
Rocio Garcia ‘08,‘11
Veronica E. and Robert Garcia
Aaron Garza ‘06
Mabel ‘09 and Roberto H. Garza, III ‘10,‘13
Denisse Garza ‘12,‘14
Leebrian Gaskins, PhD ‘13,
Jazmin Gibeaut ‘15
Norman Giles
Viola and Reynaldo Godines, MD
Ana Gonzalez ‘08
Belva Gonzalez, PhD and Manuel Gonzalez
Juan J. Gonzalez, III ‘99
Martha ‘05 and Adan Gonzalez
Rosslynn and Michael Gonzalez ‘04
Sandra and Roel Gonzalez
Scheiby C.‘07 and CarlosA.Gonzalez ‘07,‘16
Mary Esther and Stanley C. Green, PhD
Maria ‘16 and Ruben Guadian ‘07
Laura and Obdulio Guerrero
Carol A. andVictor D. Gunnoe, III ‘99
Ann E.‘03,‘16 and Erik A. Gutierrez ‘04
Diana E. Gutierrez
Karla J. Gutierrez ‘13
Rita M.‘97,‘06 and Milton Haber, MD
Vida ‘08 and Peter F. Haruna, PhD
Haynes Rentals, LTD.
Maria Elena ‘82 and Ramiro Hernandez
Mayra G. Hernandez ‘07,‘11
Hickey Peña Architects
Marina ‘08 and Rogelio Hinojosa
Yelitza ‘11 and John Howard
Rodrigo A. Ibarra ‘16
Interstate Capital Corporation
Jackson Real Estate Group, LLC
Jose Jacobo ‘14,‘15,‘16
Jaclyn L. Jeffrey
Diana and Federico Juarez, III ‘92,‘08
La Posada Hotel
Association of Laredo Forwarding
Agents, Inc.
Laredo Country Club
Daniel Lathey
Jose A. Ledesma ‘16
Tony Leyendecker, Jr.
Mary and Scott Libby
Jennifer ‘81,‘02 and Luis Lidsky
Feng Zeng and Runchang Lin, PhD
Nerissa Lindsey
Maria andVictor Lope
Melissa E. Lopez ‘09
Patsy and Frank Lopez
Sam Lozano Fitness
Julio Lujano ‘02,‘06, PhD
Elena ‘93 and Ricardo Martinez
Gilberto Martinez
Leticia Martinez
Nayely A. Martinez ‘16
Patricia ‘06 and Guadalupe Martinez, Jr.
Rosa and Mercurio Martinez, Jr.
Roberto Martinez
Sylvia and Arnulfo Martinez
Thomas J. Martinez ‘16
Veronica Martinez ‘96,‘98
James P. McGrath
Mary L. McKinnon ‘16
Martha L. Medina
Jessie Mena
Joanna and Francisco Mendoza, III
Lisa and Henry Miller ‘00,‘12
Selina Mireles, PhD and Jaime Mireles
Madison Mojica ‘09,‘11
Gerardo M. Molina
Paul Niemeyer, PhD
Julie Noble
Lola Norris, PhD ‘99 and James A.
Norris, PhD
Brenda and Larry A. Norton
Patricia Ornelas ‘04,‘13
Kimber J. Palmer, JD
The Honorable Rebecca Ramirez-
Palomo and Daniel Palomo
Linda J. and Alfredo G. Perez ‘89,‘09
San Juanita Perez ‘04,‘08
PEUA Consulting, LLC
Piccirillo Furniture & Gifts
Polly Adams, Inc.
Porras Nance Engineering Co
R&P Ramirez LTD
Elma and Mauro Ramirez, Jr.‘81
Aaron M. Ramirez ‘15
Melisa ‘95,‘08 and Marcelino Rangel, III ‘96
Dissinger Reed
REMCO Group, Inc.
Teresa M. and Michael Renn
RLM Forwarding, Inc.
EmmaJo A. Robledo ‘16
Jose H. Rodriguez, Jr.‘16
Amy and Robert Rodriguez, Jr.
Yezmin and Armando Salazar
Rose A. and Albert Saldivar
Claudia San Miguel, PhD ‘97,‘99 and
Fructuoso San Miguel ‘92,‘02
Olivia and Arthur Santos, MD
Sara Boutique
Lydia and Friedrich Schaffler, PhD ‘93
Rebecca C.‘03 and Robert Sepulveda
Martha A. Cisneros ‘08,’11 and
Jonathan P. Serna ‘07,‘11
Juanita M. Soliz ‘99
Soliz Paving, Inc.
Southpoint Marine
Cristina and Norman E. Speer, DDS
Kristen Standage, PhD and John Clapp
Sultanas of the Zahara Caravan
Sanaa Alnasser and Tariq Tashtoush, PhD
Terra-South Engineering, LLC
Marivic B.Torregosa, PhD
Blanca ‘14 and Julio Tovar
Angeline and Brendan Townsend
Mary ‘72 and Ernest Treviño, Jr.
Patricia E. Uribe, PhD
AnaVargas ‘12,‘14
MiroslavaVargas, PhD ‘75,‘80 and
JuanVargas ‘72
Petra and AntonioVela ‘99
Sonia L.Vela
Bonnie ‘07,‘12 and Savas Villarreal
Maria de Lourdes ‘93 and
AmableViloria ‘07,‘10
Virginia D.Watkins ‘11 and Michael
Grayson, PhD
County ofWebb
Krimhild and RodneyWebb
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Carole and Abe S.Wilson
Isabel G.‘00 and JerryWoods
Rebecca J.Wotherspoon
George R.Wright
Xtreme Towing Services, Inc.
RubyYnalvez, PhD and MarcusYnalvez, PhD
“My father was a physician with the soul of an artist. Throughout my
life, he exposed me to the arts and encouraged conversation about
history, culture, art and politics. He would be pleased to know that
others are given the freedom to explore these topics because of him.”
Alfonso Gomez Rejón
The late Dr. Julio C. Gomez Rejón receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from Border
Region MHMR in 2008.
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