2016 Annual Report - page 35

Adelina Josefina Simpson
Alyssa Lynett Solis
Clarissa Lizzette Solis
Nydia Solis
Erika Soliz
Geraldine Tienda
Lauren Brittany Tucker
Carlos AlfredoValdez
Zasha Rubi Varela
Monica Maryel Vargas
Ana KarenVasquez
Jesus Vazquez
Andrea Anai Vela
Alma MonicaVela Mancillas
Paola TeresaVelazquez
Celinda MarieVerastigui
Brenda BereniceVillarreal
KristianYadir Villarreal
Bernardo Zebadua
Class of 2017
Carlos Romo
Class of 2018
Janelly Carolina Mendoza
In Honor of:
Cristy B.Alexander
Alejandro Arredondo
Memo Benavides
Adan Amos Gonzalez
Patricia and Ray M. Keck, III, PhD
Phyllis Zimmerman
In Memory of:
Keith Blum
Robert (Bob) Blum
Anna Claudina Benavides
Clemen P. Bell
Zenon Chapa
Elisa Costilla ’87
Luz Maria Davila ’76
Martin D. Escamilla-Perez ’93, ’99
Dottie Gage
Lorenzo Garcia
David Gonzalez, Sr. ’05
Ricardo G. Hernandez ’78, ’83
Elsie C. Mitchell Holstead
Brad E. Huffaker ’99
Roxanne G. Jimenez ’88, ’03
Dan R. Jones, PhD
Lacey C. Keck
Frances G. Kahn
Ruben Lopez, Sr.
Rafael A. Lecuona, PhD
Richard Leyendecker
Olivia Machado
Edward P. Matos ’01
Robert J. Marquez
James McKenna
Jose A. Palacios
Jim Parish
Carol J. McGraw-Renner
Terry Smith
Fernando A. Salinas
Richard L. Shinn ’01
Dave Szabo
Walk of Fame:
Kazandra Aleman
Andy Alvarez
Ruben Guadian
Diana E. Gutierrez
Rodrigo Ibarra
Jose De Socorro Jacobo
Thomas Jay Martinez
Nayely Martinez
Stephanie Martinez
Mary Lisa McKinnon
Gloria Annalie Miravete
Janice A. Ochoa
Aaron Michael Ramirez
Epitacio R. Resendez
EmmaJo A. Robledo
Why Toni Gives:
“I’ve been told many times that I’m a dreamer, that it
couldn’t be done, or worse, that it shouldn’t be done...
I’ve been cautioned that I’m wasting my time trying to
instill a love of American history and classical music
here when there seems such limited interest. But I can’t
and won’t give up ... I believe our community cannot
reach its full potential without a diverse array of cultural
offerings encouraging personal growth and independent
critical thinking. It’s my small effort to preserve our proud
American heritage so that it’s never forgotten.”
Toni Ruiz (’84)
Our Special Collection at the Sue and Radcliffe Killam
Library is a home for History where we protect
the past and build our future.
Now and always, our history is your history.
To discuss preserving your history for generations to come in the
Killam Library, please contact Jeanette Hatcher, Special Collections
Librarian, at 956.326.2404 or email
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