02.05 Presidents of Component Universities

Approved February 27, 1995 (MO 44-95), Revised July 23, 1999 (MO 197-99)

1. General

The presidents of component universities are appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the Chancellor, and serve under direction from the Chancellor, having the following duties and responsibilities and such others as may be duly delegated by the Chancellor or the Board:

2. Duties of the President

Subject to, and under the general authority of the Chancellor, the president of each academic institution shall:

2.1 Administer the total program of the institution under the president's jurisdiction. Recommend to the Chancellor and the Board of Regents the appropriate goals, purposes and role and scope for the institution.
2.2 Recommend an organizational structure necessary to implement the purpose and mission of the institution and recommend the establishment of administrative offices appropriate thereto.
2.3 Recommend to the Chancellor the appointment of all personnel requiring appointment by the Board of Regents.
2.4 Conduct regular periodic evaluations of each administrative officer.
2.5 Coordinate the planning, development and operation of all activities and programs of the institution.
2.6 Develop legislative budget requests and submit to the Chancellor for recommendation and action by the Board of Regents.
2.7 Develop annual budgets for operation and construction and submit to the Chancellor for recommendation and action by the Board of Regents.
2.8 Administer the business and financial management of the institution. The management function includes, but is not limited to, budget preparation and implementation, financial and property accounting, the auditing of all expenditures and bills presented for payment, and the preparation of such financial reports as may be required.
2.9 Develop procedures and standards for personnel administration, including those for employment, wage and salary administration, pay plans and classification, termination and conditions of employment in conformity with policies, practices and procedures of the System.
2.10 Provide for the operation and maintenance of the physical plant, the purchase of supplies and equipment, and the maintenance of appropriate inventories and records of real and personal properties under the jurisdiction of the institution.
2.11 Explain System policy to the staff and explain the institution's program needs to the Chancellor.
2.12 Serve as the institutional representative with appropriate former student associations and any institutionally related development foundations.

3. Administrative Responsibilities of the President

The presidents shall provide for the following administrative functions within the structure of the major administrative unit:

3.1 General supervision of all personnel employed by or assigned to the institution.
3.2 General supervision of all student programs and services. Such supervision includes, but is not limited to, recruitment of students, admissions, registration and records, academic advising, counseling, housing, scholarships and financial aid, student activities and services, placement, foreign students and the evaluation and certification of academic credit from other institutions.
3.3 Development and dissemination of information concerning programs and accomplishments.
3.4 Maintenance of a current rules and internal procedures manual for the university.

CONTACT OFFICE: Office of the Chancellor