18.01 Athletic Council
Approved February 27, 1995 (MO 44-95)

Each component university that participates in intercollegiate athletic competition shall have an athletic council nominated by the president of such institution.

1. The Athletic Council of each component university is established to advise the president in the development and supervision of intercollegiate athletic programs.

2. The Athletic Council of the university may:

(1) review and make recommendations to the president of the university on any matters pertaining to the enforcement of eligibility rules and regulations established by any athletic conference or national association in which the university holds membership; and

(2) review and make recommendations on any pertinent matters related to the university's intercollegiate athletics program; however, such recommendations and suggestions shall be made to and channeled through the president of the university.

3. Appointment and Terms of Council

3.1 The president of each institution shall appoint membership of the athletic council and shall assure the diversity of the council and shall include members of the faculty, administration, students, alumni, and members at large, consistent with appropriate conference and national association rules. The president shall submit a description of the makeup of the council to the Chancellor.

3.2 All appointments to the council shall be for a term of three years, with the exception of that of the student member whose term will be for one year. Members shall serve at the pleasure of the president. The president shall appoint the chairperson of the council and shall fill vacancies whenever necessary.

CONTACT OFFICE: The Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs