33.99.03 Performance Evaluations for Nonfaculty Employees

July 31, 1996, Revised November 22, 1999


1.1 The performance of each nonfaculty employee of the System, except graduate assistants and temporary employees, will be evaluated each year. Heads of departments and similar units may require more frequent and special evaluations as deemed necessary.
1.2 The purpose of employee performance evaluations is to inform employees of the quality of their work, to identify those areas needing improvement, set specific objectives for employee, and provide an opportunity to discuss career goals and the support needed to meet those goals. Performance evaluations also assist department heads and managers in evaluating their work force, identifying employee potential, and establishing priorities for training, education, and reward.
1.3 Procedures for performance evaluations for probationary employees are set out in System Regulation 33.99.02.


2.1 Each employee will be evaluated by the supervisor to whom the employee reports. In case of multiple supervisors, the evaluation may be made by the supervisor who oversees the majority of the work or the department head may require separate and independent evaluations by each supervisor. Each System component will develop forms to be used in employee performance evaluation.
2.2 As part of the performance evaluation process, the supervisor and employee will review the Position Description or equivalent document that includes a list of essential functions and physical requirements of the position as well as justification for the FLSA status. The employee and supervisor will make and discuss updates as needed, and both will initial and date the Position Description (whether revised or not). The signed and dated original or revised Position Description should be returned to the components human resources office or other office designated by the human resources officer to maintain up-to-date Position Descriptions.
2.3 A private discussion is to be held between the supervisor and employee as part of the evaluation procedure to ensure that the employee understands his or her duties, the performance standards and objectives established, and the areas needing improvement. The employee and supervisor will each sign the evaluation form to indicate the discussion occurred. In addition, the employee will be given the opportunity to respond in writing to the oral and written evaluation.
2.4 Each employee's completed form will be kept in the employee's official personnel file or other appropriate file as designated by the human resources officer.


CONTACT OFFICE: The System Human Resources Office

HISTORY: Last version: July 31, 1996

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