03.02.02 Approval Procedures for Degree Programs, Administrative Changes, etc.

Approved September 29, 1995, Revised September 30, 1998, Revised January 19, 1999, Revised June 6, 2000

Supplements System Policy 03.02


System Policy 03.02 states that new and revised programs, administrative changes, and other substantive changes requiring approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (Coordinating Board) must be approved by the Chancellor and the Board before being forwarded for formal action by the Coordinating Board. The purpose of this System Regulation is to provide specific guidelines and procedures for securing those required approvals.


2.1 System institutions are required to follow Coordinating Board rules in the development of proposal requests and to follow System procedures in the submission of these proposal requests to the Board of Regents prior to submission to the Coordinating Board. The Systemís Academic Program Guidelines (APG), Volume I - Policies and Procedures, contains rules and policies of the Coordinating Board about program development as well as other academic program guidelines. The APG also contains System procedures for review of both substantive and nonsubstantive degree programs and administrative change proposal requests. A copy of the APG, issued by the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, is available in the offices of all System academic deans and provosts.
2.2 A request for Board approval of a new or revised degree program, an administrative change, or other substantive change requiring subsequent Coordinating Board approval is to be submitted through the Vice Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs. The agenda item should include the following content and attachments:
(1) The text of the agenda item should describe the rationale for the proposed action; and the proposed minute order should provide for Board approval of the proposed new or revised program or administrative change and authorize the president to forward the request to the Coordinating Board for consideration.
(2) Attached to the agenda item should be an executive summary of not more than two pages which describes the proposed change in terms of its objective, need and quality of programs, issues related to program duplication, and related costs and funding sources.


CONTACT FOR INTERPRETATION: Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs

HISTORY: Last Version: January 19, 1999

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