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The Border Studies Initiative (BSI) provides training to the Texas Military Forces and groups such as local, state and federal law enforcement to further enhance understanding and knowledge about border security issues. Training is also provided to other critical incident first responders such as medical personnel and fire fighters. Specifically, BSI provides training on issues of salience to border, hometown, and homeland security as well as issues outside the traditional scope of law enforcement that include, but are not limited to, responding to threats posed by man-made and/ or natural disasters that impact the safety and civil order of communities.


The BSI establishes a collaborative environment with other institutions of higher learning and with professionals in the field of criminal justice, sociology, anthropology, law, biology, geology, political science, public administration, health/medicine, geography and economics. Such collaboration aides in the development of expert knowledge on selected issues which will contribute to the overall success of the training mission.


  • Upcoming Class

       Title:           Homeland Security, Incident Comment, and Unified Command
       Date:          June 25th (Friday) at Noon
       Instructor:  Dr. Will Oliver, Sam Houston State University
       Location:    CH204
       Contact:      Dr. Claudia San Miguel, 956.326.2529 or csanmiguel@tamiu.edu  

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        Immigration and Homeland Security
        Police Response Issues and Court Processing of Domestic Violence Cases
        Arms Smuggling
        Community Mobilization
        Responses to Bioterrorism and the Legal Ramifications
        Youth Violence
        Immigration Law
        Military and Civilian Interrogation
        Confidential Informants
        Abnormal Behavior
        Expectation of Privacy and Border Issues
        Workplace Stressors
        Communicating in a Crisis: Principles and Practices for First Responders
        Race, Ethnicity, and Crime
        Overruled: The Admissibility of Evidence in Federal Court
        Police Canine Sniffs in Vehicle Stops and Residential Searches
        The War on Drugs and the Texas Border
        Overview of the Federal Criminal Justice System
        Human Trafficking and Smuggling
        Legal and Strategic Aspects of Interviewing and Interrogation

     * These courses are located at BSI virtual classroom
   ** TCLEOSE hours may be earned and Certificates of Completion will be awarded


  • Please email us at anytime at bsi@tamiu.edu if you need technical assistance.
  • You can also call BSI office at (956) 326-2618 Monday - Friday from 8am until 5pm (CST) or stop by CH 302