WIA-167 Farmworkers Job Program

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(a) Eligibility for participation in the Farmworker Jobs and Education Program is limited to those individuals and their dependents that have:

1. Been identified as a member of a family which receives public assistance or whose annual family income does not exceed either the 70% of the lower living standard income level or poverty level during any consecutive 12-month period within the 24-month period preceding their application for enrollment, and

2. Received at least 50% of their total earned income or been employed at least 50% of their total work time in farmwork for the same 12-month period; and

3. Been employed at least 25 days in farmwork or earned at least $800 a year in farmwork for the same 12-month period. Farmwork must be on a seasonal basis, that is without a constant year- round salary; and

4. Be a citizen or an immigrant authorized by the Attorney General to work in the United States.

(b) The 24-month period preceding application for enrollment may be extended up to an additional 24 months for persons who have been in the armed forces, incarcerated, hospitalized, or physically or mentally disabled.

(c) All males age 18 and over must comply with Section 3 of the Selective Service Act

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