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The Master of Public Administration Degree (MPA) is open to all students who hold any baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and meet the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences for graduate admission.
The MPA consists of 42 hours of graduate credit. Students will take 36 of these hours in 12 “core classes” in the Department of Social Sciences and 6 SCH of “elective courses,” which may include courses offered by other colleges in the university. Students pursuing the Master of Public Administration as an additional master’s degree may obtain the degree upon successful completion of the major curriculum and substituting hours attained in the first masters program for nine hours of electives.
Students are required to begin the program with the foundational courses (PADM 5375 & PSCI 5321 and PSCI 5322) which should be followed by the theory courses (PADM 5342 and PADM 5362). These courses will provide the foundational knowledge, logic, and tools for gaining sound understanding of and appreciation for public administration. Core courses taken in the proper sequence will help students prepare for the comprehensive exam and derive most benefit from the program. Core courses have to be successfully completed before the comprehensive exam. Core courses cannot be substituted.
  36 SCH
Required courses:
PADM 5342  
PADM 5344  
PADM 5362  
PADM 5375  
PADM 5378  
PADM 5380  
PADM 5382  
PSCI 5321  
PSCI 5322  
One course chosen from:
PADM 5395  
PADM 5396  
  6 SCH
Choose any six hours of 5000-level course


1Refer to course description for information on prerequisites.
2May be taken concurrently with PADM 5375.
3May substitute with SOCI 5302 or CRIJ 5320.
4Same as SOCI 5322
5To be taken by those with two or more years experience in the public sector.
6To be taken by those with less than two years of experience in the public sector.

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