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Following is one suggested four-year degree plan. Students are encouraged to see their advisor each semester for help with program decisions and enrollment; responsible for reviewing the Program of Study Requirements; and must meet foreign language and writing intensive course requirements for graduation. See Academic Regulations-Undergraduate.

*See Appendix A Core Curriculum and Optional Course Information.

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester
EDCI 2210 - Foundations of Education 2
MATH 2371 - Communications in Math 3
MATH 2415 - Calculus III 4
PSCI 2305 - American National Govt 3
Language, Philosophy&Culture* 3
Life&Physical Science* 3
Life&Physical Science Lab* 1
Total 19
Spring Semester
COSC 1136 - Fundtls of Progrmg Lab 1
COSC 1336 - Fundtls of Progrmg 3
EDCI 3224 - Teaching in Diverse Settings1 2
MATH 3330 - Differential Equations 3
Life&Physical Science* 3
Life&Physical Science Lab 1
PSCI 2306 - American State Government 3
Total 16

Senior Year

Fall Semester
MATH 4390 - Math Middle/High School 3
EDCI 3315 - Eff Instr Diverse Populations 3
EDCI 4310 - Engaging Learners 3
Advanced General Elective 2
Total 15
Spring Semester
EDSE 4350 - Incl Pract Exceptl Chld 3
EDCI 4693 - Student Teaching3 6
Total 9


1Students must apply for admission to the College of Education while enrolled in EDCI 3324.
2Foreign Language/Study Abroad, select 6 SCH in course work (not credit by exam) above the university’s foreign language graduation requirement. Thus students who meet the university’s foreign language graduation requirement by earning 6 hours of credit by exam, may take 6 SCH in the same language but at the intermediate level or above, or they may take 6 SCH of another foreign language at the introductory level. This requirement may also be met by earning 6 SCH in any subject while participating in a TAMIU-approved Study Abroad program while living for at least 4 weeks in another country.
3Students are admitted to student teaching only after passing the certification exam to teach secondary mathematics.

Actual degree plans may vary depending on availability of courses in a given semester.
Some courses may require prerequisites not listed.

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