ACT Online Course
Taking this course first will prepare you for all of the question types found on the ACT. We will analyze each of the test question areas and give special consideration to math and verbal refreshers and techniques aimed at relieving test-taking anxiety. You will practice on actual ACT tests from previous years, and we fully explain and interpret the correct and incorrect answers.

GMAT Online Course

Most MBA programs across the country and internationally require a Graduate Management Admission Test score for program admission. The GMAT is given in two different sections -- verbal and quantitative.

GRE Live Course
Your GRE score will be a critical influence in your graduate school application. Many graduate schools combine your test score with you college GPA to determine your ability to succeed in their program. This review course offers you the tools and preparation you need to score your best on the test. Students complete a pre and post diagnostic test, which is assessed by Cambridge Educational Services.

GRE Online Course
These classes will be similar to GRE Prep Class Live but it will be held in the convenience of your own home. The classes will be offered online only.

LSAT Online Course
Applying to law school means taking the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). This course provides an overview of law school entrance procedures, a career in law, and law school survival techniques. It includes an intensive review of reading comprehension and logical reasoning questions, including techniques for quick elimination of incorrect answers, explanations and interpretations of correct answers, and approaches for selecting the correct answers. You will also learn proven test taking techniques and participate in an intensive review of analytical reasoning questions, including techniques for drafting the most helpful types of diagrams and explanations for and interpretations of correct answer choices. You will also learn the outline format that law school admissions counselors favor for the writing sample.

SAT Live Course
Your SAT score is a pivotal component of your college applications. Many universities have a qualifying score for admittance. It is important to understand how to take the test so that you are prepared for the final SAT exam. These classes will offer you the knowledge and skills that you will need to succeed on the test. Classes will be live and have an instructor teaching face-to-face.

SAT Online Course
As a college bound student, you will probably be required to take the SAT. Almost all undergraduate colleges and universities require prospective students to take the SAT or ACT. Taking this course will prepare you for the question types found on the SAT. You will be tough test taking techniques that will enhance your ability to succeed in the test.

Succeeding in Law School
Law school is one of the most demanding courses of study you’ll ever take on, and this comprehensive prep course provides you with the tools you need to succeed and make the most of your financial investment. Students in this course will learn study skills, time management techniques, how to write briefs, and other essential skills necessary for launching a successful legal career while avoiding the common mistakes and pitfalls off first-year law students.


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