Kinder Camp


Summer 2014 Registration Opens March 1, 2014

Dive into a whole new adventure here at TAMIU's very own Kinder Camp!  The summer is a time for fun, games, exploring new things and making new friends.  During our camp we will focus on Reading, Math, Art, Science and Physical Education. The instructors will teach them through projects and hands on activities. During camp your child will get a chance to use their artistic abilities, practice math, writing, find new worlds through reading and science!  This year we integrated Physical Education, which is being run by Mr. Arek Zambinini, Assistant Coach of TAMIU's Athletic Department.  This will no doubt help your child with eye, hand and foot coordination.   Not only will your child have fun learning and making new friends but they will also receive a TAMIU ID Card to remember the good times.

Our instructors will ensure your child develops their creativity, learns how to interact with other children and makes new friends along the way!  

Please make sure your child has a hardy breakfast in the morning as we are scheduled for lunch at noon. We will provide a snack at 4PM. Your will have the option to put money into your childs ID card, pick them up for lunch, or send them with a sack lunch.


Ages: 4-5 (Must be potty trained)
Date: June 09, 2014 - June 26, 2014
Time: 7:45AM- 5:15PM
Subjects Covered: Reading/Language, Math, Art, Science, and Physical Education
Tuition per child:

Early Bird Registration: $350
Registration after April 30, 2014: $400

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2014 Tentative Schedule

Drop off
STC 120
8:05- 8:55
Reading/ Language
8:55- 9:05
Break & Set Up
9:05- 9:50
Fun With Numbers
9:50- 10:00
Break & Set Up
10:00- 10:45
Science & Social Studies
10:45- 11:00
Break/ Line- Up for Lunch
11:00- 11:45
Dusty's Diner
Nap Time/ Quiet Time
STC 120
1:15- 1:30
Walk to PE
1:30- 2:30
Physical Education
2:30- 2:45
Walk to Classroom
STC 120
3:45- 4:00
Break & Set Up
4:00- 5:00
Snack / Movie
STC 120
Parent Pick Up
STC 120


** Remember your registration is not complete until we receive full payment.**

** Payment must be made within 24 hours. **

**Space is limited to 25 students.**

***Refunds/Cancellations/Withdrawals ***


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