MGT-312: Senior Officials Workshop For All Hazards Preparedness

The Senior Officials Workshop provides a forum for local or regional executives to share strategies and coordinate plans for emergency preparedness and response. This Workshop is an efficient process for discussing executive-level issues with leaders from the agencies involved in all levels of the emergency management structure. The expected outcome: Executive and administrative staff, responder chiefs/department heads and infrastructure and resource leaders sharing a common perspective and an
understanding of the challenges they will face in times of crisis.


Training Level: Management & Planning
Venue: TAMIU,  PH 203
Course Length:
6 hours (1 day)

Time: 8:00am-2:00pm

Date: December 5, 2012

Participant Audience: This workshop is intended for elected and appointed senior officials from a local jurisdiction, but may also include executives from other community entities, both public and private, that are likely to be involved in a disaster response, including:

• Directors of local response agencies
• Chiefs of departments: fire, law, EMS, HazMat,
   public works, water, public health, health care,
   emergency management, governmental
   administrative disciplines / services
• Public Information Officers
• Resident federal agency representatives
   (FBI, BATF, Secret Service, FEMA, TSA)
• CEOs of hospitals, college and university
   representatives, school district superintendents
• Airport and port facility managers
• DoD installation commanders and representatives
• Stadium and sports facility

Course Materials: Participants receive an executive handbook on all-hazards preparedness. This reference book contains chapters on:

  • The importance of all-hazards preparedness and the "right" questions to ask during an emergency situation.
  • The National Response Framework
  • Local Government Partner Guides
  • ESF and Support Annexes
  • Working with the media

Overviews of: the Stafford Act Support to States; DOD Support to Domestic Incidents; and Federal Support in Non-Stafford Act events.

Workshop Topics:

  • Roles and responsibilities and preparedness challenges
  • Domestic preparedness resources and how to leverage them to your community
  • Homeland Security Strategic Planning as it relates to risk and needs assessment and the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for your jurisdiction
  • Executive-level incident response and recovery considerations, including medical/public health, situational appraisal, incident management (ICS), mutual aid agreements, media relations, recovery
  • Includes a practical exercise tailored for the jurisdiction(s) as the catalyst to generate discussion of policy and emergency operations center activities required to support the incident commander’s and state/federal government requirements related to an all-hazard, catastrophic incident

To Register: CLOSED

Registration Fee: $7

Class Size: Approximately 30 participants

Continuing Education Credit: IACET - 0.6 CEUs

Foreign Visitor form  A foreign national is defined as a person who is not a citizen or national of the United States.  This form shall be filled out for each visitor (including drivers, interpreters, etc.) and each program to be visited.

***All classes are subject to cancellation if there is insufficient number of attendees. ***

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