Digital Arts


Looking to make your mark in the digital arts? The digital arts course from World Education will give you the education you need.

You'll learn essential photography skills for different subjects and situations, and you’ll master the intricacies of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You'll build your understanding of color and composition and explore the representation of form through vector illustration and drawing.

Hands-on projects focus on core skills and provide you with experience in traditional and digital media.

Class assignments include digital image retouching and compositing; portrait, landscape, and environment photography; vector and traditional illustration; color and composition; art criticism and analysis; editorial and logo illustration; and advanced Photoshop imaging.

Tuition: $6,500
Length: 360.00 Hours (Online)
Open Enrollment
*We offer open enrollment in which students can sign up at any time. Students can proceed as fast or slow as they want, but must complete the program in a maximum of 180 days. If you need more time, extensions are available for a small fee. *

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Upon successful completion of this digital arts course, you’ll be able to:

  • Prepare bitmap images for print or digital media using basic Photoshop retouching and correction techniques, collage, and compositing
  • Develop a basic proficiency in techniques for different kinds of photography, including still life, portraits, products, architecture, and action
  • Create vector art illustrations using shape drawing and freehand drawing tools, type tools, and transformation and distortion effects
  • Develop effective color schemes for different projects using the principles of color harmony
  • Create two-dimensional layouts that embody the principles of effective composition
  • Represent form by drawing contours, using positive and negative space, and creating three-dimensional shapes
  • Create vector-based illustrations from basic shapes, symbols, gradients, fill colors, and symbols
  • Identify and discuss important movements in the history of art and their impact on art styles, themes, and techniques
  • Utilize advanced Photoshop tools, such as transparency, brushes, and the Pen Tool, to create illustrations, collages, and photorealistic art


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