General Office Skills


Our office skills training course is designed for individuals who currently work in an office environment and those seeking to learn basic business skills to advance their careers and as a means of increasing their earning potential.

Tuition: $1,796.00
Length: 150.00 Hours (Online)
Open Enrollment
*We offer open enrollment in which students can sign up at any time. Students can proceed as fast or slow as they want, but must complete the program in a maximum of 6 months. If you need more time, extensions are available for a small fee. *

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This general office skills course includes the following modules:

  • Budget Basics
    • In this module students learn the basics of the budgeting process including how to prepare a business budget and the hierarchical organizational structure.
    • Students learn about the various components of a budget and how these components work together, and are taught how to read and interpret basic financial statements commonly used in the business setting.
  • Project Management
    • Over the course of this module, students are introduced to fundamental project management principles as they are applied in an executive or management role. Students explore the project management life cycle and best practices employed in most business settings.
  • Essentials of Good Grammar
    • Students are taught the foundational elements of grammar along with the essential writing skills necessary for effective daily business communications including how to word, edit, proofread and format basic business forms, communiques and documents.
  • Persuasive Communication Skills
    • Persuasive communication skills are essential when selling the products or services of the business. But they are also crucial when attempting to obtain financing and in the running of the daily operations. This module helps students build self-confidence by becoming better, more effective communicators. Even highly skilled communicators can always learn additional techniques that lead to greater success.
  • Excel for Project Management
    • Students are taught how to use Excel spreadsheets and workbooks for scheduling, listing, and formulating data, how to utilize the spreadsheet for various bookkeeping and accounting functions, and for organizing or collecting data within a business environment.
    • Our office skills training course makes learning more affordable and more convenient than comparable courses offered in traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. Students are given up to six months to complete their training

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