Food & Beverage Cost Controls- Online
Food & Beverage Cost Control course provides a practical and comprehensive overview of cost control methods for the food service industry and how they can be profitably applied. This course establishes useful guidelines for assessing, interpreting, and planning food and beverage operations.

Food Service Management- Online
Our Food Service Management course is ideal for a student that wants to move into hospitality management.

Food Service Purchasing- Online
This comprehensive course brings the four most important foundations in food service purchasing in one course: market and distribution systems, storeroom operations, cost controls and comprehensive product information.

Hospitality Operations and Management-Online
Our Hospiality Operations and Management course is a three track course that teaches you operations, management and sales.

Hospitality Sales and Marketing- Online
Managing Quality Service in Hospitality teaches the concept of treating customers as guests and creating a "WOW" experience for them. Many other courses in this subject area skip over guest-focused service strategy in hospitality or service. This course fully covers the topic of managing hospitality organizations by using real life experience from companies like Walt Disney Company, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Darden Restaurants, Southwest Airlines and many others.

Hotel, Restaurant, & Travel Law- Online
The Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Law course is for students and practicing professionals in hospitality, travel and tourism as well as specialized paralegal work.

Spa Professional- Online
Our Spa Professional Program will examine three different practices in the spa industry.

Travel Agent Specialist- Online
Travel agent career professionals consistently help people plan family vacations, corporate trips, cruises, international travel, and specialty tours such as adventure vacations. Travel agents generally have access to important information regarding fares and discounts, and are knowledgeable about particular geographic locations

Travel Agent Training- Online 
Our online travel agent training teaches students the skills they need to begin a challenging and rewarding career as an independent travel agent. Over the course of your training, you will learn about air fares, travel reservations, cruises, hospitality, ground transportation, automated reservations, and ticketing. 




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