Faculty and Staff


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Faculty & Staff


Dr. Friedrich Gechter
Associate Professor of Music and Piano
Office:CFPA 233D 

Mrs. Suzanne Ramo-Gechter
Ajunct Instructor of Music/Voice
Office:CFPA 217B 
E-mail: suzanne.ramo@tamiu.ed

Mr. Nicolas Balli, Jr.
Adjunct Faculty
Office:CFPA 217B 
Phone: 956-326-2654
E-mail: nicolas.balli@tamiu.ed


Prof. Alma Haertlein
Associate Professor of Studio Art
Office:CFPA 233B
Phone: 956-326-3041  

Mr. John R. Reimund
Adjunct Faculty of Music/ Low Brass
Office:CFPA 217B
Phone: 956-326-2654    
E-mail: jreimund@tamiu.edu

Mr. Mario Benavides
Adjunct Faculty of Music/Organ
Office: CFPA 217B
Phone: 956-326-2654 
E-mail: mario.benavides@tamiu.edu


Mr. John F. Hickey
Adjunct Faculty of Art
Office:CFPA 217B
E-mail:  jhickey@tamiu.edu

Dr. Gilberto D. Soto
Professor of Music and Guitar
Office: CFPA 216A
Phone: 956-326-3046
E-mail: gsoto@tamiu.edu

Dr. Susan Berdahl
Associate Professor of Music and Flute
Office: CFPA 216B
Phone: 956-326-2658
E-mail:  sberdahl@tamiu.edu


Ms. Yu-Mei Huang
Assistant Professor of Music
Office:CFPA 208B 
E-mail: yhuang@tamiu.edu 

Mr. Guillermo Teniente
Adjunct Faculty of Music
Office:CFPA 217B
Phone: 956-326-2654  
E-mail:  guillermo.teniente@tamiu.edu

Mr. David Bogus
Assistant Professor of Art
Office: CFPA 208A
Phone: 956-326-3079  
E-mail: david.bogus@tamiu.edu


Mrs. Araceli M. Jacobson
Staff Assistant
Office:CFPA 217B
E-mail: aceli.ramos@tamiu.edu

Prof. Brendan Townsend
Assistant Professor of Music/LPS Director
Office CFPA 216C
E-mail: btownsend@tamiu.edu

Carbone, Angela D
Adjunct Faculty of of Art
Office: CFPA 217B
Phone: 956-326-2654
E-mail: angela.carbone@tamiu.edu

Ms. Sandra E. Leal
Director of Ballet Folklorico
Adjunct Faculty of Dance
Office:CFPA 217B
E-mail: sleal@tamiu.edu


Ms. Andra Vazquez
Assistant Professor of Dance
Office:CFPA 115 
E-mail:  andrea.vazquez@tamiu.edu

Mrs. Vernon H. Carroll
Adjunct Faculty of Theater Art
Office: CFPA 217B
Phone: 956-326-2654
E-mail: cvernon@tamiu.edu


Ms. Bede L. Leyendecker
Chair / Assistant Professor of Dance
Office: CFPA 217C
Phone: 956-326-2649 
E-mail: bleyendecker@tamiu.edu

Mr. Roberto M. Vela, Roberto
Adjunct Faculty of Music
Office: CFPA 217B 
E-mail: roberto.vela@tamiu.edu

Mr. Adalberto R. Chavarria
Director of Theater Facilities
Office: CFPA 208A
Phone: 956-326-3078
E-mail: adalberto.chavarria@tamiu.edu


Mr. Roberto M. Lopez
Adjunct Faculty
Office: CFPA 217B
Phone: 956-326-2654
E-mail: albert@tamiu.edu

Mr. Noe A. Vela, Jr.
Theater Facilities Technician
Office:CFPA 209B

Ms. Dana Crabtree
Instructor of Music and Voice
Office: CFPA 233A
Phone: 956-326-3040 
E-mail:  dcrabtree@tamiu.edu


Mr. Christopher D. Lunsford
Adjunct Faculty of Music
Office:CFPA 217B
Email: christopher.lunsford@tamiu.edu

Mr. Richard B. Wright
Assoicate Professor of Arts
Office: PH 215A 
Phone: 956-326-2641
E-mail: rwright@tamiu.edu

Prof. Nicole P. Foran
Assistant Professor of Studio Art
Office: CFPA 233C
Phone: 956-326-2591 
E-mail:  rnicole.foran@tamiu.edu

Mr. Jerry Quintero
Director of Mariachi
Visiting Instructor of Music
Office:CFPA 209A 
Email: jerry.quintero@tamiu.edu


Mr. Xiaohu Zhou
Adjunct Faculty of Music
Office CFPA 2147B
Phone: 956-326-2654
E-mail: xiaohu.zhou@tamiu.edu

Mr. Paul M. Foaster, Jr.
Adjunct Faculty of
Office:CFPA 217B


Mrs. Norma E. Quintero
Adjunct Faculty of Music
Office:CFPA 217B
Email: norma.quintero@tamiu.edu




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