John C. Kilburn

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John C. Kilburn, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology / Associate Dean of Research

Curriculum Vitae



  • Ph.D. Sociology, Louisiana State University
  • M.A.    Sociology, Louisiana State University
  • B.A.    Sociology, University of New Orleans

Research Interests

  • Community and Urban Sociology
  • Violence
  • Social Organization
  • Substance Use and Abuse

Courses Taught

  • CRIJ 1301   Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • SOCI 3316  Urban Sociology
  • CRIJ 5325   Seminar in Corrections
  • SOCI 5306  Sociology of Education


2009 - 2014 Extramural Associates Research Development Award, funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH), $474,944 (Principle Investigator).

2008 - 2012 Transmission of Tacit Skills in East Asian Graduate Science Programs, funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), $335,709 (Co-Principle Investigator).

Select Publications

Ferguson, Christopher J. and John Kilburn. In Press. “Much Ado About Nothing: The Misestimation and Overinterpretation of Violent Video Game Effects in Eastern and Western Nations:  Comment on Anderson et al. (2010) Psychological Bulletin

Costanza, Stephen E., Ronald Helms, Shamir Ratansi, John C. Kilburn Jr., and
John Harmon. In Press. “Boom to Bust or Bust to Boom?: Following the
Effects of Weed and Seed Zoning in New Britain, Connecticut from 1995-
2000.” Police Quarterly.

Kilburn, John C. Stephen E. Costanza, Eric Metchik and Kevin Borgeson.  In Press. “Policing Terror Threats and False Positives: Employing a Signal Detection Model to Examine Changes in national and Local Policing Strategy between 2001-2007.” Security Journal.

Ferguson, Christopher J. and John Kilburn. In Press. “The Public Health Risks of   Media Violence: A Meta-Analytic Review.” Pediatrics. May:753-763.

Kilburn, John C. and Jenifer Lee. 2010. “Family and Social Influences on Violent Crime.”  pp. 19-35 in C.J. Ferguson (ed.) Violent Crime: Clinical and Social Implications. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publication.

Constanza, S.E., Kilburn, John C. Jr, and Ronald Helms. 2009. “Counterterrorism.” pp. 91-114 in Domestic Terrorism. K. Borgeson and R. Valeri, eds. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett.

Ferguson, Chris J., Claudia San Miguel, John C. Kilburn Jr. and Patricia Sanchez.  2007. ““The Effectiveness of School-Based Anti-Bullying Programs: A Meta-Analytic Review” Criminal Justice Review. 32(4): 401-414.

Costanza, Stephen E. and John C. Kilburn Jr. 2004. “Circling the Welcome Wagons: Area, Income, Race and Legal Handgun Concealment.” Criminal Justice Review. 29: 289-303.

Kilburn, John C. Jr. and Michael O. Maume. 2000.  “The Paradox of Neighborhood Association Existence and Membership.” Research in Community Sociology. 10: 327-44.


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