TAMIU Biology and Chemistry Faculty

Addo-Mensah, Alfred Assistant Professor LBVSC 303 326-2414 email
Combrink, Keith D. Assistant Professor LBVSC 305 326-2597 email
Daniel, Michael G. Adjunct Faculty LBVSC 312 326-2441 email
Gonzalez, Hector E. Visiting Instructor LBVSC 259 326-3121 email
Jacobson, Richard O. Visiting Instructor LBVSC 385A 326-2592 email
Jorgensen, Kameron Assistant Professor LBVSC 307 326-3568 email
Kidd, Michael R. Associate Professor/ Assoc. Chair LBVSC 379C 326-2585 email
Mandal, Hari D. Associate Professor LBVSC 309 326-2665 email
Méndez, Mónica O. Associate Professor LBVSC 379B 326-2590 email
McReynolds, C. Neal Associate Professor LBVSC 312B 326-2586 email
Mott, Daniel J. Assoc. Prof. / Assoc. Dean / Chair LBVSC 312C 326-2583 email
Nam, Sang-Chul Associate Professor LBVSC 385B 326-2606 email
Pislariu, Catalina Assistant Professor LBVSC 385C 326-2584 email
Quintana, Fernando Associate Professor LBVSC 311 326-2589 email
Ramos, Jose Visiting Instructor LBVSC 385A 326-2592 email
Ramos, Oscar N. Instructor LBVSC 379E 326-2587 email
Rubio, Amede Instructor LBVSC 159 326-2498 email
Schmidl, Sebastian Assistant Professor LBVSC 379D 326-2411 email
Vaughan, Thomas Associate Professor LBVSC 312 326-2441 email
Ynalvez, Ruby A. Associate Professor LBVSC 385D 326-2643 email
Almanza, Elaine Activity Director of Title V - Scholars CNS 212B 326-3123 email
Cortez, Lucia Staff Assistant LBVSC 312 326-2441 email
De La Garza, Carmen Science Lab Technician LBVSC 242A 326-2447 email
De La Garza, Nadia Director of Title III-System CH 118 326-2996 email