Dr. Fernando G. Quintana 
Associate Professor of Biology

Office: LBVSC 311
Phone: (956) 326-2589

Teaching: Biometry, Biostatistics, Population Genetics, Animal Physiology, Genetics, Anatomy and Physiology, Survey of Life Science

Research: Applications of mathematical and statistical methodologies to the study of life processes.

Ph.D. Animal Breeding: North Carolina State University
M.Sc. Statistics and Calculus: National School of Agriculture (Mexico)
M.V.Z. Veterinary Medicine: National School of Veterinary Medicine (Mexico)

Dr. Quintana

Representative Publications:

Antillon, R.A., Quintana, F.G. Berruecos, V., Fernandez-Baca, S.: “La Investigación y la Alimentación del Futuro.” Revista Proceso Rural XVII, 64, 10-12 (1983)

Quintana, F.G.: “Aspectos Económicos del Reemplazo de la Cerda.” Veterinaria Méx. 15: 1 (1984)

Quintana, F.G.; Robison, O.W.; “Systems of Crossbreeding in Swine. I – Estimation of genetic parameters.” Z. Tierzuchtg Zuchtgbiol. 100 (1983) 271-279

Quintana, F.G.; Robison, O.W.; “Systems of crossbreeding in swine. II – Evaluation of crossbreeding systems.” Z. Tierzurchtg, Zuchtgbiol 101 (1984) 101 (1984) 1-16

Rudolph, Bonnie; Cornelius-White, Cecil; Quintana, F.G. ; “Filial Responsibility Among Mexican American College Students. A Pilot Investigation and Comparison .” Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, Vol. 4, No. 1, January 2005, 64-78

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