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Dr. Tom Vaughan 
Associate Professor of Biology 

Office: LBVSC 312B 
Phone: 956 326 2592

Teaching: Survey of Life Science , Ecology, Mammalogy, Herpetology, Natural History of South Texas, Environmental Science, Limnology

Research: Rio Grande Water Quality, Ecology of Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles




Ph.D. Zoology, University of Arizona
B.S. Zoology, Eastern New Mexico University 

Representative Publications:

Vaughan, Tom, and Jose A. Flores. 2000.Benthic Macroenvertebrates as Monitors of Rio Grande Water Quality. Border Reaearch Reports. Texas Center for Border Economic and Enterprise Development.Vol 1. pp 1-12.

Earhart , James M., Tom Vaughan and Adrian Montemayor 1995.Assessing Water Quality in the Rio Grande Upstream and Downstream of the Sister Cities Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo,Tamaulipas. Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission- Final Report

Clayton, D. A.., and Tom Vaughan. 1982. Pentagonal Territories of the mudskipper Boleophthalmus boddarti (Pisces: Gobiidae). Copeia. (1):223-234.

Vaughan, Thomas C., Pamela Vaughan and E. Lendell Cockrum. 1977. Four Verspertilionid bats new to the fauna of Tunisia. Mammalia. 41:517-552.

Cockrum, E. Lendell, Thomas, C. Vaughan and Pamela Vaughan. 1976. Status of the pale sand rat, Psammomys vexillaris Thomas 1925. Mammalia. 41:321-32. 1977.