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SYSTEM is a Title III-Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Articulation, Department of Education, funded grant that seeks to increase the number of Hispanic students who attain undergraduate degrees in the STEM fields.   SYSTEM's main focus is to increase the production of a continuous stream of highly competent and well-qualified scientists and engineers.  This goal will be achieved through the vigorous and cost-effective implementation of a number of activities such as: tutoring, advising, mentoring, a specialized technical writing class, research experience, internships, recitations, workshops and financial assistance.  Persuant to this goal, SYSTEM activities/services are categorized into three main areas: oureach, retention and graduation which are addressed as follows:

     Outreach: With a main goal of reaching 6,500 area students including those from the local and surrounding those from the local and
        surrounding school districts and LCC with instruments such as:

    1. Bilingual academic advising specific to STEM fields offered on both campuses,
    2. Bilingual brochure, and
    3. Strengthen the current Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with LCC to include systems engineering

     Retention: Improve the rate by 25% each year of the grant by performing the following activities:

    1. Summer engineering workshops,
    2. Math and chemistry tutoring,
    3. A Technical Writing class specially designed for STEM majors offered on both campuses,
    4. Chemistry recitations and supplemental instruction,
    5. Mentoring programs provided by faculty and industrial leaders,
    6. Paid internships and research opportunities, and
    7. Endowment

     Graduation: Improve the rate at which STEM students in undergraduate research and internship program graduate to 80% by:

    1. Faculty mentoring and
    2. Industrial leader mentoring
undergraduate degrees or professional career in behavioral, biological, or mathematical sciences.

Thank you for your interest in our Title III--HSI STEM GRANT and the SYSTEM Program. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities we offer and our Program, please visit the rest of this website.

Serving Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at TAMIU (SYSTEM)
Department of Biology and Chemistry
Texas A&M International University
Laredo, TX 78041

For additional information, please email TITLEIII-SYSTEM@tamiu.edu or call (956) 326-3137.

 SYSTEM funding was made possible by the Title III--HSI STEM and Articulation Program of the United States Department of Education 

Award #: P031C110118
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