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Stem Technical Writing

STEM Technical Writing (ENGL 2311)

During their sophomore year, STEM students are required to take a technical writing course as part of the core curriculum. Mathematics majors take MATH 2371 “Communications in Mathematics.” During the spring semester of year 1 of the grant, SYSTEM will implement a STEM Technical Writing Course (ENGL 2311). This class will contain the elements of scientific writing and provide the necessary comprehension of academic language that a science or engineering student will need during his/her upper division coursework. SYSTEM proposes that the STEM Technical Writing class will be taken during the sophomore year. SYSTEM students taking the STEM Technical Writing class will learn the elements of engineering and scientific writing to include the topics such as the ones addressed in Finkelstein’s 2008 Pocket Book of Technical Writing for Engineers & Scientists. The STEM Technical Writing course will be submitted to the university Writing Committee for consideration as a writing intensive (WIN) course.