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Title III Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Chemistry (TEMACH) COMPUTER LAB

On October 1, 2012, the Title III- Serving Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (SYSTEM) Program took over the Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Chemistry (TEMACH) Computer Lab that was once ran by the Title V -Educational Excellence Project (EEP) and which has recently come to an end.  This lab provides TAMIU students additional academic resources to choose from when looking for mostly mathematics and chemistry support on campus.

TAMIU Professor helps students through math problem Tamiu students receive instruction at TEMA lab Tamiu students use TEMA lab computers to work on ALEKS

The TEMA lab is located at TAMIU inside Billy Cowart Hall, room 112. We offer student tutorial services, technical support, application software, TI-Nspire calculators, College Algebra books, and all the necessary tools to complete various mathematics and chemistry course assignments. The lab is open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday and 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on Fridays to students who want to find a place to study in small groups, do mathematics and chemistry homework where assistance is available, or work with a tutor in a quiet atmosphere.

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The TEMACH tutors can assist students working on ALEKS, a web based learning system offered to all college algebra students . Additionally, the TAMIU mathematics faculty will provide immediate academic support to all MATH 1314 students by holding two office hours per week at the lab. OIT is also available to assist students with any technical issues they may encounter. The TEMA lab runs Windows XP, Microsoft office 2007, and is readily equipped with printing options for all TAMIU students.

NOTE: We are in the process of acquiring a program, such as ALEKS, which works on helping students with college algebra, to help students with Chemistry.


The Office of Title III - SYSTEM decided to take over the administration of established the TEMA Lab to provide students with the opportunity to improve their mathematics skills, as well as access to technology with the introduction of ALEKS, an online course management system where students do mathematics work in an interactive learning environment. Through a process of assessments and practice problems, ALEKS determines the weak mathematics skills of the students and then guides them through individualized learning paths to mastery of these skills.

                           Staff, Math and Chemistry Tutors TEMA Lab BCH 112 Fall 2012 schedule

Math Tutors
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

TEMA Lab Math tutor Roxie Vasquez         Roxanne Vasquez


8:00AM -12:00PM


8:00AM -12:00PM


8:00AM -12:00PM







Martha E. Guajardo

TEMACH Lab Coordinator


1:00 - 3:00 PM









Closed in the afternoon












Chemistry Tutors
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



































Title III- SYSTEM is a five-year grant which was awarded on October 1, 2011 and is funded via the U. S. Department of Education helping in the Development of Hispanic-Serving Institutions and it is an Articulation Program as well. According to the Department of  Education's web site, "This program helps eligible institutions of higher education enhance and expand their capacity to serve Hispanic and low-income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional stability,  management, and fiscal capabilities of eligible institutions. For additional information visit http://www.ed.gov/programs/idueshsi/index.html (Award #: P031C110118-12)