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Internships and Undergraduate Research Program Internships and Undergraduate ResearchUndergraduate Research

Internships and Undergraduate Research Program

The Internship program will offer real-world learning experiences to STEM majors at TAMIU with nine internships in year one and 15 each subsequent year to highly qualified students. The Undergraduate Research Program will provide laboratory research experience for eight students each year of the grant. Interns will be placed in private industry or government positions and mentored by the client organization. Involving undergraduate students in such activities has several benefits, including attaining a higher level of competence in STEM, making informed judgments about technical matters, working in teams to solve complex problems, improving their oral and written communication skills, and pursuing graduate degrees. Students will be expected to present their research results at local, regional, or national conferences. This program will engage students in Biology, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physical Science in successful academic pursuits. In addition, select internship mentors will speak to all undergraduate researchers and interns providing motivation, and, most importantly, serving as role models. The goals of this project are: 1) To offer real-world learning experiences to minority students to help them complete their undergraduate studies; 2) To increase the retention of talented minority students in the STEM disciplines and accelerate their pace toward obtaining their undergraduate degrees; 3) To improve students’ employability through career planning and internships in industry; and 4) To improve graduate school opportunities through participation in design and research activities. Interns will be required to: a) Submit a monthly report and meet with the program director to discuss progress; b) Participate in a monthly colloquium and share experiences with students and faculty; c) Attend on-campus seminars offered by faculty, representatives and experts from industry; and e) Become active members of the Society of Engineering at TAMIU (SET), the Mathematics Society of TAMIU (MST), or the TAMIU Biology Club. Faculty who serve as research mentors will be eligible to receive travel and supply monies on a competitive basis.