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Chemistry Recitation Session

Chemistry Recitation Sessions

Limited resources have made it necessary for class sizes to increase adversely affecting
student-faculty ratios. Frequently, first year STEM classes have more than 100 students
making personal attention difficult. General Chemistry I & II are of particular concern
with high drop rates and low grades. SYSTEM will provide additional, personal
instruction by instituting weekly chemistry review sessions (recitations). Chemistry
students will be assigned to one of four recitation sessions. Recitations will be lead by
upper division students who have been successful (3.25 GPA) in at least the four lower
division chemistry courses required of biology & chemistry majors. In addition, the
recitation leaders will attend all the General Chemistry lectures and meet with the
instructor of record weekly. This practice will provide close coordination of lectures and
recitations to insure the best quality of instruction which will in turn lead to less student
frustration, better understanding of the subject and higher retention rates.