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Department of Mathematics and Physics


The Department of Mathematics and Physics offers degrees in Mathematics (M.S., B.S., and B.A.), and minors in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics. The Master of Science (M.S.) degree program in Mathematics is carefully tailored and developed to address regional needs and beyond. Integral to the program is preparation of graduate students to undertake mathematics research through coursework. Students may also pursue an education track by choosing College of Education graduate courses. An applied statistics track providing graduate students with an opportunity to embark on this growing field is in development. We also offer the B.A. in Mathematics program with Grades 7th - 12th Certification.

Our Mission

We strive to excellence in teaching, research, service, and outreach. Our programs lead to analysis, discovery, and dissemination of astronomy, computer science, mathematics, physics, and statistics knowledge.

We provide a disciplined foundation for all undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to teacher certification programs for mathematics and physical sciences majors. We equip graduates with tools necessary to fully participate in a technological society and competitive global environment.

We are committed to:

  • Transmit ideas and knowledge of through teaching, including active learning, and related activities
  • Advance our disciplines through quality research and sponsored projects
  • Serve the University and community
  • Act as a resource of knowledge and pedagogy to benefit the University and community through outreach.

Our Faculty

Our faculty is highly qualified and devoted to serving students and integrating their scholarship into teaching and service. Laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art computers and instruments facilitating teaching and research. We currently manage six labs supporting various disciplines. We prepare students to be successful in their professional careers through high-quality educational programs and excellent learning and research environments.

Our Graduates

Our graduates find employment in a wide range of settings from business, manufacturing plants and state and local government agencies, to health-care and service organizations, local school districts, and community colleges. Graduates also choose graduate education here whether they want a terminal Masters or the option to pursue a Doctoral degree at a later time.

Mathematics and the Future

Today, learning mathematics has never been more important for our shared future. Mathematics is crucial to a broad spectrum of advancement, analytic, economic, scientific, security and technological applications. Providing training for students to become adept users of mathematics is of paramount importance for our global future. If your interest is in helping others understand how mathematics is useful and important to them, mathematics education can certainly be your passion. The overall growth of the knowledge-based economy, including healthcare and problem-solving will be driven by mathematics.

Teaching Mathematics

Mathematics teacher education is an area of national need, so demand for educators throughout K-12 is substantial. At TAMIU, our excellent program and experienced faculty will train you in the latest developments in learning and teaching mathematics -- including how technology can be profoundly useful and impact learning and teaching goals.

Learning to communicate plainly about mathematics with learners is primary to preparing you to step into today’s school classrooms. With an earned B.A. in Mathematics with Grades 7th - 12th Certification from TAMIU, your credentials will place you at a clear advantage to train subsequent generations of global mathematics leaders.

Department Chair


Dr. Rohitha Goonatilake

Rohitha Goonatilake, Ph. D.
Professor and Chair

(956) 326-2588 

Here at the Department of Mathematics and Physics, we play an important role in ensuring TAMIU and Laredo, Texas move forward to respond effectively to the ever-changing needs of University students and South Texas.

Our department is committed to excellence in teaching, research, service, and outreach. All programs strategically lead to discovery, analysis, and dissemination of the knowledge of astronomy, computer science, mathematics, physics, and statistics.

Our faculty’s generosity of commitment and time lets us offer quality mathematics skills and experiences redefining academic excellence with immersive learning experiences, leading-edge technology, novel approaches, and state-of–the-art facilities. Our computer labs are empowered with educational software used in many classes as invaluable instructional aide to facilitate learning.

Our graduate mathematics degrees provide paid assistant-ships alongside the opportunity to work with, and learn from, vibrant and knowledgeable faculty across the range of pure and applied mathematics.

For an innovative application of our teaching, visit our planetarium with its diversity of entertaining and educational programs, most with an astronomical focus. Show times are available on the website for those interested in a feast for both eyes and mind.

Please explore our website and learn about our exciting programs here.  We are eager to share our commitment and passion for our disciplines and would relish an opportunity to meet with you and explore your options to realize your passion here.

Program Directors


Dr. Runchang LinDirector of Mathematics

Dr. Runchang Lin
Associate Professor of Mathematics

(956) 326-2569


Dr. Juan HinojosaDirector of Physics

Dr. Juan Homero Hinojosa
Professor of Physics

(956) 326-2595


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