Mathematical Society of TAMIU


The Mathematical Society of Texas A&M International University is dedicated to the promotion of mathematical interest at TAMIU, aiding students with an interest in mathematics, and promoting cooperation among the community. The purpose of the Mathematical Society of TAMIU shall be

  1. To provide students who are interested in mathematics in an environment that is conducive to interaction with peers.
  2. To assist new students in their transition to our University.
  3. To become an integral part of the community through volunteer service.

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2015-2016 Officers

GenaroV Genaro Villalobos
E-mail: genarovillalobos@dusty.tamiu.edu
Valeria Arce Saenz Valeria Arce Saenz
E-mail: valeriaarcesaenz@dusty.tamiu.edu
Lisa Martinez Lisa Martinez
E-mail: lisa_martinez@dusty.tamiu.edu
LilyGH Liliana G. Hernandez
E-mail: lilianahernandez@dusty.tamiu.edu
Gamaliel Gamaliel E. Fernandez
Risk Management/Service Coordinator
E-mail: gamalielfernandezalo@dusty.tamiu.edu
Joshua Martinez Joshua Martinez
E-mail: josh@dusty.tamiu.edu

Faculty Advisors

                                                          Dr. Rohitha Goonatilake Dr. Rohitha Goonatilake
Phone: (956) 326-2588
E-Mail:  harag@tamiu.edu
                                                          Dr. Jacob S. Makaya Dr. Jacob S. Makaya
Phone: (956) 326-2594
E-Mail:  jacob.makaya@tamiu.edu