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Physics Programs

Program Description:
The Department of Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics  offers a comprehensive program of study leading to the B. S. degree in Physical Science and minor degree program in Physics. These programs are designed to prepare students not only for advanced graduate studies in physics, but also for employment upon graduation in physics and other related disciplines, including teaching.

Basic courses are chosen to give the student a solid foundation in the concepts of classical and modern physics, and also to assist the student in developing the necessary analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills in the classroom and laboratory. Laboratory courses will complement this experience with further opportunities to develop experimental skills and a working knowledge of advanced technology in group and individual settings. Students are strongly encouraged to further develop these skills by participating in advanced experimental, analytical, or computational research under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Coursework leading to these degrees is shared among the physics faculty in the Department and the Texas Electronic Coalition for Physics (TECP). This coalition, consisting primarily of Texas A&M University System institutions, was formed several years ago to address the decline in physics majors, not just in the A&M System, but nationwide. This approach has allowed for the pooling of students in order for classes to make with the minimum number of students required by the State of Texas to receive formula funding. The BA in Physical Science degree currently consists of a minimum of 124 semester credit hours and the minor in Physics currently consists of 20 SCH, 12 of which must be at the advanced level.

Undergraduate Degrees
Bachelor of Arts with a major in Physical Science (BA) (SLOs) (This degree program will be phased out by 8/31/2014)
Minor Degree Program in Physics (SLOs)

Course SLOs

3-Year Cycle of Course Offering

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