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Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The 2007 Fall Student Conference

Friday, November 30, 2007

12:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Room SC 120

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Winners of the Conference:

Grand Prize

Perfection in Mathematics: The Case of Perfect Numbers by Oscar Widales

Single Presentations

First Place: Applications of Sylow’s Theorems by Thomas Rodriguez, Jr.

Second Place: Dark Matter by Armela Rea V. Mariano

Third Place: Mental Mathematics Concepts by Salome Gaytan, Jr.

Group Presentations

First Place: The Characterization of Human Compact Bone Structure Changes by Low-field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Retrospective Analysis by Eliezer Castaneda and Carina Gonzalez

Second Place: Dam Construction Analysis by Francisco S. Sauceda, Julio Ramos, and Jesse Sanchez

Third Place: Hybrid Car Study by Jesus Reyes, Charles Prince, and Jaime F. Garcia

Prizes for Special Categories

Camilo Villegas, Jr.

Valerie Martinez

James Cortez

Brenda Arambula

Delta Pantoja

Vanessa Ramos

Abel Medellin

Mario Juarez

Kristina Morales

Jaime F. Garcia

Andres A. Rubio

Josue E. Terrazas

Jaime A. Cantu

Francisco A. Garcia

Jorge Perez

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