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Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The 2008 Fall Student Conference

Friday, November 21, 2008

Room: SC 120

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The Prize Winning List for 2008 DMPS Conference

Once again many thanks to the following judges:

Session A: Drs. Hinojosa*, Goonatilake

Session B: Drs. Ni*, Lin

Session C: Drs. Sung, Belkhouche*

Session D: Drs. Wu*, Belkhouche

Poster Session: Drs. Lin, Belkhouche

Special thanks for Drs. Lin, Belkhouche who served multiple sessions.

*Indicates the professor is also the moderator

I. Grand Prize

#11. Reinforced Concrete vs. Pre-Stressed Concrete

 Roel Pena

 II. Group Presentation Prizes

 1st prize

#9. Topography of An Object: Detection and Display (Software)

Andres Rubio (Systems Engineering, Jr.) and Jaime Garcia (Systems Engineering, Jr.)

2nd prize

#14. Magic Squares on Affine Planes

Alejandro Berrios (ECHC), Joshua Alexander Champion (ECHC) Cristina Elizabeth Sanchez (ECHC), May Christine Tumonong (ECHC)

#19. Assessment of Water Distribution Human Cortical Bone by NMR

Alissa Gonzales (Biology, Jr.), Sandra E. Prado (Biology, Jr.), Manuel Montes (Biology, Jr.)

3rd prize

#5. Our Synthetic Future

 Abel Medellin, (Jr.), Ronald Newton (Jr.)

#6. Earn Thousands by Simply Opening Your Mailbox

Angelita Flores (So.), Jennifer Castillo (So.)

#18. "Math is Not For Me!" Student Attitudes Towards Mathematics

Oscar Widales (Math, Sr.), Caleb Jacobson (Math 8-12, Jr.)

 III. Individual Presentation Prizes

1st prize

#12. Three Gorges Dam

Cristobal Molina Jr. (Math 8-12, Sr.)

2nd prize

#8. Topography of an Object: Detection and Display/Hardware

Abel Medellin (Jr.)

#13. The Place You Call Your Own

Stephanie A. Llanes (Undecided, Fr.)

3rd prize

#15. Proposing an Idea in Developing a Highly Reliable Data Storage System

Madhu Kilari (graduate)

IV. Poster Session Prizes

1st Prize

P4. Modeling with Systems of Linear Equations: Heat Conduction and Traffic Flow

Maria E. Zamora (Freshman, Biology)

2nd Prize

P3. De Morgan's Laws

Perla R. Lopez (Sophomore, Communication)

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