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Texas A&M International University and the D.D. Hachar Charitable Trust are pleased to announce the establishment of the D.D. Hachar Honors Program.  This Program aims at fostering a sense of intellectual community among A&M International's most talented undergraduate scholars and prepares them for the challenges and rapid changes that will accompany the new Millennium.


D.D. Hachar, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Mr. D. D. Hachar


Syrian immigrant Demetrio David (D.D.) Hachar settled in Laredo in 1920. His reputation as a kind, modest, and generous man grew, as did the gifts he made to charities, civic organizations, and educational efforts. At a 1974 dedication of an elementary school named in his honor, Mr. Hachar wrote, “It is true that I am a friend of education. I want the youth of Laredo to have what I did not have as a young man, a formal education. Everything that I have, I have pledged to invest in education because education is an investment in the future of our community.” In his last will and testament, Mr. Hachar established the D.D. Hachar Charitable Trust Fund, which since 1980, has assisted thousands of students with millions of dollars in higher education scholarships. The Trust has also provided millions of dollars in grants to various non-profit organizations. The D.D. Hachar Trust is a living legacy to the promises he made and kept. As part of that legacy, Texas A&M International University is especially grateful to Mr. Hachar. Our Honors Program, which bears his name, is a permanent and lasting testament to his vision of a better life for young people.


About The Program

Students enrolled in the D.D. Hachar Honors Program will take six hours of Honors courses in the Freshman and Sophomore years in the core disciplines of English, History, Political Science.  These courses will have learning focused on discussion, critical thinking, and improved skills in writing and in making oral and visual presentations.  In the Junior and Senior years, D.D. Hachar Scholars will enroll for six hours of Honors courses each semester.  At this level, the student will enter into a contract with a particular faculty member regarding the work required.  In addition, Senior D.D. Hachar Scholars will enroll in a capstone course that will revolve around a Senior Honors Thesis relevant to the student's major field.

A student accepted into the D.D. Hachar Honors Program will be awarded a four-year scholarship that provides funds for tuition, books, and fees.  The value of each scholarship is $7,000 per year or $28,000 for all four years.  This scholarship will be renewable for each subsequent year (Sophomore through Senior) provided that the D.D. Hachar Scholar maintains an overall grade point average of 3.0 plus other criteria .

The D.D. Hachar Honors Program offers selected students the opportunity to demonstrate greater personal responsibility for their education.  It also provides an added incentive for serious scholars to take further advantage of the supportive context that Texas A&M International University provides its students.  D.D. Hachar Scholars will have close contact with both junior and senior faculty, many of whom are accomplished scholars.

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